Why Are Christians Afraid To Die?

Why are Christians always afraid of death?

Nobody prays against death like the apostles of life after death and candidates of sky palace with streets of gold. About to board a bus, they pray against accidents, on a flight, they pray against aircrash. Early in the morning, they pray against dying. In the church, they cast and bind untimely death. As a matter of fact to die early is an agony in the mind of the believers of life after death.

How can anyone dislike any circumstance that will unite them with their father? You don’t love your father or you don’t like where he stays or still you believe he doesn’t exist. These are the best possible answers ever.

I think sky-daddy will be feeling bad each time he hears his people pray to him to cancel any situation that will lead them to him.

It is not their fault. In the subconsciousness of the believer lies the picture of a boring, opera-styled environment with no Cable TV, Ipads, facebook, cars but horses, donkeys and most importantly, endless days of opera sing-songs to a white-beareded man on a throne for eternity. That is boring. Who will love such a place? No wonder they don’t want to die.

Perhaps they do not even believe it exists. Their pastors take it further by securing themselves with bulletproof cars and armed security men, in other to prevent any situation that can send them to the company of sandals-wearing men like Peter and Paul or goat skin wearing men like John the baptist and Elijah especially with beards that haven’t been shaved for centuries. Islam was smart to add virgins to make it lovely. Too bad that the Romans never thought of it.

Believing in life after death and then praying against death, is like going to school and refusing to graduate and doing everything possible to remain in school but at the same time telling everyone that the life of a graduate is better than that of a student.

By Imoh “Son of David”

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