The 16th century Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza, one of my favorite icons remarked “I call him free who is led solely by reason.”

The lack of reason is always the bulwark of ignorance and the foundation of inane doctrines Vis-à-vis superstition, in which when given unto institution is shape-shifted or should I say mind-shifted into religious “truth”. If God(s) were to be discussed and dissected under the aroma of rational and sound reason, men of religion would have ended in atheism, agnosticism or pantheism. To be faithful and adherent to religion, it desires the mutilation of one’s mentality, intuition, intelligence into tandem with religious doctrines; it is demanding that one abandons reason and the intellect to be a religious faithful. In fact common sense is not to be possessed if one desires not to be skew-whiff with what the religious call God.

In the days of the Olympian gods and religions, Christians were often referred to as atheists for they believed in a different kind of god that was strange to the existing doctrine and traditions at the time. To deny the existence of Pluto and all other gods was tagged an atheistic trend, and no matter the kind of god one embraces, it was considered an aggravation. The atheist is simply one who doesn’t believe what a particular believer embraces.

This view of atheism maybe assumed to be a reasoning that was popular with the antediluvian timeline, but if that were true, it would have been comforting. In this modern day where science ad reason has taken the centre stage of the affairs of mankind, men still refer to one who doesn’t embrace the Western and Arab picturesque of divinity as atheistic hence abominable as described in their holy books.
The western-Arab picturesque of god which is referred to as the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion or Abrahamism has the envisage of some old bearded man in the sky sitting on the throne while being showered with sopranos and orchestral sound bites of white-costumed and white-skinned beings with wings called angels; some with trumpets, others with brass while he looks down the sky observing with his magnificent qualities which include omnipresence, omniscience, omnibenevolence, omnipotence, etc just to name the few of the omnis.

While the present day abramicist extols the greatness and imaginary truth of his beliefs, he refutes with denial the advent of his religion. The Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion spread immensely not because of the magnificence of it truth nor the weight of his proofs and benevolence, but through violence, fear, false hope, slavery, war, sweat and toil and most importantly, colonialism. By the reason of established organized institutions which was championed and backed by the oligarchy and powers of the state, its legitimacy was established and its menace and evil was permitted as lawful, hence the birth of a rendezvous that was enshrine for the sole purpose of control and subversion rather than the truth it claims to represent, for through it empires were destroyed, cultures were wiped-out, men were reduced to beasts in reason and resources including human were looted in abundance in foreign land where they were administered through sweat, blood and slavery.

The universe we live in is governed by laws; laws of gravity, laws of motion, laws of physics, laws chemistry, laws of thermodynamics, etc just to name a few. Preposterousness is the gift of any individual who denies the lies of nature and science. The universe being a vast space of infinity has certain laws that are peculiar in certain terrains that are not applicable in other atmospheres, for gravity which is peculiar on earth is seemingly not applicable in outer-space. If these universal laws and laws of science and nature were referred to as GOD, who would been an atheist? Who would have disproved or denied the non-existence of gravity or the laws of the thermodynamics?

But when men take the former description of God as the white bearded old man in the sky with a legion of white choir and ascribe forms and laws to him, then desire that other men swallow such twaddle and accede to such inane as sacrosanct, unquestionable and disprovable, and even going ahead to attack those who differ, disprove, and implore rational view of things, then our so much talked about superiority in the animal echelon as homo sapiens based on our supposed intellect is disappointing.




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