Is Saudi Arabia Now A Territorial Moralist?

If you are a mistress to America, only then it is moral, legal and permissible to bomb another coutry including innocent civilians (women and children).

I cannot see the Saudi Arabia’s aerial bombardment in Yemen any different from Russia’s position in Ukraine. They both carry out actions in an attempt to unsit an illegitimate government by their own standards.

If I could recall vividly, Ukraine had a legitimate leader who was unceremoniously chased out of his country by the Western-backed delegates in Ukraine, all in the bid to reduce Russia and her league of allies to rumbles.

Russia, like Saudi responded in their own way. As a matter of lesser evil, Russia did not send their airplanes into Ukraine to bomb people like Saudi. They instead did what America is always doing- back-up their pro-nationalist and ideologist to “akbar” the perceived scumbags. And before you know it, the CNN and the global news channels came screaming that Russia has done the worst thing ever imagined in the history of territorial games. Russia was sanctioned. Thanks to “every-one-loves-uncle-Sam’s” league.

Israel is occupying another man’s land, Saudi Arabia is killing innocent civilians in an attempt to get rid of an illegitimate and coupist government, just like Russia, Uncle Sam and dem Mafia league, see nothing, hear nothing. Inshort, they see it in good light.

What is even amazing is how the Saudi accuses the Houthi rebels of human rights abuse. I don’t know whether to feel insulted or entertained. Uncle Sam keeps accusing Assad, China, Russia and Iran of human rights abuse. However, a night before they were in bed with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. And yet jumped past their bedmates to Libya and Iraq to give them democracy. If their democracy was that good, why didn’t they give it to their Bahrain and Saudi Mistresses?

Just few months ago their sweet opera of a media, The Economist endorsed a former dictator who benefited from a coup that unsitted a democratically elected government, and of course, a well known human rights abuser, with a phobia for Free Speech and Press, a Shariah enthusiast,etc. as the right person to lead my country. Few days weeks later the same band of western moralists were in the news talking about how the support of Shariah is babaric and undemocratic. Maybe their Mistress, Saudi Arabia supports a very democratic kind of Shariah, maybe the in-coming Commander-in-Chief of my country supports that same type Shariah. Maybe I am just a learner, I’m sure my expert teachers of Uncle-Samism, Politicking and international relations, know better than my big-mouthed self.

Anyway, when I grow up, I want to be like Uncle Sam. I am a honest and upright man, right?

By Imoh “Son of David”


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