Why Marriage Is Not Compulsory

People in my part of the world always count it as a great accomplishment to marry and that marriage and having kids is a compulsory and necessity of life every human must undertake in other to be adjudged as happy, accomplished and successful.

How they came to the conclusion that every human on earth must undertake or follow their led down dogma’s in other to be described as fulfilled is what I do not know.

Just like many other things, my people are wrong again and carry this cross of crass reasoning to bewitch themselves and others too. Unknown to them every human will not and cannot marry. The ratio of male to women are not equal and so even if every human were to pick a partner and pair with, someone will be left out.

If you ask me, happiness is the ultimate goal in life and happiness does not exist outside of the mind. It cannot be gotten from the acquisition of things others desire as the led down norms and modus operandi.

And so, if a person does not have neither spouse, sibling nor offspring and he/she is at ultimate peace and satisfaction with self, then that person is a more accomplished human than others who think they own the world and follow the principles of led down practices of “accomplishments” like marriage and having kids and in the end they still live empty and unhappy.

If you think that getting married and having kids will make you happy, then do it and be happy. But if you do that and think that another who is yet to follow practice must mean he or she must be unhappy or unaccomplished compared to you, then you are a victim of mental slavery. And you have been bewitched greatly with communicable ignorance.

In case you do not know, birds born in a cage think that flying is disease. You are like that bird who thinks that others flying must mean they are sick. Folks who choose to be unmarried or childless are happier than you because their mind does not recognize the burden and sadness you want them to have. If they were like you they would have just had kids or marry any gorilla that comes their way, end of story. Unless otherwise they have contacted such burden of sadness to themselves and are yet to satisfy the demands of such practice. But in that case, they alone are responsible for their woes.

But those people who choose not to be are free and even happier than you who thinks you can only find solace in things that you will never be aware of once you die. Please tell me how many of your grand parents and fore fathers in the grave that are aware or still unhappy or happy about the continuation of their hereditary by your existence?

What is the percentage of the genes of your great, great grand parents 3 generations behind that you still have inside of you? To those of you who believe the Adam and Eve hogwash, what percentage of Adam and Eve’s genes have you?

Assuming you carry only 0.06% of your great grand fore-fathers genes, what was the usefulness of any great grand fore father acting like if he does not have an offspring, that all is lost? Of what use is your 0.06% of his genes to him in his grave? Hasn’t he been already erased from the planet?

So please whatever you clinged onto in the name of accomplishment is nothing but vanity and it matters not except in the mind where all instincts and supposed importance live and die. Learn to be happy without others defining happiness for you.

By Imoh “Son of David”


3 thoughts on “Why Marriage Is Not Compulsory”

  1. Imoh, son of David, I ask same question. In this part of the world, anything not conforming to societal demand is termed abnormal & they seek spiritual help

    “… they would have just had kids or marry any gorilla that comes their way, end of story…” Serioulsy? AHAHAHAHAHAH “ANY GORILLA THAT COMES THEIR WAY? LOL OMG you know naija super story too too well ahahahah!

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