How tolerant is your ideology

The true nature of an ideology is best known when it is subjected under the knives of scrutiny and ridicule. It is not enough to label an ideology “religion of peace”, “gospel of salvation”, “truth”, etc without allowing her to be interviewed. It is not done that way, dear people of faith.

Let us put them to practice:

Islam: What will happen to you if you enter a mosque or a Large muslim population to say “Mohammed is a paedophile and schizoprenic”, “an apostle of terror”, etc. Oh! That’s too far. What about drawing a cartoon of Mohammed? What will become of you? What reception will those who say “It is a religion of peace” accord this? Do we need to remind ourselves of the bloody history of scenarios like this?

Christianity: If you show a Christian, the parallel between the Jesus character and Horus, Dionysius, Mithra, etc. How will they react. For an ardent Nigerian Christian: “God punish you”, “Do not test the wrath of God!” If you tell a Winners chapel Christian that their Bishop Oyedepo slapped a poor lady on camera for saying “I am a witch for Christ”, defrauds people of their coin in the name tithes, seeds and offerings, how will they react? Assuming you thunder this in a winners church service, won’t the ushers and the church members beat the shit out of you after gifting you with curses?

Science: If you walk into a NASA building and shout “Only fool believes the big bank theory”, there is no planet like Mass, the earth isn’t spherical, etc. Will you get shot or beheaded? Will scientists at NASA scream blasphemy? What will they do? They’ll accord you a board, a pen, a paper and ask for your evidence. When you cannot provide it, they snob you and use you as an theoretical exhibit of ignorance. If you tell scientists that the likes of Newton and Einstein are fraudulent and foolish, will scientists declare jihad on you? Will they tell you “how dare you talk about a prophet of science that way?”

Atheism: if you tell an atheist he is a fool and he’ll burn in your flames of celestial conburstion, will he stab you to death screaming “Atheism akbar?” He will return the favor and explain how you are stupid for thinking there is an imaginary bearded man in the sky, using science, philosophy and facts to put your delusions on the right trajectory. Will he scream blasphemy?

Yes of course he can be arrogant and that is because nothing is so irritating like confidence in conscientious stupidity. But his aggression doesn’t cross the borders of ridiculing your egg emotions and tendering uncomfortable words into your ears. That is how far he accused arrogance can go.

Given the above submissions, I’m sure your religion and celestial ideology is peaceful, tolerant, evidential, and implores good sportmanship to scrutiny and ridicule. It must be better than science and atheism, right?

By Imoh “Son of David”


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