The Charley Boy Versus Governor Rochas Okorocha Show

In time past it was regarded as impossible for a governor to be arrested in the territory I was thrown into by nature; Nigeria. The thought that the Inspector General of Police can be arrested and jailed was as feasible as the thought that a pastor can refuse calling for a Sunday service offering. It was good as a myth to conceive the possibility that a Senator can be charged for corruption, that high level government officials and contractors can be brought to book and demanded accountability. It was just too difficult to imagine happening in the Nigerian territory because of a long standing culture of impunity. Corruption and the law had a special inseparable relationship like milk and tea, Pastor and offering, fish and water.

But one day, a man came to feed us with a different reality. He contrasted our reality and began a wild conflict with the status quo. Through him, it was introduced into our reality that an Inspector General of police could be handcuffed in the glaring view of the parrots. Governors were arrested, tried and jailed, the guilty legislators joined the criminals behind bars, Ministers, top office holders were given reception and reservation in the custody of “special landlords”. His feats, however controversial, but it was short-lived. The man Nuhu Ribadu showed us that it is possible to go to jail for stealing public funds and we now know it is possible.

Nuhu Ribadu cannot be accorded with warmth in such a place where disorder was the order of things, a land where corruption sacked conscience and to not loot in office is to not love your friends and family. He was refused a soft landing; you cannot undertake the feat of trying to educate a pig with cleanliness without her smearing some dirts on you. Nuhu Ribadu learned this in the hard way. We all know his ordeals, he escaped assassinations. For if he was not attempted to be assassinated, it only meant he never did fought any war on corruption. But he was fortunate; he escaped to a faraway land where he could gasp a breath of fresh air. That man remains the most unappreciated public servant in the history of this nation. 2011, Nuhu Ribadu gave the Presidential sit a shot after his return from exile. But we know the fate of men who register enmity with the enemies and the assailants of the people; neither the people whom they desire positive change for or their assailants will grant them easy favour. Not in a place like my country, Nigeria.

Yes his methods were controversial but successful and reputable when he was the helmsman. In our vary eyes, the commission and vision which he led is now a harlot in the arms of pot belly voracious men. The fearful dog which once barked and everyone took cover is now sick of toothache and of course she has weak bones. We await her burial next year.

Not to be distracted by the revocation of Nuhu Ribadu’s tale and the fall of the commission he presided in sweet old days. I am most keen on the Charley boy versus Governor Rochas Okorocha of Rivers State. Charley Boy, the son of the late judicial luminary, Justice Oputa, I learned “embarrassed” the governor at his father’s burial. As reported in the Nigerian Media, he sauntered to the podium where the governor was granted speech and snatched the microphone from his hands, insisting on the protocol that no politician be allowed to speak in his father’s burial. What I am disturbed is what the media defines as “EMBARASSING”.

Just the other day, the convoy of Speaker of the House was insisted to follow protocol on the routine security check at the venue he was billed to speak. In trying times like this where bombs can set-off anywhere and masked men with destructive tools are having their fill, the sight of embarrassment is myopic in the oversight of security. How is the Security operatives insisting on doing their job an embarrassment? What if the Speaker’s car was wired with explosives and unknown to him? Won’t it be a bigger embarrassment if he walked past security operatives just because it was the Speakers car and then later on it is everywhere in the news? I think we deserve what we are getting in this nation. Very terrible to read that he was tendered an apology from one of the “ogas on top”. To insist on protocol is now something to apologize to? We are a sorry bunch, I am shamed.

Back to Charley boy and the Imo State governor. Charlie Boy like Nuhu Ribadu has began a new trend which I hope will soon be followed. The insistence on protocols is not an embarrassment unless to those who had no intention to respect protocol. Besides, Charley Boy is conveying the irritation of the ordinary Imo citizen. They are all angry with their governor whom they call “The Emir of Imo”. To be given such a title to portray the despotism as democratically elected governor, is a horror. If the microphone can be snatched from him, it is only symbolic of the impatience of the Imo citizens to snatch his tenancy at the government to another man. When protocol is broken, it must be corrected. Failure to do that is to open doors to mediocrity and disorder, and Charlie boy shut the door at executive disorder; it is not an embarrassment.

People want to get things right in this country. Nobody wants to be accorded some special sympathy to act without check mate. Leaders must be put on order when they misbehave; that is democracy. Well done Charley, well done Imo state, may this fire of revolution never be apologized for or quenched.

