The Lies of Noah’s Ark

The Lies of Noah's Ark

According to the bible, the following is the mathematical fact and picture of Noah’s ark was:
Length: 450 feet, Height: 45 feet, Width: 75 feet, material of the boat: WOOD.
Genesis 6: 19-22 “bring EVERY PAIR of EVERY KIND of animal- a male and a female- into the boat and keep them alive during the flood. Pairs of EACH KIND of bird and each kind of animal, large and small alike will come to you to be kept alive. And remember; take enough food for your family and for ALL the animals.”
There are more than 3 million known animal species on earth and it is said that many more are awaiting identifications. Animals are either vertebrates or invertebrates, cold blooded or warm blooded. We’ll begin to examine a few of them. Remember the bible quoted God to have told Noah to “Bring EACH kind (specie) of birds and other animals. There are approximately 10,000 bird species in the world; we have aquatic birds, wading birds, birds of prey, running birds and other land birds, and they all have sub-species. In other words two of each species of birds was taken. And then to the snakes, we have about 2,700 different species of snakes around the world, so two of each specie was taken to the boat. Dogs; are 5,000 plus breeds of them and then the cats; there are 36 recognized species of wild cats and the domestic cat breed are innumerable, there are 264 species of monkeys, 2,277 species of rodents, 300 distinct breeds of domestic goat, more than 1,000 breeds of sheep and the list goes on. Let’s bear in our minds those different animals species exist in different continents and countries on earth. For instance, the polar bears and seals and the rest of the polar animals, how did Noah preserve them? Was there ice on the Ark? What about a unique animal like Platypus which the bible have never mentioned or known, was it on the ark also? Putting all this in mind, how possible is it for all the animal species to fit into that boat and be fed for 1 whole year? Anyone in this Aquarian age that still believes this book is an infallible WORD OF GOD needs re-examination


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