WITCHES, WIZARDS, DEMONS: The Suffocation Of The Innocent and The Unpopular

Man boasts of himself as a superior animal because of his unequal sapient grey matter which other beasts do not possess. Much is said about the evolution of man from the earliest homonids through to the homo sapien, but very little of man’s character can be shown to truly possess these claims which would have completely separated him from his neighbors in the ecosystem.

While man stands tall in the chain of intelligentsia in the animal kingdom, his inherent beastly nature has survived through the timeline of Homo rhodesiensis till date. His cruelty, predatory instinct and jungle aggression is very much alive. Rather than die, they has evolved into superiority, compared to his contemporaries in the ecosystem.

The crave to conquer is intrinsic, as such, the myth of race and blood was born. And out of an exaggeration of boisterous impulse to rule over his fellow men, man bore the ignorance of the belief that whatever is eccentric and incomprehensible to his norm, belongs to the purgatory, so much that it led to invention of adjective like DEMONIC, SATANIC, WITCH, WIZARD, etc, just to name a handful.

On the issue of race and racism, this beastly instinct aroused the inanity of man, that is what led the White supremacist to assert that the blood of a negro is different from that of the blood of a Caucasian. this popular prejudice led the American red cross to declare that the blood of a Negro should not be transfused to the white patient. After so much battling, such myth was dismissed by physiologist that there is no disparity between the blood of the Negro and the Caucasian, and such twaddle was reduced to to near comatose.

Still in his ignorance, man was led to assume that certain illnesses were related to DEMON POSSESSION, among this included epilepsy, other forms of seizures and all mental illnesses. People who suffered mental illnesses were believed to be tormented by evil spirits, so much so that the idea that if the patient was tortured so horribly, the demon tormenting him will flee was born. King George III suffered a great a torment of this idea to no fruition.

The Inane superstitious revelry of man has refused to die despite in this age of great scientific exploits and knowledge, such that this Son Of David right here has equally been a victim of such vacuous cluelessness of a relative and was labelled a WIZARD, OCCULTIST, etc, and the reason was rather a great comic to me instead of an aggression. For I sympathize with the superstition of the mediocre, for I was once in the echelon through childhood programming.

Amongst the several curate’s egg that is common in man; insecure, fearful, selfish and egotistic are leading the creature’s top adjectives. The insecurity of man in his ignorance has led man to create brands for things and phenomenon that is beyond his comprehension as DEMONIC, WITCHCRAFT, SATANIC, etc.

In the 15th to 17th century in Europe, haggard-looking women and especially when they appear to be tortured by the ill-favoured looks that accompanies old age, were often tagged witches. The old and the frail were not alone in this victimization, the woman who were unlucky to be gifted with least of the mirror admiration were joined in this unleash on witch-hunting. In some cases the suspects were tied and dropped into a well, if they float, they are not guilty of witchcraft and if they don’t, they’re burned at stake or fed to the gallows.

One may argue this was the mentality of the uncivilized in the age of primitivism. That is correct, but in a candid way, this particular stupidity and ignorance of men has equally evolved alongside the timeline of history into today’s so called civilization, which I’ll tame as THE CIVILIZATION OF STUPIDITY AND IGNORANCE.

While I may not speak in good knowledge of authority of the happenstance of other regions and geographical landmass, but in my African region, the superstition of DEMONS, WITCHCRAFT is a living reality. Unlike the 15th century zealots who mainly targeted the old, the innocent and harmless kids are now the witches and wizards. Child-witchcraft begets child abuse and child torture. Children, mainly from the poor background are being lined-up in churches and worship centers for confessions and exorcism.

People have suffered so much in the hands of this incubus called ignorance which is chiefly administered by religion. Yours sincerely, has been labeled a wizard, occultists and a portentous ritualist by extended relatives and one time friends simply because the mind of the mediocre which has refused to be opened to recognize substance from superstition and art from fart. When man doesn’t understand a thing he either demonizes it or creates his version of reason which falls short of scientific explanation and thus, the birth of superstitions. This is not new and it will never cease to happen, and this trend led Albert Einstein to echo “GREAT MINDS HAD ALWAYS MET VIOLENT OPPOSITION FROM THE MEDIOCRE”. The curse of having a reasonable mind is that you’ll be inundated with paroxysm of the mediocre who are mostly in large population.