God Does Not Answer Prayers

In my toddler age, I think it was in my primary 5 which is the equivalent of America’s 5th grade. Prophet Abraham, a preacher whose clientele my parents patronized then, on a certain evening as I remember vividly after doing what priests do when they visit homes that grease their palms and oil their feet with that one paper which God insatiably craves from the pocket of men, a young lad which I was, had something for the prophet to tender to the sky council.

Galloping in the traditional style of a young chap, I confronted him at the door as he was about to dust his feet with the brown envelop that bore the “happy paper” that pleases both Gods and men, gifted to him by my father. I asked with optimism that the man of God lay hands on me and call on God to make me earn the 1st position in my class as we were about to begin our first term exams the next morning.

True to my desire, he wasted no time in pouring his heart out to the heavens. His voice so loud that if God was asleep, he would be awaken with the “sherimamama kantadum” the man of God was thundering into the air. Now I am an adult, I understand the brief drama he displayed is the famous permissible absurdity in oral gibberish, called “speaking-in-tongues”. Besides, I have come to understand that the package gifted by my father must have aroused such a vociferous passion in the man’s prayer to his God, who is most effective when coin is involved. Just ask the pastorpreneur.

After the lengthy prayer, I was glad and of course so sure that God will grant as the prayer submitted. That prayer was too passionate and compelling for God to ignore, I thought. Soon after his leave, it dawn on my toddler mind that perhaps some other kid in my class could have prayed to God the same prayer and that I am not the only kid smart enough to embark on appealing to skydaddy for an unequal academic progress. Like a typical child, turning to my parents to bail my suspicion, I asked: “If everyone prayed to God to take the 1st position in my class, who will God answer?” I am not sure of the reply I was given, my memory tape experiences some distortion here, but I’m sure it can never be anything close to reconciling satisfaction and reason into intercourse.

Did God make me take the 1st position? You may inquire. We honestly know the reputation of God in answering prayers, mine couldn’t afford such immunity from his omni-snobbery. Too bad the wailing of his priest was not convincing to his omnipotence and benevolence. Or perhaps the white-bearded genie was irritated by the gibberish the preacher was spitting into his celestial exile palace.

“Joshua must have prayed to God earlier”. “There is a type of way he prayed to God to answer him”, I struggled with my childish dissonance as I clutched the 10th position while looking enviously at Joshua who had what God refused to grant me. To bail my childish dissonance, Joshua was quizzed by this Son of David:
“How did you pray to God to take the 1st position?” “I did not pray, I read my books”, he defended. “Then your Daddy or pastor prayed for you”, I suspected aloud. “My Dad does not go to church and we do not have a church or a pastor”. It turned out that Joshua had a higher IQ than the rest of us and that was the God that answered his prayers above mine; “wishful thinking”.

God does not answer prayers. There is no old man in the sky that grants anyone’s desires. Even if the entity’s existence should be excused briefly, the probability of him answering prayers are relatively and directly proportional to one’s hardwork, skill, money, resources, opportunity, etc just to list a handful.

If three individuals say A, B, and C prayed to God for a car, say a Range Rover automobile valued at $70,000. If Mr A has an annual income of $150,000, Mr B an annual income of $5,000 and Mr. C $75,000. Amongst these three praying men, which of them is likely to own the Range Rover car? Mr A will acquire it more easily than the other praying men. But Mr C through savings can acquire the Range Rover but we cannot attest same for Mr B. God will answer the prayers of Mr A abruptly and it is not the imaginary sky genie we are talking here, but his income and savings is that God which granted his prayers. Assuming there is a fourth man Mr D who does nothing, earns nothing but prays and fasts day and night, how will God answer his prayers? Perhaps he assumes some Range Rover will be delivered from the celestial courier to his doorsteps. Mr D’s prayer falls on deaf ears; he has no God. For the God who would have answered his prayers, is not in his possession and that God is called Money or Income!

This is what my religious African brothers are blind to. They pray all day and night, producing nothing and yet suffer greatly because they expect an invisible man in the sky to miraculous create luxury for them. This to me is the most terrible fantasy to befall anyone, be it a group or an individual. If America, the world’s most powerful nation should go to war with my country, Nigeria; the most religious territory on earth. If America should pray to God for victory in war and Nigerians do same, who will God answer? Isn’t it the one with the higher fire power? Perhaps if Japan, a largely irreligious nation should go to war against Nigeria, who will emerge the victor? Japan doesn’t pray but Nigeria prays, who will be the one to suffer colossal damage to defeat? Nigeria’s fire power is inferior to that of the Japanese, we need no lengthy debate to know whose side the coin of victory will be.

