Dreams and Superstitions Pt2:

…. From the previous note on the subject….
So this female friend went ahead to enumerate that she innocently patronized Pastor B. According to her, Pastor B began calling her on the phone and giving her so called VISIONS from the lord. The vision included that she should spend 7 days in the house of the bachelor preacher to chase away the “evil dreams and spirits”. Day1, Day2 passed, on the night of Day3 pastor had another vision that she should spend the 3rd night in his room, so that he can travel into the “realm of the spirit” and confront the spirit. She said she did as the “man of God” commanded because the bible says “believe in his servant, and you shall prosper”.

To put the story succinctly, Pastor B, in his desire to travel to the “REALM OF THE SPIRIT”, needed to have an erection then a penetration subsequently, to ENTER into this so called REALM. Pastor B’s dick began trespassing boundaries as his fingers were trying to locate her panties. It was there her senses came to her that Pastor B has a dick and dicks have realms they love function in.

After much dragging and wrestling, she grabbed his two eggs and he automatically became a child and humbled himself before her. 5 am in the morning she took her bags and left in disappointment. 1 week later she became a church sermon in the lips of Pastor B as an agent of Satan sent to tempt him which he overcame. He warned the church members to stay away from her or the curse of the lord will be upon them. The church in unison prayed against her to die by fire, by thunder.

The incident took place in 2011. Since her ordeal, she never went to church and like every free-thinker, after carefully studying the jewish book of bedtime stories, she realized her intelligence is too big for this shit. Last saturday was her marriage. No prayers, no prophecy, no fasting, it is simply que sera sera- what was meant to be, will be.

Pt 3…..


One thought on “Dreams and Superstitions Pt2:”

  1. That should be called the holy trinity of deliverance! Deliver her from unclean spirits by first delivering the holy ghost sperm into her so that she can deliver the holy ghost 9 months later. Sounds legit!

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