Dreams and Superstitions pt3

Dreams are just dreams, they aren’t called “DREAMS” because they are real. if it were real, nobody would have called it a DREAM. What happens in the dream stays in the dream.  Dreams are ways of the mind playing games on us, it is simply the subconscious expressing itself. If you dream of yourself holding money, no matter how real and good it feels, you will never wake up with a dime.

When a man sleeps, he is analogous to a car on auto-drive without a conscious driver or chauffeur behind the wheels or the steering.  Like the car without a driver, the mind tours to wherever it pleases and regurgitates images that are already registered in the subconsciousness.  For example, a man who watched a porn video or desirous of a particularly attractive lady is likely to dream about sleeping with a woman, maybe not that same day, but as long as his mind, the subconscious has captured the event and image, the likelihood of the subconscious replaying it to him in different forms is very high. It may not replay to the person the exact way the porn video appeared, but it may make up an image of any beautiful or sexy woman to comprehend his deepest desire and fantasy.

Some people may say they never watched any porn neither do they desire to have sex or lust after anyone, like I heard a religious lady argue, trying to assert that having sex in the dream is DEMONIC or a so called SPIRITUAL ATTACK. She even went ahead to enumerate that she hasn’t had sex in a long time and does not even desire to. The truth is that those who claim they not have sex in reality are more likely to have sex in the dreams than anyone else. The reason is that, their inability to satisfy their innate human want which is sex, has forced their body to get it for them unconsciously or through the subconsciousness. Sex is a human necessity, whether you deny it or not. It is part of the subconscious. When you willfully deny your body this for any reason known to you, your subconscious, which is naturally configured to be sexual and responsive to the innate desire will pick up images to the mind while its asleep (auto-drive), to satisfy its lust and innermost silent crave. There is no “SPIRITUAL ATTACK”, or whatever about it, it is simply nature playing itself.

Others claim that getting married in the dream is demonic. This is highly superstitious and illiterate. Religion which thrives on fantasy, fear and superstition has buried this medieval buffoonery into people through the pastorpreneurs who are out to capitalize on everything. If one should observe very well, those who have these kind of dreams, are desperate singles who are hungry for marriage and the warmth of a spouse. Once your mind gets disturbed about a thing and desires it so much, the subconscious naturally receives it, and in  its desire to create a balance in the mind, it releases the fantasies and desires of the individual via dreams to saturate the mind and ease the burden of desperation and discomfort on the consciousness of the person in question.

The same goes to a man that is broke or in dire need of money. Poor people, among many other things will dream of having money, driving cars, or whatever they desire so much. This is simply their mind in its subconsciousness level of operation doing justice to the individual’s wishes. Some people in many cases who are inundated with sobriety, hopelessness and low self-esteem including pessimism, will naturally have have dreams depicting of poverty, disappointment and hopelessness, because their pessimism has over-shadowed everything about them. These things are practical common sense and psychology of the subconscious at work, and not some superstitious witchcraft or whatever as the pastorpreneurs portray them and put fear in the minds of people just to reap from their ignorance.

Only the illiterate, fearful, ignorant and superstitious fall prey to these absurdities.

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