Uncle Sam And His Love For The Cemetry

I usually wail about the doltishness in my country and crass ineptitude of the politicians. But when I look at the American society and politicians, my burden is made light as I’m certainly convinced that stupidity is a mother of diverse children; but her American offspring to me is a hybrid of another level of stupefaction.

America has turned asininity into a carnival, and led by their thick-headed politicians mostly from the bandwagon tea-party and the republicans. Like seriously, I don’t just get it! People get killed everyday by trigger-happy psychos including kids and yet all they can recommend is “Give people more guns” and problem will be solved.

Some people disagree saying; isn’t this madness? This is happening due to the fact that we have too many guns in the streets? Take the guns out of the streets and there will nothing for some psychos to lay their hands on. Why should a civilian be in possession of military style assault rifles and guerrilla weaponry? Who do they want to use it on? Then the respondents will say “they are protecting themselves”. But from who? They say they are protecting themselves from other Americans carrying guns. Others say they are protecting themselves against the government.

To a stranger like me all I wonder is “Is this an American mentality?” Do Americans go around killing themselves that they have to excuse wielding military grade weapons for protection? But then, I hear the whisper of Iraq and the daily onslaughts on the American streets. After all the glorious Republic was founded on the blood and the mass execution of the defenseless and innocent who were the owners of the land. “Americans, know Americans better”, I tell myself.

America is home to the largest cases of homicide. While love ones weep as they take their offspring to the cemetery, the gun merchants smile to the bank and the next day, they make a toast with their Republican accomplice. The miracle here is that, the victim of this madness, will again vote his oppressor into power. All hail Capitalism! We hail the Uncle Sam morality.

And then they’ll have the effrontery to label my country corrupt?

By Imoh “Son of David”

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