XXX RATED: The Atheist’s Gospel of Salvation (18+)

Body like a stallion, hips of a hourglass, staring firmly into me was an erect breast that was too difficult to ignore like an Al-Qaeda threat. Her grace echoed like a rush of wild buffaloes, so much that she was commanded an epicurean awe which inspired imaginations of a late-night scenery under the covers. She was awesome! No she was not! She was alluring; no that’s not the word! She looked like 5 times of a Rothschild and a dozen Bill Gates in the flesh!

Like bribery to a Nigerian police, she was just too irresistible for this Son of David right here to snub. “Hello how are you doing?” I approached the damsel with the humility of saints. “I knew you were coming my way”, she responded with the smile of the heavens which almost sent semen rushing down my pipe hole.

Contacts were traded. From contacts to acquaintance and from acquaintance we ended in the sheets. The feeling was mutual so we “69”; she gave me so much head I earned an extra IQ. Sex was the bomb even neighbors be wondering if our bedroom was a military site. Hot sex all night and we be steaming in 100 degrees Celsius, and like rain, when she came she poured. I did her so good! I hit it so good and I earned an Oscar. That pussy real good, called it PUSSYWOOD.

She loves me like a brother, treats me like her baby, and sticks to me like a wedding ring. I treat her like my religion; I’m her religitard. We are in love and we are inseparable. Unlike my ex, she doesn’t lie to me, she won’t feed me with tales and her pussy gets tighter daily. I go nowhere without her, we live together and we are never gonna divorce. Ever since she came knocking on my door, my ex and bullshits left through the back the door.

I can’t go anywhere without her. She is my counsel, my comfort, my consigliere, my partner, my lover and my God. She is simply “COMMON SENSE” or “REASON”, and if you’re still dating my EX “RELIGION AND DOGMAS”, you need one; accept REASON TODAY!


When some frenzy religitards walk-up to unbelievers and atheists to warn them of a portentous repercussion and vengeance from their imaginary partner in the sky, they have no idea what a goof and goon they make of their skyddaddy and their mentality.

God(s) are simply a manifestation of the alter-ego of men. You can tell a lot about an individual when he/she talks about or describes whatever he/she deems fit as the repertoire of a so called God. When an individual walks up to warn an unbeliever about the wrath of his God, he has indirectly expressed the irritation of his/her alter-ego (which he/she terms as a God) and to further satiate his dissonance and irritation with pious hope of retribution of his/her malaise caused the unbeliever the individual manifests his/her irritation in the form a portentous vengeance from God.

Albeit his God is chimera but if it were to be excused briefly that he is no phantasm, if as a believer, you are of the cognitive envisage that some God will abandon feeding starving kids in Somalia or relegate a duty of helping the famine struck Niger and Mali because they are not important, but rather choose to flex his sinewy jugular of ominess on an atheist or unbeliever like this Son of David right here who is merely putting his harmless wits and mortal skepticism to foreplay, then such a God or deity is an omnicoward, speaking in euphemism.

Yes, God is an Omnicoward! If this is coming as a shocking rhema to you as a Judeo-Christian-Islam adherent let me remind you briefly:

Isn’t your ominipotent God the Omnidude who refused to killed his arch-enemy “Satan” but rather in a failed coup d’ etat he threw the devil to roam the earth whom y’all blame for all misdemeanors ranging from broken kitchen plates, rape, broken homes and human stupidity. But that same God in the old testament was apt to strike a man who out of empathy and sense of responsibility wanted to prevent the ark of covenant from falling. The sensible reason he struck the guilty man was because the dude was not a “Levite”.

In yet another case where his arch-enemy came before him in the presence of his many sons as described in the Christian text of the book Job, rather than strike the evil being, he went into a social gamble and politicking over the life of Job. But at a certain time he killed a man called Herod because he called himself “God”, but we know he’ll never do anything to this Satan dude no matter how many times he calls himself God.

If as a Nigerian Christian you think that your God who didn’t protect his worshipers in his temple from the boko haram terrorists, will suddenly develop muscles to strike a harmless atheist whose sole desire is the peaceful coexistence of mankind, then that God of yours is an OMNICOWARD! He hasn’t and will not kill boko haram’s Shekau and all the corrupt politicians and pastorprenurs who extort people of their money with his name, but you say, he’ll strike me or any other unbeliever, because my case is very peculiar and a greater turpitude than the former, that God of yours is a COWARD!

And if a Muslim religitard you think that it is your duty to kill and drop bombs for your turban-wearing Allah, then that Allah of yours is an armless cripple that is the reason you have to bail him out of his physical disability. If you claim he is not physically challenge and yet you jihadize for him, it still means he is Coward par excellence, for he hides in his desert heaven with virgins while you do the dirty job for him.

