Ridicule Of Heaven

Just a quick question. Excuse my curiosity, for it is God’s doing . I want to ask, the sky specialists and paradise landlords these few questions:

1 – If an 11 year old child dies and he/she did not give their life to Christ, where will they end; heaven or hell? Bear in mind that some 11 year old kids begin masturbating and having infantile relationships.

2 – If an 11 year old child should go to heaven will he or she remain an 11 year old for eternity? This leads to my sub questions on this:

A- if a man should die at 110 years and makes heaven, will he still have the physiology of a 110 year old with a walking stick in heaven?

B- If he will be made young again in heaven, what age and look will Sky-daddy give him?

C- If a pregnant woman dies alongside with her baby and go to heaven, will she still be everlasting pregnant? Or will she give birth to the child in heaven? If the child will be born in heaven, will the baby grow up or will she forever remain an everlasting suckling?

3 – People who are separated from their love ones in hell, those of them in heaven will they cry about such an eternal loss or in heaven there are no feelings of pains, as such they’ll all be in an eternal praise singing forgetting they have siblings, spouses, kids, friends burning in hell?

4 – Will people still have certain body parts in heaven, like the penis, anus, vagina, middle finger, etc. If yes will the penis, anus and vagina still function normally? If yes, will people be farting, urinating, masturbating, having sex? My bad, I forgot the Koran says that in the Islamic heaven, there will be an ever erect penises and appetizing vaginas. But can we say same for the Christian/Jewish heaven?

A- assuming people fart in heaven, will it be a sin to fart before the throne of God?

B- for the Islamic heaven: Will it be hallal to rub your clitoris and stroke your penis in front of Allah?

C- If one should raise his middle-finger in front the throne of sky daddy, will it be blasphemy?

D- If there will be no function for those body parts in heaven, then what is the use of having them and not putting them to use in heaven?

5- will there be separation and boundaries in heaven. Let’s just say, a continent for Negroes, a section for Caucasians and another for Latinos and Asians or they will be coerced into one container?

6- Will the racists and supremacists in heaven be given a change of heart and mind in heaven to coexist peacefully with other races in heaven?

7- I heard there are servants and gate-men in heaven. What colour are these servants in heaven, because all I see are pictures of caucasian winged angels. I have never seen an Asian-looking angel with wings on photos.

8- If I ask God questions in Heaven will it be called blasphemy?

Answers please….

Culled from “Deities and Fantasies” by Imoh “Son of David”

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