The Agony Of The African Race

The Agony Of The African Race

“IF YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES TO FACTS, YOU WILL LEARN THROUGH ACCIDENTS”, says an African proverb. But what do you make of a man who willingly shuts his eyes, and after having consistent accidents blames his predicament and accidents on external forces? Such is the case of the modern day African/black man who has willfully shut his eyes to facts and has equally refused to learn through accidents.

As pulchritudinous and wise the above proverb sounds, one may be forced to admire the magnanimity of the brain and heritage of the mind that thought of this. This is in fact not new to African adages and proverbs; they are always full of wisdom that stand the taste of ages. Hence, it can be asserted that the African ancestry was fun of its coquetry in wisdom and knowledge. For civilization saw its birth place in the mother land.

But can this be said of the present day African and melanated people? Proverbs and wise words can’t be found in the lips of the today’s African, and he desires not to learn either. Today’s African man’s lips are fraught with baseless rhetoric, fatuous regurgitation of flawed texts (in the name of scriptures and verses of holy books) which saw to their slavery and subsequent downfall.

Unlike their ancestors who were men of wisdom and great craft, the children of lions have become sheep. The melanated man of today is an irony and an execration to his ancestors. He can’t cough-out wisdom or words of intelligence; his mind is wired to unethical and illiterate medieval texts in the name of Abrahamism and religion.

The ancestors of the Africans were educated and knowledgeable, even men like Plato came from afar to learn from them, had this to say:
“Compared with these black Egyptians, the Greeks are childish mathematicians.”
~ Plato – (429–347 B.C.E.).
Even Herodotus in his essay said this: “And upon his return to Greece, they gather around and asked, tell us about this great land of the black called Ethiopia.”- Herodotus

Unlike his ancestors who were mathematicians, scholars, educators, physicians, architects, men who were crafty in the art of the wise, their children are walking garbage. They have no knowledge of themselves and their ancestry. The modern black man’s brain is half-bibe/quran and half-bullshit. He boasts on his knowledge of the bible and quran which he barely reads or know and then thinks of himself to be a child of Abraham. How sad; for the offspring of the lion is now made to eat grass.

Today’s melanated man thinks that being called a SHEEP is a virtue, for he stands tall to utter “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”, but this Son Of David right here says “The lord is not my shepherd for I am not sheep. I am a black panther; a lion and an eagle in trinity and non of the mentioned needs a shepherd; I am a shepherd and Lord to myself, and a sheep, I shall never be”.

How has the mighty fallen? In 1931 the Cameroonians contributed money to aid the Americans from the Great depression. Today, the Americans are threatening the Africans to corporate with their wishes or risk loosing financial “AIDES”. Back then, the whole world heard of the knowledge and science Africa possessed and men like Plato, Aristotle, Herodotus, Hypatia, etc came to study here. Today we can boast of nothing from our education sector.

Back then Ptolemy I (Soter) and the Roman emperor Constantine envied our spirituality so much, they stole the Horus, Isis, Osiris doctrines to reinvent to Jesus. Today the black man is more fanatic than the people who sold them this parody, he is even more convinced to be a Jew than the real Jew himself.

Why is the African man progressing in retrogression? Frederick Douglass, one of my favorite icons gave the answer better, saying “a man who is knowledgeable is unfit to be a slave”. The average African/ negro, who is likely religious is unknowledgeable and that makes him a slave of indoctrination and religion. The negro has a lack-luster attitude towards science and philosophy, how is he suppose to grow?

If you ask the religious black man about John 3:16, not only will he regurgitate it for you, he’ll feel so pompous and orgasmic about himself in his ability to quote a bible or a Qur’an verse.
If you ask him about electrons, protons and neutrons, he’ll act like you’re feeding him aspirin on mayonnaise. The world is ruled by knowledge. The ability of a race to pursue knowledge and engage in real education will give birth to power and total emancipation.

Galileo Galilei who knew this many centuries ago said: ” OF ALL THE HATREDS, NONE IS GREATER THAN THAT OF IGNORANCE AGAINST KNOWLEDGE.”

You cannot despise knowledge and science and expect to be prosperous and a master of today’s world. That is like expecting a car to move without selecting the gear. Knowledge and marriage to science is the gear of civilization and power, while religion is the sharp nail that deflate its tyres; you can’t get anywhere with it. While the rest of the world is in motion, we are busy deflating our tyres.
The choice is yours, my people


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