Happy Women’s Day Celebration

In a private conversation I had with Immanuel James Ibe-Anyanwu sometime ago, he said “IT IS ONLY A FOOLISH MAN THAT DOES NOT LIKE WOMEN”. This I agree very much with my brother, for women are the raison d’ etre of the world. Reason dictates that if there are no women, there will be no continuity of life and the world will seize to be anymore interesting. I love women, you cannot just phantom a word of reputable efficacy to describe these amazing creatures.

Institutionalize superstitions claim that women came forth through the ribs of the man. This to me is one of the greatest coup d’ etat of farcical ideology; it is so much a blasphemy against nature and science which has shown to us the glaring in contradiction of this twaddle made sacrosanct in primitive documents.

Man comes from the abode of a woman. Men ought to worship women for all were born and will continually to be so through them. If any object deserves the quintessential assertion of GOD, it ought to be the WOMAN; for women are creators, hence God ought to be a SHE and not a HE (that is another subject of discussion for another day).

That being said, ideologies, movements and organizations which tend to abhor, demean and demoralize the woman, is a criminal and blasphemous ideology which ought be fed to the gallows of Hades. Any ideology that is scared of women is a satanic and repugnant ideology, as such, the Abrahamic ideologies which puts the guilt on the woman as the mainstay of the fall of mankind, ought not be forgiven for such sedition and libel against nature. Nature in all description is found worthy to be called MOTHER; the woman. The truth be told, if the world was ruled by women and men were the subordinates, we would have had no wars, the only predicament I can assure you with confidence is that we’ll have a bunch of country and territorial gossips. But isn’t it better to gossip than to go to war?

If the writers of the bible and the koran were women, nobody would be been demonized and love and peace would have been the epicenter of the context and practice thereof. If the founders of religion were women, no religion would have gone to war against the other, but rather, they’ll be in a competition to do better and look better than the other, rather than be competing who is more bloody and stupid than the other. But sadly, the God invented by MEN sees no reason to call women as PROPHETS/MESSENGERS neither would he have a DAUGHTER, what a misogynistic deity, well its good that he is imaginary.

Among this Son Of David ‘s many favorite icons, Marie Curie, the Polish Physicist, Nobel prize winner, and a pioneer of the research on radioactivity stands tall in my heart. Every man ought to have a female icon he reveres. The Dahomey amazon warriors of Africa are quintessential of the long age axiom “WHATEVER A MAN CAN DO, A WOMAN CAN DO AND EVEN BETTER”. I need not go into the lecture of great women who have flaunt the earth and made it better for us all.

As we celebrate the women’s day, I use this opportunity to recognize some of the most awesome, powerful and intelligent women I’ve met who have abducted my admiration for their persona: Amaka Rea Adeyemi Uwa Portia Mmama Anthony Temidayo Ahanmisi Nnenna Michelle Onyewuchi Chioma Amaryllis Folashade Marsh Geraldyn Ebere Omoye Ohiku Mary Achor-Ogungbola Sandra Okosun Jacqueline Ifeyinwa Chinjika Eunice Oviawe-Jones Ronke Akintade-Ogunleye Kemi Opebiyi Abodunde Jumoke Bukola Oduwaiye, Lola Efuntade-Tinubu Ify Adenuga Uchenna Ojiabo the list is endless, I can’t continue further. Sorry I have to reserve my data bundle. HAPPY Women’s DAY Celebration ‪


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