The Selective Condolence Of The Religious

I hate to do this….

But if Sam Harris, Stephen Hawkins or Richard Dawkins were to die in a fatal plane crash in the company of family, I am very sure that 98% of christian folks will accrue the fatality to some wrath from a white-bearded sky-landlord.

Even among their sky-colleagues, if say T.B Joshua should die from a plane crash, the set of religitards who are certain that T.B is a fake emissary of their sky-landlord will chorus the cause of such fatality to their own version of sky-daddy, say, God of Chosen, God of Catholic, Winners, etc and to the camel brigade “Allah akbhar” shall be the short chorus.

The other time some nit-wit was busy celebrating how his pastor escaped from an auto-crash unharmed. Months back, the religitard participated in the vendor of the popular text where famous atheists are listed to have died as a result of some Jewish genie’s anger against their anti-skydaddy rhetoric. Today, since Munroe is his icon of admiration, his tragedy becomes the “will of God”, “God gives and takes”, “A call to glory”, etc.

You can readily see that religion makes people selective bigots and all round idiots, no wonder it was recently said that religious fundamentalism will soon be classified as a mental illness.

If you are an adult and you haven’t noticed that life comes with a gift of tragedy and joy and no man chooses the scene to which his tragedy will be played especially the one that relates to death, then you are over-ripe for a claptrap award. If you agree with certainty that the demise of the preacher, Myles Munroe’s is a will of God (which is a good thing) and the demise of Hitchens, Lenon, Russell and any predicament that befalls an irreligious man is the craftmanship of some wrath of God, then you are a fundamentalist and you should be assigned an asylum.

The day religitard breeds will grow up to the confrontation that you were born to die one day and that day of death, no man determines not how it ought to be, then that will be the day you’ll realize that your imaginary will and wrath of God is less than a fable of a lunatic. Life comes with the bonanza of death, and like criminals awaiting trial, we try to evade the day of death whilst we struggle in vainity for it shall surely come. No wonder they console themselves with docile promises of everlasting and eternal life; sweet it is, so is the imaginations of a sky-wonderland, keep dreaming. Once you have come to peace with this, you will embrace humanity with humility and love peace while your hang around. There is no God that accords longevity, prosperity, protection, etc, deal with it and appreciate the short-life you will live.


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