When some frenzy religitards walk-up to unbelievers and atheists to warn them of a portentous repercussion and vengeance from their imaginary partner in the sky, they have no idea what a goof and goon they make of their skyddaddy and their mentality.

God(s) are simply a manifestation of the alter-ego of men. You can tell a lot about an individual when he/she talks about or describes whatever he/she deems fit as the repertoire of a so called God. When an individual walks up to warn an unbeliever about the wrath of his God, he has indirectly expressed the irritation of his/her alter-ego (which he/she terms as a God) and to further satiate his dissonance and irritation with pious hope of retribution of his/her malaise caused the unbeliever the individual manifests his/her irritation in the form a portentous vengeance from God.

Albeit his God is chimera but if it were to be excused briefly that he is no phantasm, if as a believer, you are of the cognitive envisage that some God will abandon feeding starving kids in Somalia or relegate a duty of helping the famine struck Niger and Mali because they are not important, but rather choose to flex his sinewy jugular of ominess on an atheist or unbeliever like this Son of David right here who is merely putting his harmless wits and mortal skepticism to foreplay, then such a God or deity is an omnicoward, speaking in euphemism.

Yes, God is an Omnicoward! If this is coming as a shocking rhema to you as a Judeo-Christian-Islam adherent let me remind you briefly:

Isn’t your ominipotent God the Omnidude who refused to killed his arch-enemy “Satan” but rather in a failed coup d’ etat he threw the devil to roam the earth whom y’all blame for all misdemeanors ranging from broken kitchen plates, rape, broken homes and human stupidity. But that same God in the old testament was apt to strike a man who out of empathy and sense of responsibility wanted to prevent the ark of covenant from falling. The sensible reason he struck the guilty man was because the dude was not a “Levite”.

In yet another case where his arch-enemy came before him in the presence of his many sons as described in the Christian text of the book Job, rather than strike the evil being, he went into a social gamble and politicking over the life of Job. But at a certain time he killed a man called Herod because he called himself “God”, but we know he’ll never do anything to this Satan dude no matter how many times he calls himself God.

If as a Nigerian Christian you think that your God who didn’t protect his worshipers in his temple from the boko haram terrorists, will suddenly develop muscles to strike a harmless atheist whose sole desire is the peaceful coexistence of mankind, then that God of yours is an OMNICOWARD! He hasn’t and will not kill boko haram’s Shekau and all the corrupt politicians and pastorprenurs who extort people of their money with his name, but you say, he’ll strike me or any other unbeliever, because my case is very peculiar and a greater turpitude than the former, that God of yours is a COWARD!

And if a Muslim religitard you think that it is your duty to kill and drop bombs for your turban-wearing Allah, then that Allah of yours is an armless cripple that is the reason you have to bail him out of his physical disability. If you claim he is not physically challenge and yet you jihadize for him, it still means he is Coward par excellence, for he hides in his desert heaven with virgins while you do the dirty job for him.

God is an alter-ego of man; once you see a religious man you’ve seen his God. The violent man begets a violent god, the humble man begets a humble god, a boisterous man begets a proud and boastful God, an intelligent man oozes an intelligent God (in the case of the pantheists) and dumb-ass man will propagate a dumb-ass God.


Culled from “Deities and fantasies” by Imoh Son of David

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