Dear Africans, There Is No Such Thing As A Parental Curse

In Africa, when a child speaks to his parents in anger, irritation or attempts to correct a certain attitude they exhibit, the parents usually pleads offense or being insulted.

In African culture, it is wrong for the child to raise his/her voice on her elders or parents. What is considered as an elder is one with a considerable number of years above the individual.

They are not interested in the subject raised by the child nor whether or not he was wrongly spurred into anger or was speaking on the grounds of his own rights. The code is that if you raise your voice, go against the will and actions of your parents (whether or not that action was doltish or banana-like in reasoning), then it means you are a bad child.

Thus, the parent or the so called elder can never be wrong or offend anyone younger than him, and the child is always wrong so far he speaks up to the parents or the so called elder.

It is this culture of incorrigibility and plead of acceptance of stupidity and sheepishness from the family level of authority which is then multiplied in the society at whole. And this type of reasoning and mind-set, if you ask me, is wanton foolishness. Pure foolishness.

Anybody or group of people who think that authority can never be wrong, should not be questioned or so called lesser subjects ought to follow in silence and sheepish patronage of any form of practice and class-acts of an elder or superior are byzantine bunches of primitive, goat-herding IQ. And of course, they can and will never grow. That is why you folks will worship some so called man of God and politician and get enraged when you see another person do that. The fact is that something is seriously wrong with your head!

Dear Africans, age only means you have seen more days and have witnessed more sunrise and sun-sets than the other. It does not mean you have been gifted or you have eventually adopted some super-ability that makes you unquestionable because you cannot be wrong.

A little child that came to the world today can teach you a lesson you would have never learned if you lived a thousand years. People who have made new discoveries and taught new lessons in world did not do that by the content of their age, but by the content of their reasoning power. So pocket you age, daddy-in-the-lord, Sai! Baba, Oga this, Madam ego worship mentality. It is rubbish! Nobody does that in a sane and advanced society. It is only in backward places they do that shit.

So learn to accept conflicting views. A child raising a voice on the parent is not an insult but a human instinct of rebellion, irritation or a drive to be heard. So hear them out and pocket your “I gave birth to you” and “I used to carry you on my back mentality.”

Ignorance does not know how many people you have seen as a baby. If you are wrong, stupid and deluded, you are just ignorant and your age cannot and will not bar you from being so.

If you want your age to be respected, then let it be seen in the content of your sensibilities, actions and decisions and not by the number of times you cry about how some young man have insulted you. If the only thing you can do is to walk around and plead age without a corresponding presentation of anything admirable, then you have even proven further that the younger one should be the one to babysit you.

And finally, since Africans believe in a lot of superstitions and one of them is that if you disobey your parents or superiors or get them irritated then you are cursed. And if some man curses you by virtue of him/her finding you offensive to his psyche or disagreeing with him, it must mean you will be cursed.

Please if you believe the above in this 21st century, knock yourself with a sledge hammer. You think that because some dumb-headed individual who thinks that he came to see the sun first before you is permitted to act anyhow and as such if he is offended out of his dumbness it must mean he has supernatural abilities to destroy others by virtue of his age.

So he has this kind of power and forces behind him and he hasn’t used it to invent a scientific invention? But it only works when someone offends him, right? You must be sensible.

By Imoh “Son of David”

One thought on “Dear Africans, There Is No Such Thing As A Parental Curse”

  1. You’ve written well, David. But in the context of your topic, I think the ‘curse’ thing actually refers to young people without regard for old age. If an elderly person cannot stand ‘respectful’ diverse opinion, then that’s their cup of tea. But the question of how respectful a person should be while conversing with the aged is not debatable. Everyone is free to talk, but how you communicate matters.

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