God is an alter-ego of man; once you see a religious man you’ve seen his God. The violent man begets a violent god, the humble man begets a humble god, a boisterous man begets a proud and boastful God, an intelligent man oozes an intelligent God (in the case of the pantheists) and dumb-ass man will propagate a dumb-ass God.


Culled from “Deities and fantasies” by Imoh Son of David


“The moment we want to believe something, we suddenly see all the arguments for it, and become blind to the arguments against it”- George Bernard Shaw

My attention has been drawn to a certain fatuous essay that has gone viral in the Nigerian social media ambience. The essay lists a number of famous atheists and unbelievers whom they say died “MYSTERIOUSLY”, hence attributing their demise to their atheism and punishment from “GOD”. The originator or doctor of such an essay is unknown but as usual my country people who are ever ready to be inebriated in farcical gusto on anything that tends to refurbish and pander their phantasm and reaffirm their dogmatic chimera were quick to scream “EUREKA!” Let me break it down for them and awake their goof.

“In Psychology, it is asserted that it becomes difficult to accept the truth when the lies told to you were exactly what you wanted to hear”

First of all, death is inevitable, it is real and it will surely come irrespective of your title, echelon, or belief. We would have been convinced if religious people especially Christians lived forever. Let us do a little maths: the world’s atheist population and non-religious people as at 2010 was estimated to be 9.66%, in other words atheists are a minority. By simple mathematical probability, the probability of meeting an atheist is adversely slim even in a crowd of a million people; hence, the probability of a dead atheist in 1 million deaths is absolutely sparse mathematically. In Nigeria, according to WIN-Gallup International poll, the atheist population in Nigeria is just 1%. Assuming Nigeria’s population is 150,000,000, 1% of this is 1,500,000. So do these religitards want to tell me that all the people who die daily in Nigeria are these 1,500,000 atheists? It is tomfoolery for anyone to credit death or an ill-fate on anyone as a so called retribution from God as a result of his/her disbelieve. All the people I’ve known that have died were believers and strict Christian adherents, as such is their death equally as a result of their unbelief?

They mentioned famous unbelievers like John Lenon, but they failed to narrate that John Lenon was assassinated by a Christian extremist who said he was doing the “WORK OF CHRIST” by killing John Lenon. Nigeria’s famous preacher, Kumiyi lost his wife to death, Archbishop Benson Idahosa died in the middle of a healthy conversation with his visitors, A pastor in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria, by name Pastor Justus died while he knelt down to pray on the church pulpit, a popular Rev Uma Ukpai lost his Kids in a car accident that fell into a river from the bridge, Late Prophet Ajanuku, Late Rev Danny Kirk, and the other countless unpopular believers, etc the list is endless. I am mentioning these people with no intention to mock them or their family, but to educate the ignorant Nigerians and many other religitards across the globe that death is no respecter of any man and mortality is real. If these things had happened to an atheist or unbeliever, they would have said it is “GOD’S WRATH”. It is absolutely iniquitous and crass coquetry in archaic guff for anyone to attribute an ill-fate or death of anyone as a result of disbelief or belief in a deity. I tender my unreserved reverence to the dead and the families of the above mentioned names.

The life expectancy rate of Nigeria where 94% of its citizens believe in God is 53years and the life expectancy rate of a country like Japan where only 4% of its population are certain in the believe of the existence of God is 83years. They should be asking their God why an average Japanese live longer than a Nigerian.

One is moved to assume that religion magnifies the negativity in an individual. It either makes the person vacuously lumpish or self-righteous which equates to legitimate wickedness, bad attitude and hateful of others who don’t share in his/her buffoonery. As a matter of fact, statistics provided shows that the life expectancy of a religious individual and country is relatively slim compared to the irreligious and liberal nations and individuals.





The 16th century Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza, one of my favorite icons remarked “I call him free who is led solely by reason.”

The lack of reason is always the bulwark of ignorance and the foundation of inane doctrines Vis-à-vis superstition, in which when given unto institution is shape-shifted or should I say mind-shifted into religious “truth”. If God(s) were to be discussed and dissected under the aroma of rational and sound reason, men of religion would have ended in atheism, agnosticism or pantheism. To be faithful and adherent to religion, it desires the mutilation of one’s mentality, intuition, intelligence into tandem with religious doctrines; it is demanding that one abandons reason and the intellect to be a religious faithful. In fact common sense is not to be possessed if one desires not to be skew-whiff with what the religious call God.

