Buhari, APC, the Northern Elites and Boko Haram: connecting the dots…

On September 25, 1997, the Israeli secret service in an attempt to hit at the Hamas leadership through it’s MOSSAD agents injected a poisonous toxin into the ears of the Palestinian political leader of the Hamas movement; Khaled Meshaal. Although the Israeli MOSSAD agents were apprehended, Kahled Meshaal was far from fettle for it was only the Israelis that owned the antidote that could cure him. And this was the ultimate aim of the Israelis; to create a problem only they (the Israelis) can solve. The Jordanian government and Hamas made all kinds of threats, but it fell on the deaf ears of the Israeli government. The more they threaten, the more the condition of the Hamas leader was getting closer to a point of no return. Seeing they had no hope or solution to the problem, they chose to negotiate with the Israelis, who in turn gave them the antidote.

THE NIGERIAN CASE: In a bid to dismiss the current insurgency crisis in Northern Nigeria as a Northern agenda, some people argue that Boko Haram had existed before the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan. This is true but it does not rule-out the myriad evidences and arguments to support the claims that Boko Haram is a Northern agenda and creation to distabilize the government of President Jonathan.

To raise a wild dog, one must first of all nurture and train it from infancy for sometime before it finally becomes fit at the desired time needed to unleash it. Today, Boko Haram seems to appear to be like the wild dog which doesn’t hid to the voice of its master anymore.

General Buhari and the APC have boasted that only them can solve the Boko Haram crisis. Their claims may sound political but like the case of the Israeli poisoning, APC and General Buhari could truly be the ones that have the antidote of the Boko Haram menace if and only if it is their creation.

General Buhari and the APC are in a habit of mocking and dismissing all efforts of the present government in combating the insurgency. When the government shows a desire to negotiate with the sect, they’ll pelt criticisms at such moves. When the government uses the military to combat the militia, they’ll cry foul, saying force should not be used. The solution they’ve offered to us is simply “vote us in and it’ll be over”.

General Buhari among his many reckless statements is quoted to have said that the Boko Haram insurgents are freedom fighters and not terrorists. This statement alone leaves us in bewilderment. The Boko Haram militia doesn’t call itself terrorists, to them they are freedom fighters, fighting for a cause. And it is only one who is a member of the sect or sympathetic to their cause that will argue that the militias are freedom fighters. The evil this sect has committed is so overwhelming and even recently they invaded a high school in Yobe state, killing several school children then absconded with the female students. Is this what a sound person would call FREEDOM FIGHTING? To call them freedom fighters is to approve of their acts and be sympathetic to their cause.

Recently, it has been said the terrorist group released the names of people on their wanted list. Buhari and some APC stalwarts were among the names mentioned, so I heard. I read they went ahead to warn the APC and Northern elites that they desire a President Jonathan in power. How can anyone fall for such a cheap deceit? Those mentioned on the list more than anyone else such be suspected of sponsoring the group. The Boko Haram group has severally repeated that they desire an Islamic state governed by the Shariah law.

During the time the government seek to negotiate with the militia group, the group refused, blatantly citing that they cannot negotiate on the terms of a non-muslim (President Jonathan), because to them a non-muslim is a “najis” (one of the filthiest thing possible as stated in the Islamic doctrine). They stated that until the President vacates power for a muslim ruler, then will they consider speaking of negotiations. To show their dogmatism on the matter, when former President, Olusegun Obasanjo visited a relative of their former spiritual leader who was killed by the government, the sect launched an immediate assassination on the man who spoke with the former president, citing he has erred the Islamic principle of the sect in accommodating and negotiating with a non-muslim. How can we forget so quickly?

Boko Haram which is pro-Islamization cannot support a non-muslim and anything unislamic. What they have just done in naming the purporting people on their hit list is called “Taquia”. Taquia is deceiving and playing con on your enemies. Taquia is permited in Islam to advance the cause of Allah and deceive your enemies.

What Boko Haram has just done is an attempt to arouse the gullible in pointing fingers at the government of President Jonathan as their sponsor and patron and the one whose interest they are fighting to protect, hence, Buhari and the rest of the crew as their targets, thus pushing the electorates on the side of their team. Elections is just by the corner, let’s not forget.

It is reasonable to say that Boko Haram has directly shown us those they are sympathetic of and probably their sponsors. To protect them, they are trying to make them appear like their target and supposed enemy. This is just a childish hoodwink, the desperation to clinch to power has never been so easily exposed through this. By the way, let’s not forget who was quoted to have said :
“If what happened in 2011 should happen again in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.”
Connect the dots….


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