To Hell With God’s Mercies!!!

The greatest turn-off to me in any human being whatsoever is a blatant disrespect and insensitivity towards the lives of other people. Once you do not regard human life as precious, priceless, powerful and holy, sorry you have earned not just my irritation but hatred.

And this is why I primarily hate religion- not their stupidity; I can put up with that, at least I have met more stupid people than the ones I consider brilliant. Not their hypocrisy- everyone can be hypocritical especially when their interest is at stake. Not their lies and delusion- you can stuck up with your garbage for all I care. But the one thing that pisses me off is their blatant insensitivity for lives and humanity which is what drove me to abandon religion. And I can abandon anything that is so in whatever way, even if it is a member of my family. Unless of course I am unaware of it. Yes, I am religious with my value for human life.

The only people I support to be killed are those who kill others and want to kill others. Yes, you deserve to die of you kill another human for no apparent reason, worst of all for religious, criminal or mob purposes. If such a person is brought before me, I’ll shoot him, because I know he can do same to me or any other person, so disappearing the vermin is for the greater good and my security. Yes, I said so and that I concur. So terrorists ought to be killed and eliminated for such waton bloody desecration of human life. Period.

But that is not where I’m driving at. It is something else.

When I was a child, during devotions I recall when those bigger than me use to say:

“Father, thank you for giving us life, for there are others who have died and are in the mortuary. We are not better than them, but for your mercies and blah blah blah”

As a young lad, I was vexed with disturbance on the meaning of such lines. “How can you say you are not better than them, when they are dead and you are alive and then say its God’s mercy that kept you?”

As young as I was then, can’t recall how old I was, but I could be picked up easily from the ground by an eleven year old, I did not find such utterance reasonable. So I kept mute with my confusion for fear of being chided, since I had a long history of suffering my elders around me with vexatious philosophy and questioning. “Imoh shut-up and stop asking questions”, they will thunder at this Son of David. So I kept quite and suffered with it within my young mind. I was a precocious child.

Even when I was a Christian, I never uttered those lines in prayers, it seemed very cold-hearted to me even though I believed a sky man managed the affairs of the blue planet. I simply said “Thank you Lord for keeping me”. I refused to do the mass utterance of comparism of tragedy and eruption of joy based on the predicament that befell others. I never did such as a christian.

There was a time my bus was attacked along Lagos-Shegamu highway and I fled into the bush, which led to the armed robbers pursuit of a treasure. While searching for me, I lay emotionless in the thick bushes and the armed man in search of me was a boot inch close to my head. He lost faith and turned around with his gun and machete. It was a close call to death, but I was lucky.

On passing the message to my pastor then, he pressured me to give a testimony that others may have be killed but I got away for God’s grace. I was unhappy to hear this because on my way back from Lagos on the same Shegamu express road, laid the body of a lifeless man. It could be me, why glory over another’s bad luck and mishap? If God’s grace could not reach him, then I have no reason to be grateful to one who could have extended same grace to the lifeless man on the same road but chose not to. It only means one day if he disappoints me with his so grace and appoints same to another, another will glory in my mishap, so no thanks.

“Sorry pastor, I’m not giving such a testimony” I told him on phone. The rest the say is history. To hell with God’s mercies!

By Imoh “Son of David”


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