The Darkness of Religion

The Darkness of Religion

There is no face-saving excuse religion can shop for itself in this new age of information and science. I was unfortunate to stumble upon an excuse by religious apologist, who in his desire to rescue his ass from cognitive dissonance argued that religion brought education and science into the world. He even went ahead to enumerate that the Catholic missionary built schools in Africa and parts of the world. I cannot ascertain whether or not the individual was being willfully dishonest or it was mere self-expression from ignorance.

Religion never supported science and enlightenment even till date, because it survives and thrives on the ignorance and gullibility of people. If people start thinking and being enlightened, who will believe their shit? There is a timeline in earth’s history called “THE DARK AGES”. It is not called DARK AGES because there was no electricity or power, it earned its name because it was the time religion ruled the world, to be precised, the church. It was in those days when men were beheading in the name of God (which of course is still happening today in the name JIHADISM and Mohammedism). When these religious people hear the word CRUSADE, they think it means some church banner praise and worship, sermon preaching stuffs. Crusading was part of the dark ages when the gospel was spread through blood and sweat. And those who bled by the sword were the men who refused to convert. How can religion be ever forgiven? The church’s foundation is built upon genocide, torture and slave trade.

The church, more than any organized institution in the history of mankind, has silenced and spilled the blood of many great scientists, philosophers, and men in the name of God, blasphemy and heresy. Many materials which were educational, has been destroyed in the name of “HERESY”. Men like Galileo learned from this at their own peril. Galileo Galilei who asserted that the earth is not flat and revolves around the sun was dealt with severely, because it contradicts what is described of the earth in the bible. As matter of fact this is what Cardinal Bellarmine, 1615, during the trial of Galileo said: “to assert the earth revolves around the sun is erroneous as to claim that Jesus was not born of a virgin.” Now that we know Galileo was right, the church should admit also that Jesus was not born of a virgin.

The barbarism, intellectual darkness and crass arrogance of ignorance of the religious made the time to be termed a dark age. In 2007, Christopher Hitchens was at a radio studio in Dublin debating with a Roman Catholic Church spokesman. How fortunate of him to do that, for if it were in the dark ages, Hitchens and this Son of David right here would be burned at stake or beheaded to the glory of the Jewish Janitor. All assertions and claims of the religious has been disclaimed and proven false through science today,and that is why religion never liked science one bit but they’ll still want to use scientific inventions to spread their fallacies like going on TV and radio, using the microphone and digital devices to broadcast that Science is an enemy of God and only Jesus can save but in the end they’ll end up going to the hospital when they are sick. When they get well, they come again and say it’s Jesus that healed them.

The reason why the so called missionaries built schools was to institutionalized and inculcate their doctrines in children. Religion only survives through indoctrinating children who’ll be raised into zombies at adulthood. These schools don’t uphold evolution, they uphold creationism, the same goes to the Islamic schools, and they are all built to promote their doctrines using pseudo-science and made-up garbages to support their own personal claims. Education is no education if an individual is taught to think only in a certain type of way. The countries with the highest rates of illiteracy and lowest IQs are the religious nations; let me now ask, of what impact is their so called pseudo-education? If you ask me, Africa is in her DARK AGE.


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