There Is No Such Thing As God’s Wrath

An African lady somewhere in the most religious terrains on earth, Nigeria is vexatiously triggered to the extreme. “What vexes her to emulate the emotions of a volcano?” If you care to ask. Whether a photo-shop creation or real, the picture of Miley Cyrus’ stage show, twerking on a bearded man hanged on cross arouses her belligerence to high heavens. “Jesus, you have insulted” she lashed-out at this Son of David whose only act was to click the “share” button as designed by Mark Zuckerberg’s digital addiction. “You can say anything but don’t say anything against the Son of God. God does not tolerate it!” She continued.

Which other God is angry here than the shrew? Jesus you haven’t seen. His photo, he never awarded the camera at anytime (even if he existed). His portrait painting exists not, for he was not a client of any artist. The road to your village in Nigeria, he has never set his feet on. But you are here in 2014 assigning to him images and feelings thereof.

Isn’t it comic that people who declare that a being whose long list of “OMNI” virtues which includes omnipotence, turn around to babysit an omnipotent? Who is the Jesus or God here that is offended? The religious lady or the white-bearded poster guy?

God is the alter-ego of men, I will always repeat. What irritates a man, irritates his God. Isn’t it awesome that men who endorse themselves titles of “Men of God” always have their desires and wishes on the same dining table with that of God? When the preacher wants to demand for his wages, it is God’s Offering and tithes. When the preacher wants to set-up his business, it turns out to be God’s house or church project.
The desires and wishes of the religious cannot be in conflict with that of his God, and his anger has it’s tail end knotted on the neck of his God. Such that wherever his emotions ambles to, he drags his God along and whenever his God is involved, his emotions will surely be a guest.

The religious and his God are one and the same. A proud religious man will have a proud God, just irk his ego and you’ll hear him confess his God in haughty verbiages. A humble and nice man will have a humble and nice God. The hypocrite, an hypocritcal God. The violent, a violent God. The Jihadist and Muslim God is very profound in this. Isn’t it amazing that, when a Mohammed’s cartoon is published, it turns out that the patronizers of this God are enraged because, according to them the ego of this God has been shagged. If you live in a territory where these particular God fans occupy alongside, you know you are in for the heat even if the cartoonist resides in planet Mars. All the enraged Muslim God desires is the destruction of lives and the properties of the non-believer.
Should it be regarded as coincidence that a lot of them who happen to be fatuous-headed all have dumb-ass Gods? Like calling the earth flat, disagreeing with scientific facts and evidence, etc. Dumb people, have a dumb-ass God. That is why the God of the pantheist is more intelligent, practical and humanitarian than that of the religious.

God is the alter-ego of man. Never a time has any man seen the skydaddy drop from the skies thundering in anger, sending a protest letter or announcing an act of provocation. It is always men who are sure of what angers God. God has never told me he has an axe to grind, neither has he sent a letter of warning to me. But men are always in this business. When they are irritated by yours truly, it translates that God is angry. In many instances they rain curses and bitter words calling it “God’s wrath” which happens to be their wishes and magical imaginations of harm on me.

There is no such thing as the wrath of God, dear God’s anger messengers, I hate to break. That phrase “wrath of God is simply your imagination at it’s wildest irritation and in quest for some magical homicide on a person or object that desecrates your fantasies. The wrath of God is a page of an imagination occupying your overall house of fantasy. That is to say; it is an imagination of your imaginations. Wake up!

By Imoh “Son of David”


2 thoughts on “There Is No Such Thing As God’s Wrath”

  1. “God is the alter-ego of men, I will always repeat. What irritates a man, irritates his God.” That explains all the violence and destruction happening in the world.

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