It Is Floyd Mayweather’s Money and Not Yours!

I have read some people show a strong disapproval and an open irritation for Floyd Mayweather. This is mostly due to his arrogant and public wasteful life of display of luxury. They are right to express their opinion as much as Mayweather is of his own right do as he pleases with his hard-earned legitimate money. And the arguments I read on posts on these issues with accusations of hatred on the success of the man and a counter-accusation of the worship of luxury is funny to read.

I do not like the man but my reason for his dislike is solely based on his woman-beating issue and plus recently, I lost money because he won a man who relied more on praying than how to make other people’s money put on his head to count, and sadly that was the kind of man I put my money on. I wish I knew earlier that he was up against a prayer warrior in a boxing ring, I would have doubled my money confidently on Mayweather’s victory.

That’s by the way.

I think a man who rightly earned his money is free to do as he pleases with it so far he does not use it to sponsor crime, environmental degradation, terrorism and any form of evil. If a well earned living man chooses to waste his millions and billions of dollars on cars, jewelry or what have you, that is his business and not mine. Whether he chooses to give other people his money, feed the poor or sponsor anyone’s education, that is his own drift because it is his “legitimate” money.

Giving money to charity is an obligation of personal conscience and conviction.

The only people I have a problem with their wealth are the politicians, preachers and shady half-business half-political men. The ones we mostly call elites. The reason is because, it is not their money but other people’s money.

All things being equal, if the standard of true priesthood and statesmanship were to be abided by, according to the factual doctrine of politics and priesthood, politicians and priests are meant to be paupers of material evaluation.

They are only meant to be rich in their mind, intellect, selflessness, humility, service and honesty. But it is not so. These set of people we have here and in this age are against the original ideology of the greeks and other schools of thoughts on statesmanship and service. They are the richest, the most pompous, most greedy and selfishly deceitful of us all. Above all they the human sources of all problems in the society.

I can accept I am no good human being but when it comes to priests and politicians, I find myself as merciful, omniscient, holy of holies, and without blemish because these men are at the bottom line of morality and at the everest-peak point of immorality.

Please let a hard-working man do as he pleases with his money. He did not steal it. He took punches to earn it. And if refuses to do good to others with his wealth, that is his own side of the story that I do not deem fit to talk about.

The society should have taught him love when he was younger, but if he refuses to act the way you people want him to be simply because he has become successful at his own sweat and misery, then you people should be quiet and be ashamed that you live in a society where people are not taught how to be useful rather than judge him by the standards of affection you showed him when he was a nobody.

And if you do not want to see human beings like him who engage in vanities, then repent and start being good to everyone around you and above all teach your children how not to look down and discriminate against people.

Kill your pastors in the churches!

Are they not the ones that preach to everyone that if you have wealth and the others do not have, it only means you are more blessed than your neighbor and that if you have more cars it means that the Lord has spotted you to sit in the Front row of the church as a Deacon or an Elder whether or not you robbed the world to get the money.

So please excuse Mayweather and let him be.

By Imoh “Son of David”


One thought on “It Is Floyd Mayweather’s Money and Not Yours!”

  1. “…I wish I knew earlier that he was up against a prayer warrior in a boxing ring, I would have doubled my money confidently on Mayweather’s victory…”
    Yes O!
    Did you watch the press conference after? Manny had asked him to join Bible study with him, can you imagine….? I don’t know what is more absurd: a world class fighter saying he no longer has passion for the sport (after receiving a check for one million dollars), or another world class fighter trying to convert that fighter to “Accept Jesus”.

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