Dear Africa, Your Over-Population Is A Curse And Not A Blessing

This African continent is so funny.

A couple that barely earns a reasonable income will mass produce children like chicken laying eggs. And the end result:

– Too many mouths to feeds in his house. And thus, Satan is to be blamed. Because it is Satan that asked him to multiply and fill the earth.

His solution:

Fasting and prayer. Giving more money from his tiny income to the pulpit parrot so that his income can miraculously increase. And when it doesn’t increase, it is the government or his witch mother in the village.

His Solution: More prayers, offerings and anointing water

– The children grow-up; no education, not enough food on their table.

Their Children’s solution:

They become armed robbers. Become thugs for politicians. Join streets gangs and cult groups. Join Boko Haram members to pour their frustration on others like we are responsible for their father’s generousity with his spitting penis.

The Children grow-up, repeat the same foolishness of their parents and keep the multiplication of the hazard going on.

These folks do not understand that the more populated a place is the more there will be more mouths to feed and thus the high prices of food. In a place like Africa where they import everything, almost, they would even import garri. They don’t produce anything. No technology to match their over-population.

To sum it up, they frown against abortion. They would rather give birth to a batallion of lifelings to come to earth and starve and suffer like everyone rather than prevent the multiplication of miseries.

And when all these sum up, they look for who to blame. And of course, we know their favourite blame icon.

By 2050 Africa’s population is calculated to be the highest on earth. What this means is that, it the place where most crime will be committed, illiteracy and hunger would be found. And don’t forget, ethnic and religious violence, because someone must always blame the other for their misery in Africa.

Had it been that they were like China who have technology, develop their economy and take viable measures to check their population growth, there would been some hope. But in this case, we are talking about people who’ll rather insemenate themselves, produce nothing, invent nothing, refuse to learn and think that by looking up in the sky and uttering some words called prayers, that it will cause some magic to happen.

And by 2050, the rest of the world will be done with their plans of shuting their borders from irresponsible intruders. Keep insemenating and multiplying yourselves, shebi Sky-Daddy commands so. I hope he has provided the jobs and land for your multitudes to occupy.

By Imoh “Son of David”

2 thoughts on “Dear Africa, Your Over-Population Is A Curse And Not A Blessing”

  1. Heheheheheh, and I thought I was the only one guilty of being *ranty* on my blog. What can I say? You are right about the issue. I understand your annoyance with “God’s Anointed” and their behavior, as they insert themselves into the making of Nigerian history. While I myself do utter words of prayer to a “Sky God”, I don’t take offense as I am coming from the side of Ifa. Please do feel free to defend “us” from those pastors who call us “fetish”. I would love to see what you can do with that subject. You always come up with a clever phrase that makes me laugh so hard I end up spitting all over my keyboard.
    “…like we are responsible for their father’s generousity with his spitting penis…”

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