In the days of the Olympian gods and religions, Christians were often referred to as atheists for they believed in a different kind of god that was strange to the existing doctrine and traditions at the time. To deny the existence of Pluto and all other gods was tagged an atheistic trend, and no matter the kind of god one embraces, it was considered an aggravation. The atheist is simply one who doesn’t believe what a particular believer embraces.

This view of atheism maybe assumed to be a reasoning that was popular with the antediluvian timeline, but if that were true, it would have been comforting. In this modern day where science ad reason has taken the centre stage of the affairs of mankind, men still refer to one who doesn’t embrace the Western and Arab picturesque of divinity as atheistic hence abominable as described in their holy books.
The western-Arab picturesque of god which is referred to as the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion or Abrahamism has the envisage of some old bearded man in the sky sitting on the throne while being showered with sopranos and orchestral sound bites of white-costumed and white-skinned beings with wings called angels; some with trumpets, others with brass while he looks down the sky observing with his magnificent qualities which include omnipresence, omniscience, omnibenevolence, omnipotence, etc just to name the few of the omnis.

While the present day abramicist extols the greatness and imaginary truth of his beliefs, he refutes with denial the advent of his religion. The Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion spread immensely not because of the magnificence of it truth nor the weight of his proofs and benevolence, but through violence, fear, false hope, slavery, war, sweat and toil and most importantly, colonialism. By the reason of established organized institutions which was championed and backed by the oligarchy and powers of the state, its legitimacy was established and its menace and evil was permitted as lawful, hence the birth of a rendezvous that was enshrine for the sole purpose of control and subversion rather than the truth it claims to represent, for through it empires were destroyed, cultures were wiped-out, men were reduced to beasts in reason and resources including human were looted in abundance in foreign land where they were administered through sweat, blood and slavery.

The universe we live in is governed by laws; laws of gravity, laws of motion, laws of physics, laws chemistry, laws of thermodynamics, etc just to name a few. Preposterousness is the gift of any individual who denies the lies of nature and science. The universe being a vast space of infinity has certain laws that are peculiar in certain terrains that are not applicable in other atmospheres, for gravity which is peculiar on earth is seemingly not applicable in outer-space. If these universal laws and laws of science and nature were referred to as GOD, who would been an atheist? Who would have disproved or denied the non-existence of gravity or the laws of the thermodynamics?

But when men take the former description of God as the white bearded old man in the sky with a legion of white choir and ascribe forms and laws to him, then desire that other men swallow such twaddle and accede to such inane as sacrosanct, unquestionable and disprovable, and even going ahead to attack those who differ, disprove, and implore rational view of things, then our so much talked about superiority in the animal echelon as homo sapiens based on our supposed intellect is disappointing.



Religious Bully Of Women


The society we live in devotes so much attention concerning itself with what is wrong with a woman and how women ought be, what women ought to wear, how women ought to act, what women ought to say and not say. Many times you’ll find them come up with quotes like “A Beautiful Girl with Bad Character is like a pot of beans contaminated with sand”. I am yet to find a quote that makes a figurative expression and comparison of man with a bad character.

Turn on the radio in a typical religious nation like my country, Nigeria, it is always about the woman; woman this, woman that and everything wrong about the woman; how the woman ought to submit to her husband, how the single lady ought to speak and act to attract a man, what the girl child ought to learn, the dos and don’ts of a female, etc.

The truth is that we ought to be more worried and concerned about men with bad characters than women with bad characters. Men with bad characters are portentous than women with bad characters. We give so much attention to hunting women in the name of religion, morality, conservativism, etc while men with bad characters breed and roam freely, enjoying the multiplier effect at ease.

The truth is: we have more men with bad characters than women with bad characters, and men with bad characters on the loose is the bulwark of all calamities and conflicts on earth; ranging from religion, through politics to all enclaves of a genius loci.

Let me begin with my country Nigeria. The coercion of this fraudulent fiefdom come nation, Nigeria is absolutely a creation of males with bad characters. No man with a good character would build a house on a mountain that is liable of a volcanic eruption. All the problems we have faced in this country and are still facing are as a result of men with bad characters. The Polithiefcians, pastorpreneurs, policemen, legistlooters, etc are men of bad characters, then why do we spend so much time hunting women and creating an imaginary moral and social constitution for women?

