“Dear Man, You Embarrass me”- God

In those days when men were highly superstitions, they gave in to anything to explain that which they were incapable of explaining by the standards of their ignorance at the time. Religion, came in for the rescue; to explain all things- the causes of things, their effects and even more promising and saultry ones. As such, religion became physics, biology, chemistry, medicine, astrophysics, Geography, astronomy, and even social sciences like Government, law, economics, sociology and a lot more.

Yes, men were satisfied with such standard of reasoning and explanation of things. Thus, the earth was flat, the rainbow is a bow of a covenant between God and man, God lives in the sky, the bat is a bird, epilepsy is a demonic attack, the sun moves, the stars hang on the sky, below the earth lies a torture durgeon for evil doers, sky resident winged beings called angels exist, fancy creatures like dragons, unicorns are for real, that God(s) are of two classes (the original and the fakes); the original is good and the fakes are bad to men, and there exist a life after death etc just to name a few.

Gradually, they graduated to explain the causes of events on earth. That suffering came from a pair of naked couple who had an interview with a talking snake in a garden on the subject of a forbidden fruit. That snakes crawl because of a meted punishment for a chat with a naked woman which led the consumption of a fruit, that the reason why women suffer painful labour is not far from same meted punishment but they forget that all mammals experience painful labour. They said the reason why men are born with some form of disabilities is because of the sins of their fore-parents.

They even went into the preference cuisine, with declarations that the consumption of certain meats is sinful because such animals are unclean, however, created by a clean God. That animals like cats, owl, dogs etc are most patronized by vile spirits for nefarious exercise.

However, they took it further to assign the division of the human race into a ” we versus them” contest. The “We”, are for those who believe and patronize the tenets of their fancies and the others were bashed into an office with label such as “sinner”, “infidel”, “unbeliever”, “devil”, “deceiver, etc. The “we versus them” creed was adopted to heart that men kill and are willingly to separate from their brothers simply on the ground of disparity of their acclaimed faith, but on the other hand, they waiver themselves as peaceful, good natured, reasonable, charitable and worthy of emulation. While they engaged in such, others equally concorted their own version of explanation of things and they all called it Faith, Truth or Belief. Men of faith, they called themselves. Respect my beliefs they never fail to chorus, but their belief is of the speciality of bloodbath, division, hatred, bigotry and accusations against all others but themselves. This, they say it is reasonable. The race of drumming affection for things they have no proof of except quotations from fancy books which they manufactured and finger as holy and not of finite volition.

However, this same literature of over-rated importance is fraught with all manner of absurdities and contradictions. Miraculously, they see them not even if it is pointed into their faces. “Die!” They chorus against the man who differ or loquaciously spots a gaffe. Men now love that which is a lie and are willing to slaughter their kind for the sake of literature. Love of God, they label it. And if you have no God, they chorus foolery but no evidence of wisdom is found whatsoever in their conduct of affairs or literature. Over-rated self importance and sheer cold heartedness wrapped with the cloak of brazen irrationality to all matters is their style. Man is a Fool, sayest the writer. What other class of beings destroy their species and environment because of his patronage of a being that cannot be shown to all? “You shame me oh man, for I exist only in your head”, says the man in the Sky, “Keep your own in peace, conduct your affairs for I have no interest of function with thee”, the sky-daddy says, but man heareth not….. What a foolish creature!

By Imoh “Son of David”


One thought on ““Dear Man, You Embarrass me”- God”

  1. @High Bishop Imoh David, this is nothing but pure enlightenment!!! Keep up the good work, for you are freeing people from “Institutionalized Illiteracy”!!!……………………………………….The nonsense that they teach kids about snakes losing their feet has been debunked, because even “boas” and pythons have feet!!!

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