WITCHES, WIZARDS, DEMONS: The Suffocation Of The Innocent and The Unpopular

Man boasts of himself as a superior animal because of his unequal sapient grey matter which other beasts do not possess. Much is said about the evolution of man from the earliest homonids through to the homo sapien, but very little of man’s character can be shown to truly possess these claims which would have completely separated him from his neighbors in the ecosystem.

While man stands tall in the chain of intelligentsia in the animal kingdom, his inherent beastly nature has survived through the timeline of Homo rhodesiensis till date. His cruelty, predatory instinct and jungle aggression is very much alive. Rather than die, they has evolved into superiority, compared to his contemporaries in the ecosystem.

The crave to conquer is intrinsic, as such, the myth of race and blood was born. And out of an exaggeration of boisterous impulse to rule over his fellow men, man bore the ignorance of the belief that whatever is eccentric and incomprehensible to his norm, belongs to the purgatory, so much that it led to invention of adjective like DEMONIC, SATANIC, WITCH, WIZARD, etc, just to name a handful.

On the issue of race and racism, this beastly instinct aroused the inanity of man, that is what led the White supremacist to assert that the blood of a negro is different from that of the blood of a Caucasian. this popular prejudice led the American red cross to declare that the blood of a Negro should not be transfused to the white patient. After so much battling, such myth was dismissed by physiologist that there is no disparity between the blood of the Negro and the Caucasian, and such twaddle was reduced to to near comatose.

Still in his ignorance, man was led to assume that certain illnesses were related to DEMON POSSESSION, among this included epilepsy, other forms of seizures and all mental illnesses. People who suffered mental illnesses were believed to be tormented by evil spirits, so much so that the idea that if the patient was tortured so horribly, the demon tormenting him will flee was born. King George III suffered a great a torment of this idea to no fruition.

The Inane superstitious revelry of man has refused to die despite in this age of great scientific exploits and knowledge, such that this Son Of David right here has equally been a victim of such vacuous cluelessness of a relative and was labelled a WIZARD, OCCULTIST, etc, and the reason was rather a great comic to me instead of an aggression. For I sympathize with the superstition of the mediocre, for I was once in the echelon through childhood programming.

Amongst the several curate’s egg that is common in man; insecure, fearful, selfish and egotistic are leading the creature’s top adjectives. The insecurity of man in his ignorance has led man to create brands for things and phenomenon that is beyond his comprehension as DEMONIC, WITCHCRAFT, SATANIC, etc.

In the 15th to 17th century in Europe, haggard-looking women and especially when they appear to be tortured by the ill-favoured looks that accompanies old age, were often tagged witches. The old and the frail were not alone in this victimization, the woman who were unlucky to be gifted with least of the mirror admiration were joined in this unleash on witch-hunting. In some cases the suspects were tied and dropped into a well, if they float, they are not guilty of witchcraft and if they don’t, they’re burned at stake or fed to the gallows.

One may argue this was the mentality of the uncivilized in the age of primitivism. That is correct, but in a candid way, this particular stupidity and ignorance of men has equally evolved alongside the timeline of history into today’s so called civilization, which I’ll tame as THE CIVILIZATION OF STUPIDITY AND IGNORANCE.

While I may not speak in good knowledge of authority of the happenstance of other regions and geographical landmass, but in my African region, the superstition of DEMONS, WITCHCRAFT is a living reality. Unlike the 15th century zealots who mainly targeted the old, the innocent and harmless kids are now the witches and wizards. Child-witchcraft begets child abuse and child torture. Children, mainly from the poor background are being lined-up in churches and worship centers for confessions and exorcism.

People have suffered so much in the hands of this incubus called ignorance which is chiefly administered by religion. Yours sincerely, has been labeled a wizard, occultists and a portentous ritualist by extended relatives and one time friends simply because the mind of the mediocre which has refused to be opened to recognize substance from superstition and art from fart. When man doesn’t understand a thing he either demonizes it or creates his version of reason which falls short of scientific explanation and thus, the birth of superstitions. This is not new and it will never cease to happen, and this trend led Albert Einstein to echo “GREAT MINDS HAD ALWAYS MET VIOLENT OPPOSITION FROM THE MEDIOCRE”. The curse of having a reasonable mind is that you’ll be inundated with paroxysm of the mediocre who are mostly in large population.



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