The worst cases of acrimony against women is found in religion; the Abrahamic religions specifically. While Islam and the Quran concocts so many misogynist verses and behavioral curriculum vitae including dress code and marriage code for women, it ignores entirely putting limelight on men with bad characters, the end result we have today in the Muslim breed are:
– morally degraded women with low self-esteem and
– Volcanic egomaniac male misogynists cum champions of moralism, hence the Boko Harams, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Al shabbab, etc just to a name a few.

Religion which is a creation of the male alter-ego thrives in diminishing the female ego while feeding the male with an over-rated importance, hence stupidity. That is why the male religitard is always a female inquisitor, female moralist, female dress-code/character adjudicator, and anything “female exterminator”.
Most of these male religitards are highly vast in ineptitude, mentally impoverish and to a certain extent, insecure about the womanhood. Their insecurity is best expressed under the guise of religious concocted morality and conservatism whose trajectory is best aimed at the female. These male religitards are often sweating in their pants when they contact an independent, successful, intelligent and a mentally emancipated female which usually gives a dissonance in their alter-ego, hence driving them to their area of expertise; swinging their imaginary morality dick at the woman. An example of this was demonstrated by the popular American televangelist, Pat Robertson who said “THE FEMINIST AGENDA IS NOT ABOUT EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN. IT IS ABOUT A SOCIALIST, ANTI-FAMILY POLITICAL MOVEMENT THAT ENCOURAGES WOMEN TO LEAVE THEIR HUSBANDS, KILL THEIR CHILDREN, PRACTICE WITCHCRAFT, DESTROY CAPITALISM AND BECOME LESBIANS”.
The biblical Paul who was a misogynist per excellence, in the book of 1 Corinthians 11:2-10 said “….For man was not created for the woman but the woman for man”. In the book of 1 Timothy 22: 11- 15 of the bible, it was commanded that women should not speak in the church but rather they should be saved with “CHILDBEARING”. This and many other more verses inspired the 16TH CENTURY German Monk and Catholic Priest, Martin Luther assert “THE WORD AND WORKS OF GOD IS QUITE CLEAR THAT WOMEN WERE MADE TO BE WIVES OR PROSTITUTES”

The truth is that the male religitard needs a character balance and check more than any woman on earth, because above everyone else, he is more likely to be a social disaster to both himself and his society. Take a good look at the Taliban, Boko haram and the Islamists. While they subject women to mental and social slavery, as the upright demands of their alter-ego aka Mohammad and his schizophrenic creation, Allah, they in turn become a menace and nuisance to the entire world.

A society is emancipated and civilized when its women are truly independent, educated and free from mental and social bully. The poorest nations which are predominantly religious nations have illiteracy towering very high among its women population and low self-esteem due to religious bullying of indoctrination. Stronger women means stronger children, for unstable women cannot raise and tutor children into stable adulthood. And a strong woman does not patronize buy-bull and degrading doctrines in the name of religion. All Abrahamic religions are anti-women and misogynistic doctrines, and women of substance do not buy into them.


God Does Not Call The Chinese And Why

The most profitable place on earth anyone should be a preacher and pastorpreneur is China. China’s population is over 1.351 billion, the largest of any country in the world. Here in Nigeria where a pastor of a new and “SMALL” church can be seen struggling with 10 to 25 members, but that won’t be the case in China which makes about 20% of the world’s population. A small church in China would at least have between 3,000 to 25,000 members in a single church service. And a very large church like Nigeria’s Winners Chapel of Bishop Oyedepo in Ota which boasts of about 300,000 worshipers in a single service, if it were to be converted to a Chinese version, it would be smiling between 30 million to 100 million worshipers per service.

The analysis is very interesting and could give a Nigerian preacher a hard dick to go start up a Church in China. But sadly, China is one of the worst places any aspiring or an already established pastorpreneur should establish a church; they will all go broke! Have you ever heard of a pastor Xi Chung or Prophet Lee Chang or a Bishop Feng Chi or even an Imam Zhang Wei or an Alfa Wang Xiu? Of course not! Even if they exist, they are as many as a Monk Oyedepo, Monk Adeboye, Monk Mensa, and Monk Imoh.

Of course God doesn’t call the Chinese and Japanese, I’ll tell you why. The reason why the acclaimed God that called Bishop Oyedepo and pastor Adeboye of Nigeria would not call a Bishop Wang Chi or a Prophet Li feng is because that God knows you cannot tell a Ying Jing that works in auto-company that you drove from Benin to Lagos on an empty fuel tank, neither can you convince a Li Na, a female medical doctor that a Jewish skydaddy impregnated a virgin (without a penis and a sperm) to give birth to his son (which is also himself), so that he’ll sacrifice his son (himself) to his sky version so that he can forgive mankind of the sin he alone is responsible for convicting them. You just can’t do that.

