Papa Ayo Oritsejafor: The Spoilt child of a Religious Nation.

The story goes like this:

The Nigerian government wanted some cache of weapons in South Africa and so they borrowed Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor’s private jet. Probably because the self-acclaimed giant of Africa could not find a befitting aircraft amongst her fleets of military planes to transport the intended weapons for them, not even among the 10 private jets in Presidential fleet. It is Ayo Oritsejafor’s private jet that was the best. Maybe it is because his Private Jet runs on holy engines and is flown by angels.

Meanwhile, Ayo Oritsejafor did not know that the government intended to use his jet to buy weapons. He leased his jet to a 2nd person and the 2nd person leased to the 3rd and then the 3rd to the 4th (who happens to be 2 be an agent of the government and an Israeli with 10 million dollars). I get it, the unknown Israeli man told our government that they should rather buy weapons from South-Africa instead of his country, Israel, because it is better for SA to take the money than Israel who supposedly makes better weapons. So generous of the Israeli. So Israelis buy weapons for us. Military experts from our country did not have to follow to inspect the weapons and the inventory. Beautiful!

Also, the South African government was unaware that the Nigerian government was coming to buy weapons in their country. In their shock, they seized the jet and the money. Well, buying arms is more or less like buying noodles. Buying arms is now an Akara and moi-moi trade. It is not a serious thing and so, any government can walk into another country without informing the host country that they intend buying weapons in their country. So, a foreign government can just walk into another country like that, buy weapons and then off they go. And this is how the government of Nigeria have been buying weapons since 1960? Terrific! Shebi na me wan born Nigerian.

The words of Napoleon Bonaparte read: “I am surrounded by priests who repeat incessantly that their kingdom is not of this world, and yet they lay their hands on everything they can get.” That was in the 18th century that Napoleon struck such an observation. I wonder what he would have said if he were to be in Nigeria this day and met our pulpitarians who venture from the Pulpit to politics and now arms dealing. I do wonder sometimes, who wears more necklace; Lil Wayne or Rapper Ayo, sorry Papa Ayo? The unhealthy romance between the pulpitarians and polithiefcians is the result of this national ridicule of arms deal in our face. The private jet of our rap-star priest is used by a functional government to ship arms into the state. Does it mean that our national budget is decided in some Priest’s bedroom? When some illegality and crime is committed by a Priest, the government swiftly jumps into action to claim participation. These days I do not know the difference between PDP and CAN; PDP leaders sound like preachers. When they want to steal our money whether at the National Assembly or at the Executive council meetings, they begin with the statement”Let Us Pray”. Anytime you hear them chorus “Let us pray”, just know that somebody is about to be robbed. Is this democracy or theocracy?

It is no news that Nigeria is a nation of religious puppets, but for it to get to the level where our defense apparatus is part of an estate of a priest, then we are gone! Bye bye to our senses. The connection between a priest and arms dealing is miraculous. The parallel between the pulpit and military wares is epic, maybe it was needed to fight Satan since the “die by fire” prayers was not enough. It is totally understood.

Our polithiefcians and legislooters will always be safe and encouraged so far our minds are controlled by the priests. The priest is to the polithiefcian what the river is to a crocodile. Polithiefcians and priests complement each other in fingering the masses of their treasuries and resources into their personal coffers. They are comfortable colleagues in the field of con and theft.

In nations where polithiefcians are brought to book for malfeasance, priests are as significant in that clime like what a plate of egusi is to a Chinese man. But in nations where priests are accorded the luxury of breeding, corruption becomes their breast-feeding mother. No other place in the world where Priests are of national importance like Nigeria. The average Nigerian’s understanding of worshiping God is worshiping any man that calls himself “Man of God.” If I were the President of Nigeria, I’ll simply appoint a preacher as my minister of information and Presidential spokesman. Any time they speak, Nigerians will simply believe even when they know its a lie they’ll simply chorus “Don’t question the man of God.”

Dear Nigerians, if you cannot confront your priests, you will condone your polithiefcians and your nation will forever remain clowned! Anything or anyone that is barred from scrutiny have been given the license to commit fraud and crime freely. If Amaechi’s Private Jet was the one caught in South Africa, would the story and accusations have been different? Oh! The government grounded Amaechi’s Jet. But yet still, can the federal government hire River’s State Jet to buy arms in South Africa? Yes of course they will do it when Amaechi adds the title of a Bishop to his name. Hiring rapper Ayo’s Private jet was just a random coincidence. National security, we hail thy brilliance. Very awesome I tell you.

On the other hand, 12 Nigerian Army officers are sentenced to death and found guilty of mutiny while their GOC was simply retired.

First of all, I never knew that a criminal trial can be this fast in Nigeria. This is the quickest criminal judgment. What happened to the trials of EFCC cases on corrupt politicians and former governors? Is it after our great-grand children will die of old age that they will deliver the judgment? My country is amazing! If you want something to arouse your irritation, look no further, just start discussing Nigeria.

So, these 12 brave soldiers who were starved of their funds including military weapons by the government, suffered an embarrassing defeat in the hands of terrorists and lost their colleagues alongside battle just because some greedy Generals refused to do their works, and they are now found guilty of mutiny because they protested against the corruption and treason perpetrated by their superior. When exposing a crime is treated like a crime, then you are ruled by criminals.

If a General should starve soldiers of their weapons and allowances isn’t he committing mutiny? Trying to compromise the morale of soldiers and arousing their disaffection through a calculated decision of refusing to arm them is a treason and a mutiny against the state. The end result of this is the encouragement of high level treason against the state. What manner of justice is this? Aren’t they telling those soldiers that it would have been better they betrayed the state and fought for terrorists instead? Soldiers who fought for the state against terrorists are now rewarded with a death sentence, because they were disatisfied by the compromise of their GOC against the state. Anyone who deliberately takes an action to undermine the victory of the State in the fight against an external threat has committed treason and is planning mutiny, not the other person who is protesting against the person trying to undermine the victory of the state.

What are they teaching people here? That the reward of some top Chief conspiring against the state by starving the agents of government is retirement while those who aim to bring to light this conspiracy are punished by death. We are awesome!

So people who fought to protect the nation at the cost of their lives are rewarded with death? They did not die by the hands of Boko Haram but rather in the hands of the same people they were fighting. What a gratitude! Wouldn’t it better if they were terrorists and got killed by the government than to be an agent of the government and then ended up being killed by the same government?

Isn’t it awesome that men who stole billions in Nigeria are yet to be sentenced behind bars and some were granted Presidential pardon but those who put their lives at stake in the field are being rewarded with the grand prize of the gallows? In Nigeria, those who launder money and import arms in their private jets are not guilty of mutiny. What a nation! Are we not telling ourselves and others that it is profitable to be a big thief than the one revolts against big thieves?

Kill corruption, don’t killed our soldiers. They are already suffering enough in the battle field because of the senseless partisan politicians and corrupt statesmen hungry for power, don’t make it any worse. Free our soldiers! Reward them, don’t ruin them.

By Imoh “Son of David”


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