Quran science 1: The earth is flat and the mountain is it’s anchor

One of the dumbest statements one will hear a muslim assert is “The quran is a book of science or scientific truth”. The quran like any primitive book of religion is fraught with medieval science and illiterate assertions. Like the bible, the quran claims the earth is flat and even went ahead to claim that the mountains are anchors or pegs used to clip the earth from loosing its balance. Here are some of the verses:


Quran 15: 19 And We spread out the earth, and placed mountains as anchors in it, and in it grew all things by a proper measure.


Quran 78: 6-7 Have We not made the earth as a wide expanse, And the mountains as pegs (anchor)?


The funny thing is that the muslim asserts that the quran was not written by any human but Allah. Isn’t it amazing to see that Allah had no knowledge of science? Allah was sure that the earth is flat like a carpet and mountains are there to anchor the earth so that earth does not shake with us. Allah really needs to take science classes.


This illiterate medieval mentality is what people in the 21st century call a book of scientific truth. Islam more than any religion has the highest numbers of illiterate followers. Many of them do not read the quran, they only hear what the Imam or whoever that is tutoring them has to say. The Imam uses pseudo-scientific explanation for dummies and out-right lies to decieve the ready-made illiterate.


Even the few educated ones bank on claims from self-acclaim Islamic scholars who still do the same thing, using pseudo science and illiterate twaddle to hoodwink the folks. How can anything truthful describe the earth as flat and spread-out like a carpet? 

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