Skydaddy knows that you cannot tell a Chinese factory worker that it is better to pray than to produce. Skydaddy knows you cannot tell a Chinese banker and economist that you should pay your tithe and offering for a blessing to drop from the sky! Skydaddy knows these things, that’s why he’ll never call a Bishop Xi Tai to a so called ministry cos the Chinese are bad markets!

But when skydaddy looks around, he’ll ask himself “who can I tell that I live in the sky?” He’ll ask who is more likely to believe that the Chicken came before the egg? Who is the perfect person that can believe that prayers move mountains? He looks around and searches, then sees the Oyedepos and Adeboyes and screams EUREKA!

Unlike the Chinese who cannot be told that their ancestors were SINNERS, skydaddy knows that the African needs very little effort to be convinced that not only his ancestors were sinners, but his future generations as well, and also he is cursed by God because of his ancestors, as such he’ll have to spend his entire life on the knees pleading and begging Skydaddy for a so called mercy and forgiveness to be deserving of a heaven he can only partake after death.

Unlike the Chinese who labour vigorously and applied pragmatism to become the world’s second largest economy, skydaddy knows the African believer wouldn’t want such long labour and rigorous planning that involves thinking and policy making, skydaddy opted for the African like the Nigerians, cos he knows they’ll buy the idea that they can pray to become the world’s largest economy in 2025.

The Chinese have image nausea and skydaddy knows this. The Chinese cannot fathom the image of some curl-hair Jewish man with a European look as a son of God and saviour of man kind. Rather than subject his son (which is also himself) to ridicule and rejection, skydaddy will opt for the African who is ever ready swallow this without resistance.

God does not call the Chinese man!


Happy Women’s Day Celebration

In a private conversation I had with Immanuel James Ibe-Anyanwu sometime ago, he said “IT IS ONLY A FOOLISH MAN THAT DOES NOT LIKE WOMEN”. This I agree very much with my brother, for women are the raison d’ etre of the world. Reason dictates that if there are no women, there will be no continuity of life and the world will seize to be anymore interesting. I love women, you cannot just phantom a word of reputable efficacy to describe these amazing creatures.

Institutionalize superstitions claim that women came forth through the ribs of the man. This to me is one of the greatest coup d’ etat of farcical ideology; it is so much a blasphemy against nature and science which has shown to us the glaring in contradiction of this twaddle made sacrosanct in primitive documents.

Man comes from the abode of a woman. Men ought to worship women for all were born and will continually to be so through them. If any object deserves the quintessential assertion of GOD, it ought to be the WOMAN; for women are creators, hence God ought to be a SHE and not a HE (that is another subject of discussion for another day).

That being said, ideologies, movements and organizations which tend to abhor, demean and demoralize the woman, is a criminal and blasphemous ideology which ought be fed to the gallows of Hades. Any ideology that is scared of women is a satanic and repugnant ideology, as such, the Abrahamic ideologies which puts the guilt on the woman as the mainstay of the fall of mankind, ought not be forgiven for such sedition and libel against nature. Nature in all description is found worthy to be called MOTHER; the woman. The truth be told, if the world was ruled by women and men were the subordinates, we would have had no wars, the only predicament I can assure you with confidence is that we’ll have a bunch of country and territorial gossips. But isn’t it better to gossip than to go to war?

If the writers of the bible and the koran were women, nobody would be been demonized and love and peace would have been the epicenter of the context and practice thereof. If the founders of religion were women, no religion would have gone to war against the other, but rather, they’ll be in a competition to do better and look better than the other, rather than be competing who is more bloody and stupid than the other. But sadly, the God invented by MEN sees no reason to call women as PROPHETS/MESSENGERS neither would he have a DAUGHTER, what a misogynistic deity, well its good that he is imaginary.

Among this Son Of David ‘s many favorite icons, Marie Curie, the Polish Physicist, Nobel prize winner, and a pioneer of the research on radioactivity stands tall in my heart. Every man ought to have a female icon he reveres. The Dahomey amazon warriors of Africa are quintessential of the long age axiom “WHATEVER A MAN CAN DO, A WOMAN CAN DO AND EVEN BETTER”. I need not go into the lecture of great women who have flaunt the earth and made it better for us all.

