As easy As The Nigerian Music

Nowadays no one gives a hoot about the lyrics or the words of the song, as long as we hear the beat it is a done deal. As a matter of fact we don’t even know the words to the song all we know is the chorus which echoes in rhythm to the beat the same four words for us. The Nigerian producers and musicians don’t even give a damn as long as they go to the club and hear the DJs play their stuff, pick some fine chics and their video gets featured on Sound City, then its classified a HIT! Lol. And of course its not a Nigerian song if there are no phrases like “pop champagne” “whine your waist”, “I don hammer”, “Chop ishewu, pepper soup and turkey”, “Baba God do am for me”, “spend money”, “Jolly”, etc. Sometimes our musicians make me think I can become one of them after all if I can come up with a word play like “Now I don get MONEY dem girls call me HONEY, mamma and Papa come make we JOLLY, make we chop Ishewu and TURKEY…”. Then for the chorus I’ll add something nice like “Make we dance AJAKATAKU!” After all nobody will care to ask what AJAKATATU means. As long as a good DJ is on the beat and Clarence Peters shots the video, then it’s a done deal! You just have to love Nigerian music. We are really an amazing breed in the country.

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