If God hears not the prayers of the religious Nigerians and accord the largely irreligious Japanese military triumph over Nigeria, does it not show that God is on the side of the man whose abilities and resources will make his work easier? How can we truly say that God answers prayers when it is the resources of men that speaks depending on how it is employed?

Culled From ~THE ULTIMATE CURSE ON MANKIND~ by Imoh “Son of David”

The Sad Case Of Mubarak Bala: When Lunatics Run The Asylum

Mubarak Bala, I’ve never met him, but an ex-muslim he is, as I learn from mutual friends who speak highly of him. The story to be succinctly put is that Mubarak Bala is declared mentally unstable and then incarcerated in a psychiatric ward because he does not believe in Allah or any other any other fancy sky characters which men insist must exist for other men to be deem morally and mentally fit. A victim of the evil-headed monster, religion he has become, which has preyed on the sanity, lives, and properties of men since time immemorial.

All voices for his freedom has fallen on deaf ears, for he lives in the most religious and ruthlessly corrupt of nations on earth; Nigeria. I share the same territory with him likewise the same sentiment tagged malady; atheism, as such, my sympathy for this young man is deep and my anger and irritation for such evil in a place where my habitation lies is beyond the limits of my pen.

When I began debunking my childhood beliefs and defaecating it’s final remains, I was tagged mentally unstable by acquaintances and strangers alike. “How can you say God does not exist? You are mad! You need help!” They declared. Soon afterwards when the cheap prognosis couldn’t do no good, they graduated to “You’re the anti-christ”, “You’re possessed”, “You’re working for satan”, etc. Again after that one became over the hill, they coughed out a new one which I am currently dabbling with: “Keep your believes to yourself and let us believe what we want to believe”. Not too eager to declare my safety in the hands of my social doctors and arbiters, but unlike my brother Mubarak Bala, I was excused with the indulgence of exercising my “madness”.

Mubarak Bala unlike me may not be lucky to be in the same environment or afforded the same freedom as I did. Unlike me, he is an Islam apostate and we all know that one is more likely to be killed by a muslim for debunking Islam than to be knocked down by car on the Highway. Mubarak is a victim and nobody cares because he is an atheist and of course living in the most religiously ruthless nation on earth.

Nobody cares because it is not tagged a boko haram attack. Perhaps it is when 276 girls are abducted that people begin to know what is evil. They do not know that abducting the sanity of man and illegitimately putting him in incarceration because of his harmless sentiments is greater an evil than the former. Those terrorists who abducted the 276 girls do so to correct what they deem as insanity; their belief in a ruthless attempt to replace in the minds of the abducted girls and others their perceived sanity. But obviously they think not so because the abductors of Mubarak wear not a mask and hold no guns. But what do the abductors of Mubarak Bala and Boko Haram have in common?

-They both abduct a free man
-They do so without his permission
-They deny the abducted contacts with outsiders
– They think they are right
– Above all, they believe in God and probably do it out of the love of God. However, the love of this their sky character is above the love of a real human even if it means to destroy another human to glorify their imaginary sky character, they will do it with ease as they have done to Mubarak Bala. The truth is, the abductors of Mubarak Bala, like Boko Haram and other terrorists need the confinement of the psychiatric ward and the denial of robust inhabitation with fellow humans more than Mubarak and the Chibok girls. They are the real mad people who need the psychiatrists and of course a date with the law. But in this case, the lunatics are the ones running the asylum, who is safe?

Those who keep silent over such turpitude and perhaps find it permissible or look away whispering silently in their hearts “afterall it is an atheist”, “What is my business? “He is no friend of mine”. One day it can come to you, because you should not consider yourself safe if you live in a world where people deem it comfortable to incarcerate a man because he does not have the same imaginary friend as they do, perhaps you may call it God. But of course you may find it well if you do have this imaginary friend. But do not be quick to forget that those with imaginary friends are not even living peacefully with their comrades and camaradie of imaginary friends fans. You are not safe either, your imaginary friend patron will one day incarcerate you for not dancing as he does to his own. Oh! I forgot you guys are already doing that. But please FREE MUBARAK and KEEP YOUR IMAGINARY FRIENDS OUT OF PEOPLE’S SANITY!!! I charge all reasonable people wherever you are, that we should rise up and speak vehemently against such crass turpitude! Lunatics ought not to run the asylums as donkeys ought not to teach poetry. Evil minded people cannot be judges and arbiters of the faith of others; neither man nor property can be afforded immunity in their eyes. #FREEMUBARAKBALA #ImohSAIDSO