As we celebrate the women’s day, I use this opportunity to recognize some of the most awesome, powerful and intelligent women I’ve met who have abducted my admiration for their persona: Amaka Rea Adeyemi Uwa Portia Mmama Anthony Temidayo Ahanmisi Nnenna Michelle Onyewuchi Chioma Amaryllis Folashade Marsh Geraldyn Ebere Omoye Ohiku Mary Achor-Ogungbola Sandra Okosun Jacqueline Ifeyinwa Chinjika Eunice Oviawe-Jones Ronke Akintade-Ogunleye Kemi Opebiyi Abodunde Jumoke Bukola Oduwaiye, Lola Efuntade-Tinubu Ify Adenuga Uchenna Ojiabo the list is endless, I can’t continue further. Sorry I have to reserve my data bundle. HAPPY Women’s DAY Celebration ‪

THE UNBELIVER’S GUIDE: The four types of Christians and the ONE you must avoid PT 3


First of all; who is a “RELIGITARD”?
It is a term used to describe a “religious-retard” who is closed to the views and opinions of others, and who also voices their own opinions as fact; whilst committing crimes against human intelligence in the name of religion.

The proper religitard are the active church participants, the so called BORN AGAINERS, church workers, the lovers and worshipers of pastors, etc. You know the type of folks when their phone rings; you’ll hear an Oyedepo, Chris Onyakhilome or Adeboye voice echo “THIS WEEK IS YOUR WEEK…. AMEN!!!”, “YOU SHALL NOT DIE!! YOU ARE BLESSED!!”,etc, or you can hear the recitation of the Lord’s prayers or any of the religious audio insignia. The proper religitard is a closed-circuit headed Christian; they have abandoned using their sense of reasoning. As such, expecting anything intelligent from these folks is like expecting urine from a chicken. They are not found wanting in the four “SELF” syndromes: SELF-INDULGENCE, SELF-ABSORBED, SELF-SEEKING, SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Everything about this type of Christian is a Me, I, Mine, My, etc. Utterances such as these are very typical of them: “everyone died in the accident but MY GOD saved me”, “MY GOD has blessed me”, “I AM BLESSED not lucky”, “MY GOD has lifted ME above MY ENEMIES”, “I AM a covenant child” “God has HONORED ME above my peers”, etc.

The proper religitard is a self-appointed speaker of God, the mouthpiece of heaven and the self-acclaimed ambassador of heaven. Below are the characteristics and symptoms of a Proper Religitard:

HYPOCRISY. All religitards are hypocrites; you can’t take howling away from the wolf. A typical female religitard will criticize the dress code, relationship and behavior of other females as IMMORAL, SINFUL, PROSTITUTING, etc but they are secretly getting laid by their pastors, choir leader or married man/ brother in the church. The male religitard will be the first to speak against FORNICATION and PER-MARITAL sex; meanwhile he keeps a beehive of porn tapes at home or in his mobile.

SELF ACCLAIMED SPIRITUALITY. The religitard is one that is avowed in their acclaimed spirituality. When it comes to matters of so called spiritual life and knowledge of God they are self-assertive in their robustness. All religitards claim they hear the voice of God or some Holy Spirit speaks to them. Nobody prays better than them; some take their prayer-fulness to a nocturnal level. I register my condolence anyone that shares the same dormitory, flat or apartment with these type of religitard, its either you co-operate with their spiritual warfare or you complain and become an agent of Satan. In my country Nigeria, they every landlord’s and co-tenant’s nightmare, once you complain, you are a witch or wizard that is affected by their mid-night prayers.

They are never lacking in their boast of some spiritual gift and I need not forget to mention that God knows them personally because they are so important to him and have established a special relationship with him which others are not privilege to. In Pentecostal churches you will always find them speaking in tongues; you cannot separate speaking in tongues from a Pentecostal religitard. You can see them waking up one morning to say “God spoke to me in the dream, that so and so lady is an agent of darkness”, and boom! Anarchy comes knocking. The religitard is the one whom God reveals their future husband and wife to in the dream. They are the ones who are shown in the dream that they are ones their bachelor pastor will marry. The religitard is one whom God shows a vision, gives a word of knowledge and prophecy. The religitard must be a social nuisance to be complete.

SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS. First and foremost, the religitard is a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN. A religitard is one who is always right in his/her faith, feelings, suspicion, and of course no one knows God and the scriptures better than them. Their fellow Christians know this about them. No one does it better than them, no one knows it better than them; no one is more right-standing like them except their pastors. Their drive from self-righteousness has made them problem makers in social organizations, including the church. Whenever you hear of a fight, controversy or scandal in the church, it is definitely the handiwork of religitards.

