Nigerian Preachers: The Demons Bewitching Nigerians.

By Imoh David-twitter: @ImohDavid

In Nigeria, there are four rams, sorry arms of government: the ExecuTHIEVES, legislathieves, JUJUciary and the unofficially declared Priesthieves. All of them together make a clown out of our nation. They work unanimously in looting, defrauding, abusing and shaming the Nigerian citizens and the state in general. If they disagree between themselves they are merely aggrieved on who is having the biggest loot of the day, or how the man in charge goes about his looting and not because they wish to do anything better for the nation. In those days, we use to have the “Milithieves” but most of them decamped into executhieves since the era of “milithievery” was over.

The priesthieves are the unofficial arm of government in Nigeria. In Nigeria, we have the Aso Rock, National Assembly, the courts of Justice and finally CAN as the citadel that houses our officials. As a Nigerian of this age, if you do not know, please be informed that CAN is now an arm of the government that we have refused to recognize and acknowledge. What else can I say? If it is not an arm of government and the members (who are priests) are not senior government officials, how come they have security details with the size of that of state governors and their properties like private jets are used in the interest of national security like importing weapons unbehalf of the state for our protection? CAN even knows the sponsors of Boko Haram and the security chiefs do not know. Awesome!

In Nigeria, priests are given military protection and riot police personnels for theirs escorts; which other nation in the world practices this type of absurdity? Aren’t we so brilliant? We have nothing tangible to make use of our security personnels other than converting them to errand details of some men with the fraudulent title of “men of God”. We should be proud of our achievements. These men must be contributing so much to our national GDP.

What a nation puts so importance on defines and shapes her future. In the saner climes of planet earth, the government protect scientists, economists, policy makers and inventors. In those places priests are as useful a skate-board to an ijebu man. And we are still wondering why those nations are doing better than us? In those saner climes, when politicians are about to go for elections, they attach themselves to economists and policy makers that will develop seducing policies that they can appeal to the voters. But here, what does our politicians do? They kneel before priests so that we are convinced they have common sense. Like citizens, like their rulers. Every country deserves the type of leaders they have. Leaders are merely the manifestation of the mass intelligence and sentiments of a geographical clime. We should be proud of our sense of judgment and intelligence.

An average Nigerian who is likely highly religious is more concerned by the newspaper headline that reads “Pastor Adeboye prays for the President” than the one which reads “The President budgets 50 billion naira for education”. The later headline is lesser of an appeal to the average Nigerian. The religious Nigerian is of the cognition that once a man calls himself “Man of God”, it automatically makes him above the law, socially immune to discussion and criticism, and no matter what he is found guilty of he is certainly right. This is a blessing to the polithiefcian and the pastorpreneurs; they partner in looting the masses and continually aim to reduce their sense of reasoning.

Even in the days of old, Priests were of no good to anyone. Even the biblical Jesus disliked them. Unknown to the religious Nigerians, the character called Jesus was a rebel and not some gentle man. He disliked priests passionately. He fought for the poor and the oppressed and not be taking sides with corrupt politicians to milk the masses and that is why they killed the man. If Jesus was in bed with politicians of his time like how CAN romances with the government, who would have killed him? It was the Priests and politicians that conspired and killed Jesus in the bible. There is nowhere that Jesus spoke highly of Priests. He specifically called them “Brood of vipers”, “Deceitful people”, thieves, lying tongues, hypocrites, etc. who impoverish the people and take their moneys. This is what drove the man mad at the temple where he whipped all of them that were engaging in trade. Do you think that your pastorpreneur will not whipped by Jesus if he met them in Nigeria? He’ll set their private jets ablaze and burn their exorbitant schools down.

If he were to be a Nigerian in this age, Nigerian pastors and Nigerian Christian will hate him. And this is why: if you speak ill of pastors, the religious Nigerian will hate you whether or not you say the truth. In short they do not want to hear anything truthful. Just lie to them and tell them what they want to hear and they’ll call you man of God. Nigerian pastors will have hated Jesus if he was a Nigerian living in this age because he would have spoilt their tithe business. Here is what Jesus said to Priests and tithes in the bible (Matthew 23:23):

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint and dill and cumin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness….” I’m sure pastorpreneurs avoid reading passages like this to their sheeple.

Jesus spoke against injustice and defended the oppressed. Like the case of the woman accused of prostitution and wanted to be stoned to death- Jesus defended that poor woman. But in Nigeria, a man of Jesus slapped a poor woman for saying she “is a witch for Christ”. Let me ask you, would Jesus have slapped a woman for saying she is a witch for him? The man never slapped anyone, except for the truth he spoke against injustice. As a matter of Jesus was slapped by a priest in the bible just like how priests slap their sheeple.

John 18:22:

“When He had said this, one of the officers standing nearby struck Jesus, saying, “Is that the way You answer the high priest?”

Religious Nigerians would rather slap and fight another for speaking up against the fraud and lies perpetrated by pastorpreneurs like how Jesus was slapped by a religitard, saying how dare he speak to a priest that way. And this was Jesus’ response:

John 18: 23:

“If I said something wrong,” Jesus replied, “testify as to what is wrong. But if I spoke the truth, why did you strike me?”

If you are worshiping a God that hates people that express themselves and particular speak the truth, something is wrong with both you and that your God. You cannot be claiming truth and banning scrutiny at the same time; you are a fraud. Dear Nigerians, wake up and hold your priests to ransom; they must come with clean hands!

By Imoh “Son of David”

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