Jesus Is Not Alive


Continuation of GOD IS DEAD….

“GOD IS DEAD”, Said the famous German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. The assertion threw the religious into tantrums. Why get paranoid when you can easily disprove? Why feel uneasy when you’re on the side of truth? If God was evidential and alive, no one would have opted to declare such. Barrack Obama who is the president of the United States is evidentially alive and there is no argument on his existence. Nobody will come-out to say Obama is dead, when he is right in front your TV screen every day.

Nobody argues about the authenticity of a living thing or a man. The religious struggles so hard to make a case about the reality and authenticity of their God(s). This ought not to be so, for the proof of the existence of a thing is in its glaring existence. The proof of the life of a thing or a being is in its living and breathing. America doesn’t run around to prove that their President is not dead.

When the late Nigerian president Umaru Yar’adua was in a long comatose and near dead status, his relatives and the oligarchy that benefited from his government struggled so hard, running around to prove that he is in fettle. The reason why they did this was because the urge and psychological guilt surrounding his health and consequently the question of his constitutional eligibility to continue in the office of the President had an unbearable weight against them. As such, the natural drive to assuage oneself from cognitive guilt and dissonance was raged.

The fact that the religious runs around shouting “Jesus is alive”, speaks volumes about the eligibility of the life or existence of Jesus. Nobody runs around screaming “GRAVITY IS ALIVE”, neither would anyone see a group of scientists holding a seminar or some crusade tagged “PROTONS, NEUTRONS AND ELECTRONS ARE ALIVE; ACCEPT THEM TODAY”. The fact that Jesus is not here to speak for himself, at least show himself briefly on camera and tape that he is alive, is the reason the religious struggles so hard to prove he is alive or disprove he is not dead. That natural guilt that he is dead has aroused the desire to assert and that he is alive. Nobody runs around to convince people that a person who glaringly exists is alive. I don’t have anyone running around to preach that I am alive. If I am alive, I live and everyone knows that, if I am dead, I need not struggle on that one, for silence, invisibility, and absolute stillness is the property of the dead, and when you make those comparisons to all deities and gods, they fit perfectly into it than a dead man.

Culled from “Deities and Fantasies” by Imoh “Son of David”


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