Religion and Threats

Religion and Threats

MAGNUM EST VERITAS PRAE VELEBIT. Translation: “THE TRUTH SPEAKS FOR ITSELF”. A simple scientific law of gravitation does not rely on emotional rhetoric to prove itself to be true, just throw an object up and it’ll come down, simple!!! Science didn’t threaten anyone that does not believe in the law of gravity as “ANTI-GRAVITY”, they just left it open to be contested and if you can prove them wrong, then bravo!! If you ask me, that is GOD, because it’s evidential, credential and unquestionable. But religion hides under the cover of phrases like “BLASPHEMY”, “ETERNAL DAMNATION”, “JIHAD”, etc to prevent scrutiny, if you are telling the truth why are you threatening people about it? The answer is simple; you don’t want people to expose your gaffes and loopholes, period!! Scrutiny is indeed the Achilles heel of twaddle.

The first sign of falsehood is its inability to stand-up to scrutiny and questioning. Whatever shields itself from questioning has a lot to hide. Religion forbids questioning and scrutiny and cannot stand-up to critical examination but at the same time it claims to be absolute, infallible and has all the answers. Isn’t that an irony? Whatever that bans scrutiny, whatever hates questioning, whatever considers rational and critical examination as a taboo must not be dignified to have Truth or answers. Religion uses threats and the fear factor to propagate its message while shielding itself from scrutiny. Those who scrutinize and ask questions are considered devils, sinners and all forms senseless adjectives. The real devil and sinner is the religion, for whatever is righteous fears not questioning and rational examination. Every great assertion must stand up to great questions.
”Whatever that is asserted without evidence should be dismissed without evidence”- Christopher Hitchens

Religion and threats are handy; like bread and butter, it is possible for religion to propagate without threats. In religion, there is always a curse and threat to every assertion declared alongside the false promises and pious hope. For example in Islam whoever does not recognize and accept Prophet Mohammed as the last messenger and servant of God will be tortured in hell. In Christianity, whoever does not accept Jesus as Lord and Son of God will be condemned to hell. Why are they threatening people? Does anyone need threats to know the sun and the moon is real? Just imagine this: what would you make of me if I go about saying “anyone who doesn’t accept that I am Imoh Son of David, such a person is fool, idiot, and would be burned in a celestial oven underground”? First of all, if I am truly the name I answer, why would I go about threatening people to accept my name? Do you need threats to know that you’re using a Facebook or there exist a company called NOKIA?



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