Hypocrisy and The Nigerian Society

Gone are the days they use to say “as poor as a church rat”, nowadays the church rat is as well-to-do as Aliko Dangote’s dog. If the church rat smuggles her way into a Nigerian preacher’s suitcase, say Bishop Oyedepo, he has become a “Private Jet rat”. One of the worst professions anyone can choose to become on earth are: Nigerian Physicist (atomic, molecular, applied physics or whatever),  Nigerian psychologist, Nigerian radiologist, Nigerian nuclear scientist lol, Nigerian Philosopher and economist (unless of course you’re a lecturer in the field and can impose on your students to buy your books compulsorily), Nigerian Botanist, Nigerian evolution scientist, Nigerian astronaut, Nigerian Christian rapper and even singer, etc. And one the best Career decisions you can make in life is to become a Nigerian pastor or prophet, Nigerian militant or insurgent, Nigerian politician and maybe the Nigerian journalist. Aside the Nigerian Pastor and prophet, the rest of them, if you can make it through aggressively without getting killed for at least 5 years, then its a done deal!
Is it not funny how Nigeria which prides itself as the most religious nation happens to be the one of the worst places anyone can choose to become a gospel artiste? Is it not funny how the secular Nigerian musician gets patronize more than the gospel artiste? Wiz Kid, Davido, Iyanya, P-Square, Timaya, D’banj and co are fairing better than the gospel artistes in the most religious nation on earth. You can clearly see a case of hypocrisy and contradiction on the part of the Nigerian consumer who professes God but patronizes the secular.

However, a gospel artiste like the Christ Embassy’s Sinach is doing better than her counterparts partly because she enjoys an overwhelming support from Pastor Chris Onyakhilome. How she got that lucky we don’t know but we should bear in mind that the church more than any organization has one of the nastiest politicking imaginable, as such we should not be surprised if she was introduced to a “New Level Of Grace” like Ese Walter who was a prey of Grace *just saying*. But one cannot deny she is very gifted with her voice.  If Nigerians are truly what they profess themselves to be, there would have been no market for the likes of Wiz Kid, Davido, Timaya and co. Gospel artistes would have been the consumers favorite. But then, I forgot that religion, among other things makes a person self-righteous and hypocritical without the consent of the individual.


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