“The moment we want to believe something, we suddenly see all the arguments for it, and become blind to the arguments against it”- George Bernard Shaw

My attention has been drawn to a certain fatuous essay that has gone viral in the Nigerian social media ambience. The essay lists a number of famous atheists and unbelievers whom they say died “MYSTERIOUSLY”, hence attributing their demise to their atheism and punishment from “GOD”. The originator or doctor of such an essay is unknown but as usual my country people who are ever ready to be inebriated in farcical gusto on anything that tends to refurbish and pander their phantasm and reaffirm their dogmatic chimera were quick to scream “EUREKA!” Let me break it down for them and awake their goof.

“In Psychology, it is asserted that it becomes difficult to accept the truth when the lies told to you were exactly what you wanted to hear”

First of all, death is inevitable, it is real and it will surely come irrespective of your title, echelon, or belief. We would have been convinced if religious people especially Christians lived forever. Let us do a little maths: the world’s atheist population and non-religious people as at 2010 was estimated to be 9.66%, in other words atheists are a minority. By simple mathematical probability, the probability of meeting an atheist is adversely slim even in a crowd of a million people; hence, the probability of a dead atheist in 1 million deaths is absolutely sparse mathematically. In Nigeria, according to WIN-Gallup International poll, the atheist population in Nigeria is just 1%. Assuming Nigeria’s population is 150,000,000, 1% of this is 1,500,000. So do these religitards want to tell me that all the people who die daily in Nigeria are these 1,500,000 atheists? It is tomfoolery for anyone to credit death or an ill-fate on anyone as a so called retribution from God as a result of his/her disbelieve. All the people I’ve known that have died were believers and strict Christian adherents, as such is their death equally as a result of their unbelief?

They mentioned famous unbelievers like John Lenon, but they failed to narrate that John Lenon was assassinated by a Christian extremist who said he was doing the “WORK OF CHRIST” by killing John Lenon. Nigeria’s famous preacher, Kumiyi lost his wife to death, Archbishop Benson Idahosa died in the middle of a healthy conversation with his visitors, A pastor in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria, by name Pastor Justus died while he knelt down to pray on the church pulpit, a popular Rev Uma Ukpai lost his Kids in a car accident that fell into a river from the bridge, Late Prophet Ajanuku, Late Rev Danny Kirk, and the other countless unpopular believers, etc the list is endless. I am mentioning these people with no intention to mock them or their family, but to educate the ignorant Nigerians and many other religitards across the globe that death is no respecter of any man and mortality is real. If these things had happened to an atheist or unbeliever, they would have said it is “GOD’S WRATH”. It is absolutely iniquitous and crass coquetry in archaic guff for anyone to attribute an ill-fate or death of anyone as a result of disbelief or belief in a deity. I tender my unreserved reverence to the dead and the families of the above mentioned names.

The life expectancy rate of Nigeria where 94% of its citizens believe in God is 53years and the life expectancy rate of a country like Japan where only 4% of its population are certain in the believe of the existence of God is 83years. They should be asking their God why an average Japanese live longer than a Nigerian.

One is moved to assume that religion magnifies the negativity in an individual. It either makes the person vacuously lumpish or self-righteous which equates to legitimate wickedness, bad attitude and hateful of others who don’t share in his/her buffoonery. As a matter of fact, statistics provided shows that the life expectancy of a religious individual and country is relatively slim compared to the irreligious and liberal nations and individuals.




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