God(s) ought not be thanked

The theist and religious may in their customary routine find it desirous to appraise the sky-daddy on their birthdays, in fact some of them do that everyday, owing it pledgeful to thank some God as a gratitude for bestowing life on them. Their plight, I understand very well, for in my times of “religitardness”, I thought same, but now, I am free from such idiosyncrasy.

Many will consider themselves very BLESSED or recipient of some kind of GRACE, BENEVOLENCE and MERCY from whatever they consider as God. This indeed, I thought as much when my senses was under the administration of indoctrination and fable tales.

Contrary to what the religious thinks of his being alive, the truth is that being alive is a CURSE; a burden of the flesh. Better is the unborn than the born or the living. Even the dead is better than the living. The be alive is a burden; the burden of paying bills, the burden of working hard, the burden of gossip, the burden of prayers, the burden of hopes/wishes and disappointment, the burden of sickness and escaping death, the burden of enmity, etc. While the living is on the conscious fight of trying to postpone his death sentence, he doesn’t want to come to terms with the reality that being alive is like being a criminal whose death sentence is pending and could be decided anytime and anywhere.

The religious more than anyone is convinced that his being alive is indeed a gift from God. This indeed is a misconception from medieval consciousness and mentality of religious indoctrination. How can you call something that would be taken from you willy-nilly a GIFT? This is a skew-whiff understanding of what a gift is. A thing is considered a “GIFT” if it’s yours forever. If you claim someone gave something to you as a GIFT, then he’ll come back later to take it from you, how is that a gift? The foremost characteristic and attribute of a GIFT is that the recipient of this GIFT has an autonomy over this said GIFT, but if you ask the believer he’ll assert “MY LIFE IS OWNED BY GOD”. If your life is owned by a God how does that make your life a GIFT from God? The notion is irreconcilable.

“There is no greater happiness than freedom from Worry, and there is no greater wealth than contentment”, says Lao Tsu. Who is truly a man of contentment, great happiness and free from worry? If you ask this Son Of David here, I’ll give it you succinctly that the unborn and the dead are truly the happiest of all, for they are free from worry and are absolutely contented in their state, for there is no greater wealth than this.

I have no deity to thank, other than nature. I did not ask to be born, neither did I apply for life on earth, if at all there is a God that is responsible of my being, he owes me an apology for bringing me here without my consent, for sending me to this place under duress and without sheer negotiation with me. So what the heck do you mean by I should be grateful to someone who I haven’t seen and whose name has caused more mishap than cocaine? He should have said to me “Hey Son Of David, do you wanna be born a Nigerian, do you wanna be born in the 1980s, do you wanna be born tall, short, fat, Hindu, etc? He sent me here without my consultation, approval and consent. In real sense, if that God you people refer to exists, he owes me apologies and payment of damages in excesses than I owe him a single thanks.

Well, I am here now on this planet, so I’ll do the best of my living to the uttermost surfeit of my essence. I live life creatively and make an art out of my existence. Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. Succinctly, I make art out of life.

“Hey Son of David how can say that, you have blaspheme God, blah blah blah…”, the religious may say. Bertrand Russell said “.. And if there were a God, I think it very unlikely that He would have such an uneasy vanity as to be offended by those who doubt His existence”. It’s not “god” that will take offence to what I’ve said it always humans. And here is another one to the religious: “If there is a god maybe it rewards those who don’t believe on the basis of insufficient evidence―and punishes those who do.”
― Peter Boghossian.

“Son of David why is that you like saying these things against God and religion?” The irritated may ask. Well, this is why: My friend, I don’t know how to pretend, that is a fault from God! I never wanted to be irreligious or an unbeliever, I just wanted to read the bible and all the so called holy books then applied my common sense, well, here I am.

“Everything God has made has a crack”~Ralph Waldo Emerson. So if you claim God made me and knew me before I was conceived, I think he already knew that this Son Of David right here will be this way, so he loves me the way I am, after-all you claim he knows the end from the beginning. Well, it’s a good thing that he is imaginary!

The religious man is one who holds one book (which he has barely read) to be sacrosanct and infallible and closes his common sense to anything that refutes it. The difference between this Son of David here and the religious is that I have read the bible, quran, book of Mormon, Tripitaka (the sacred book of Buddhism) and many others. I can confidently tell you that “GOD” is an invention of man. All those books are hokum and gobbledygook. Well, I’ll excuse the Tripitaka because it has some sense than the bible, quran, and  book Mormon. I have studied extensively on the personalities of Buddha, Mohammed and the biblical Jesus, I can confidently say that all of them (if they existed) have trends of psychos and schizophrenic patients especially Mohammed. Buddha was more learned, philosophical, reasonable, humbled and well-mannered than the other two.


One thought on “God(s) ought not be thanked”

  1. I’m an atheist and while I agree with much of what you’ve said here, I need to point out a misrepresentation, on your part, of the theist’s worldview.

    In trying to address the fallacies of religion and the religious, it’s essential that you properly step into the shoes of the religious mind. That way you can be properly placed to expose the inconsistencies within.

    “How can you call something that would be taken from you willy-nilly a GIFT?” Well this does not properly capture the position many religious people. Because in their view, while life on earth is temporary, there is a life of eternal bliss that comes in the hereafter for those that meet certain standards of the deity.
    So in that sense, it makes no sense (forgive the pun) to say that the ‘gift’ of life has been ‘taken away’. Rather an even greater ‘gift’ has been given.

    One of the basic ways to address this is to point to the absence of evidence and then take it from there.

    Nice write-up anyways.

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