Still Waiting for The Anti-Christ?

I don’t know why people still hold the fancy view and pious fear of End time. When you ask an “end time” monger, they won’t fail to fill your ears with the news of earth-quakes, plane crashes, wars, etc. This is what happens when people are taught Abrahamic curriculums in school rather than science subjects.

Anyone who was taught Geography in school should understand the causes of earth quakes, and other natural disasters. But even if you were not taught. Such information of simple scientific explanation is fraught everywhere; for starters use a search engine and bail yourself from myths. It is unforgiveable to market tales of natural disasters as some divine syndrome of an “end”.

There is no such thing as an end time. Time has no end! Put your mind to rest.
Wars did not begin today. As a matter of fact your “end time” literature has contributed to almost all wars fought in recorded history of mankind, and time has not ended. From the earliest battles in ancient Mesopotamia till today’s wars of Isreal and palestine, since the dawn of time war has always had a significant place in history. And people mostly fought over nonsense.

Let me give you a run down of some wars in mankind’s history:

When Napoleon was on conquest he launched what became the Napoleonic wars (1803- 1815). Guess what, your sky crew back then called him the anti-christ and the beast and all that. That one passed.

We had the Spanish-American War in 1898. The still cried endtime and it passed.

World war I came. They cried end-time.

Adolf Hitler was dissatisfied with the outcome so he began his own. He was believed with certainty to be the much expected anti-christ with the 666 mark. That one passed again.

The Vietnam war came. The said the same thing.

George Bush came at Iraq. Christians were certain the he was the anti-christ.

Now they said is Barrack Obama. We know he’ll soon pass the baton to another person you people will deem fit to appoint as your new anti-christ.

Meanwhile they have been accusing all the popes to be the anti-christ. Even T.B Joshua is called anti-christ lol. Chris Angel, Christopher Hitchens, Dawkins, Sam Harris, George Carlin all anti-Christs, damn! My humble self, I have not been excluded from the anti-christ crew.

When will you people ever stop to carry-over this endless history of end-time delusion and anti-christ paranoia? 2014 and you are still shopping for an anti-Christ and certain about an end-time? What do you put in your water that feeds you with this craze?

By Imoh “Son of David”

2 thoughts on “Still Waiting for The Anti-Christ?”

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