Delusions Of The African Christian

ancestors in hell

Sometimes I don’t know whether to guffaw, weep or frown at the black/African christian. The African believers are one most deluded set of homo sapiens on earth. How the heck do you believe that a Jewish man can die for an African? So you’re really convinced that of all the races that pleased God to manifest himself, it was the Jews that were most deserving of this? Not the Africans, nor the Latinas or even the Japanese, but the Jews?

If the son of God is a Jew, then God is a Jew; Jews give birth to Jews. If the christian god wasn’t a Jew then his baby mama wouldn’t have given birth to what his holy sperm, sorry holy spirit wasn’t made up of. Sorry I forgot many of the so called believers do not know the basics of genetics. Most importantly, let me remind you that, the Jewish god will treat you the same way the jews treat African immigrants in their country. Expecting the dude to answer your prayer is to be expecting the Israeli government to develop roads in Nigeria.

Need I say more? Take a look at the bible; how he inspired and urged them to makes slaves of you. Even when his so called son came he didn’t even have a state visit to your home/village, needless to assume he did miracles in Africa. The only miracle he did was to transform his ass to the first known slave ship that took thousands of African slaves to the West called “The Good Ship, Jesus”.

Jesus never condemned slavery as a matter of fact he encouraged it, because if Paul claimed that Jesus arrested him and the Holy Spirit gave him the words he wrote like “Slaves be obedient to your masters”, that means Jesus sponsored slavery. Which set or race of people on earth have been victimized in the name of slavery other than black people? If Jesus or the so called Holy Spirit is the one who inspired Paul like you claim, then Jesus is guilty of slave trade!

This is what the son of god said in your bible in Matthew 15:22 – 28 when the Gentile woman (a non Jew) came to seek healing for her poor child : “… He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel…. He replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs.” In his words, he was sent to Israel, and non Israelis are called DOGS. Some of you believers will wash yourself saying “I am an Israelite by faith since I’ve become “born again”, I am automatically a Jew and blah blah blah”. Oh please! Don’t allow a man to market you a low self-esteem. If you claim God created all human race, then why didn’t he save you the stress and turn you and the rest of the human race into Jews?

You don’t become a part of a race by declaring self-deceiving rhetoric. To be a black you must be born a black (either from one of your parents), same to goes to being a white or any other race. No Asian wakes up one day to declare “I am a black by faith and by virtue of reading what was written in a primitive book”. Why then would a full-blooded negro deceive himself that he is some melanated Jew or Israeli by making some low self-esteem assertions like “By reason of the blood of Jesus, I am now a partaker of Abraham’s blessings”?

So you mean to tell me that you have to be a Jew before God loves you? I’m sure non-jews were created by satan, right? Anyone who cannot look through this hokum and spot the racial jingoism in it is a disappointment.

If you ask the African christian right now, just like their preachers do every service to close their eyes and imagine God in front of them, tell me whether or not its not a white bearded curly-hair figure their mind will throw-up to them? There is no black christian that will consciously come to the picturesque that God is black!

Whatever you call God is a regurgitation of another man’s fantasy, racial jingoism, gender chauvinism, fraud and delusion. Let me ask, why are all the people the bible called prophets, holy people including son of God all from one race? Beginning from the acclaimed Adam and Eve to John the revelator, they are all Jews, not even one Kenyan or Zulu, Japanese, or Latino.

God never one day saw it necessary to take a walk to my village in Akwa Ibom to pick up a virgin and impregnate, he didn’t even choose his tomb in a neighboring country like Ghana even if he refused to die here. But all of sudden he saw it befitting to send slave masters through his bible to enslave our ancestors as part of his “DIVINE PLAN” to give a so called salvation. Salvation from what? Who said anyone was enslaved or having issues in Africa? Africa was doing buoyantly until they brought us salvation through his emissaries of rift to create imaginary problems aka original sin to sell you imaginary solution aka salvation/heaven.

As described in the bible, all the Jewish Sky Janitor does is to sit on his throne, looking down on earth with a long recording book and most importantly, demanding tithes and offerings through his pastorpreneurs. It only takes a creature with an ass to sit on a throne. Since he has an ass, he must definitely be farting. Let’s not forget he has legs to walk like in the story of the garden of Eden and has a back which Moses saw, and a face too. Even David said he has a right-hand. So since he is a homo sapien, what colour is he? He cannot be both black, white, brown and Asian at the same time.

These people do not realize that if the Yorubas went on a colonization spree like the Europeans, everyone would have been sticking to Oludumare and the Ifa beliefs, and of course God would been pictured with tribal marks on the face and his Angels holding talking drums. The Chinese and the Japanese realized this and refused anyone to indoctrinate them with their fantasies, now look at them, then look at Africa.

But then, delusion is comforting to the ignorant and irritating to the knowledgeable. Malcolm X knew this many years ago and said: “The most pathetic thing is for a slave who doesn’t know that he is a slave”
Dear Africans get your minds awake!

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Culled from: A Lost Race: The Predicament Of The Black/African In The 21st Century by Imoh “Son of David”


One thought on “Delusions Of The African Christian”

  1. And some are still on their way to africa with their different brand of good news.hindusm,budish and all sundry isms. Which my people are ready to swallow with all might.

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