MINISTRY/CALL SYNDROME. Since a typical religitard is an active church participant, they are usually deluded with the “I-AM-DOING-MY-MINISTRY syndrome”, “I-AM-ANSWERING-TO-THE-CALLING-OF-HOLY GHOST syndrome”. The religitard is always on the conviction that they are commissioned with some kind of ministry from God. If a religitard is gifted with some kind of talent like singing, dancing, speaking, writing, playing instrumentals, etc they are always on the self-delusion that some holy spirit is calling them to use their talent for FISHING for Christ and promoting the gospel.

ANTI-INTELLIGENCE> since these folks have readily abandoned the use of their intellect, it is inherent of them to dislike and display crass nausea against anything intelligent and intellectual in nature. When it comes to the IQ level of these folks, there is no contest at the bottom of the ladder for them. They hate intelligent people, one of the recounting utterances from their likes would be in this manner “Philosophy is meaningless”, “Scientists are agents of darkness, “logic is nonsense”, etc. When often confronted with a superior intellect and argument, they often respond saying “RUBBISH”, “NONSENSE”, “FOOL”, etc you cannot expect decorum and rational discuss with these type of people. They are set of Christians that say some of the most stupid things ever. If you’re an unbeliever, don’t even bother engaging them in an intelligent debate, they use dumb-ass logic and foolish scientific claims to assuage their buffoonery for example: “Even science and scientists have proven that there is God and that the word of God is true”, “Einstein used the bible to proof the law of relativity”, “evolution has no scientific prove”, “all scientific inventions had earlier existed in the bible”, “Any scientist that does not believe in God is not a true scientist”, just to name a few etc.

The pastorpreneurs love these kinds of Christians; they are the foot soldiers of their business houses aka church, for their skills and talent is the oil that lubricates the business empires of pastorpreneurs. As such, when a pastorpreneur sees these kinds of Christians, he is quick to convince and preach to them that they for a HIGHER PURPOSE or CALLING, and will give them some kind of prophecy that they’ll be singing, dancing, playing instruments (depending on their skill and talent) in front of a large congregation, where the anointing of the holy ghost will spread like fire, and that “NATIONS SHALL SEEK THEM” (of course that is the topmost prayer point of every religitard).
You know the type of Christians that patronize religious stickers? That is definitely a Proper Religitard. It is impossible to find the entrance door of their homes blank or plain; there must be some religious emblem and sticker with a loud rhetoric saying something, inter alia, “JESUS’ HOME”, “THE BLOOD OF JESUS”, “I AM A WINNER”, “REDEEM FAMILY”, “2014: MY YEAR OF HARVEST”, etc, just to name a few.

Once you see the car of a religitard, the stickers on them will do the talking, as a matter of fact a religitard’s car would have more than one sticker and religious emblem on it bearing phrases like “RELAX, JESUS IS IN CHARGE”, “SHUT UP! ARE YOU GOD!?”, “THE FOOL SAYS THERE IS NO GOD”, “SUDDENLY! GOD DID IT”, “JESUS IS ALIVE”, and in some cases bible quotes and verses.

These kinds of Christians are social terrorists both to their fellow Christians and non-believers. They are the ones who lie for God and their pastors. So it’s not surprising to hear them claim they went to heaven and hell and returned. They are the ones who always have dreams and revelations that another person is a witch, wizard or agent darkness. They are the ones who destroy social organizations, homes, marriages and even their churches.

They are busy-bodies par-excellence, unstable people, and “amebor” for the lord, willy-nilly; they must want to partake in church activities. That is why you’ll find them in the choir, ushering, protocol and prayer departments. If come across any of them just RUN! I repeat, RUN! They are the types that lurk around the pages of unbelievers and the atheists on social media like Facebook, to threaten them with imaginary retribution and defend God on behalf of God. The the ones who come on people’s walls to detect to them what to write and say.
One very common trend about them on the social media is that they are quick to distance themselves from being religious, rather they identify themselves as spiritual and loving but this is a part of their inherent hypocrisy and self-contradiction. They run around engaging their attention on any updates pertaining to religion and advertizing their empty verbose.

A lot of them are chronic liars and psychotic social terrorists, try as much as possible to avoid any social engagement/relationship with them, unless of course you are a religitard like them. The energy they carry with them is poisonous, infectious and communicable. Only religitards tolerate religitards. Do not say this Son of David right here did not warn you!