Only Ignorant and Bigoted Minds Hate Gay People

I do not understand why people who have no idea about science or are sparsely informed about a subject that is scientific in nature would go ahead to write and speak with authoritative arrogance in the area.

Why can’t people who don’t know shit about science keep quiet or ask questions, since carrying out research on the subject is like going to the moon for them? What even annoys me more is how they go all bonkers when someone attempts to correct them. They do not want to be corrected and cannot permit the excuse that they are ignorant on the subject.

There is nothing wrong if a person does not know a thing or speaks so lowly in the knowledge of the subject. But what is wrong is being arrogant in ignorance and remaining fixed also.

The first and truest way of finding out about the true nature of a subject matter is to get rid of all preconceived perceptions and prejudices from your mind. Whether you are for or against the subject. Maintain neutrality in the mind, delete whatever your preconceived idea and feelings fed you on the matter before you go ahead to inquire.

Why am I saying this?

How can someone who does not know what makes people or a person gay, pick-up a pen and start writing bullshit on the subject and in the end his ignorance descends him to bigotry. His source for this is none other but religious books.

Sharing links from religious and bigoted illiterates like yourself in order to support your bigoted ignorance is nothing more than a solidarity of similar bird-brains.

Please learn from people who do real research and exploration on the subject matter. Not people who are looking for ways to excuse or promote their bigotry and cover-up their religious embarrassment they call beliefs.

If you do not know why people are gay, let me explain it to you in the simplest scientific and the most realistic way.

The most accepted and provable explanation for this kind of behaviour comes from evolutionary genetics (if you do not what means, just ignore).

This simply explains that there are “GAY GENES”. I believe we all did biology in High school and so we should have an idea on what a “gene” is, but if you do not know, please ask, I’ll explain to you.

A person’s genetic make-up affects his sexual or mating preferences. This is equally found in other animals and so also in humans. Many genes affect human sexual orientation. However, since the word “gay” sounds a little “ickie” to some people, it is better to use the word “Male-loving” genes. These genes are responsible for these traits.

Let me just summarize it briefly before I make my post too long for those with phobia for reading.

Gays and lesbians are not demons! They are not criminals. They are configured that way from birth just like how you were configured by your own genetic make-up to be turned-on by the opposite sex. So please next time you come spewing bigoted ignorance on others, you have to first of all come up with an explanation for what you did to be admiring or finding the opposite sex attractive.

Besides their sexual genetic make-up, they are not different from you. Just like there is not much of difference between those born with gray hair or with certain features that are not common in others.

Since a long time ago, reasonable and advanced people have stop using religion and their socio-cultural bigotry to explain anything. Look at the world around you and the marvelous inventions and civilization of man, you will never see any marvel brought to the advancement of our kind by religion, primitive conceptions or cultural and personal bigotry on others.

I may make jokes on gay people and give them some taste of sarcasm just like I would make jokes on anyone or race of people, but that does not mean they are outcasts or any less human than myself.

So please don’t allow ignorance turn you to an irrepairable beast. However, I am still aware that some people will rather die and have gay people killed than accept any truthful explanation or reality that would see to the freedom and co-existence of others. But unknown to them, their ignorant bigotry will not stop the world from progressing either.

Thank you.

By Imoh “Son of David”

One thought on “Only Ignorant and Bigoted Minds Hate Gay People”

  1. Kudos for a much needed post. The witch hunt in Nigeria and most of the African Continent is definitely due to too much blind religion and not enough education. Yet certain religions finds nothing hypocritical or immoral in allowing the marrying off of their 12 year old daughters to raging, aged pedophiles, or accepting that their young sons (albeit unspoken of and unseen) will most likely need to engage in “friendly” male to male encounters because of harsh religious dictates on sex before marriage. Please, how many men do you see walking hand in hand in Nigeria, it is common, as this is supposed to be a socially and culturally accepted mark of friendship, but yet somehow the idea of two men loving each other sends crowds into a murdering mob justice mood just at the thought!

    There are recent studies ( in Sweden and the USA), that go a bit further than the “gene” theory and have tracked down something called “epi marks”. I’ve copied and pasted from the weblinks below. These epi-marks are temporary switches in a fetus’ DNA that exist while in the womb and shortly after birth. These are passed down from the opposite sex, so Mother to Son, Father to Daughter, but randomly, so could skip a generation here and there and skip one child and come out in another. From the website i09: “Genes are basically the instruction book, while epi-marks direct how those instructions get carried out. For example, they can determine when, where, and how much of a gene gets expressed.” Going further in understanding: “Epigenetic markers are “an added layer of information that clings to our DNA,” and regulate the expression of genes according to an external trigger.” And to bring it all home: ” …epi-marks are produced from scratch. They can be passed down from generation to generation, but the process starts from zero every time. They’re actually made to protect the fetus from too much natural variation. When testosterone levels gets too high, the epi-marks kick in to prevent the baby girl from getting too masculinized, and the inverse is true for boys. So as a side-effect of that, one of the triggers affecting sexual orientation may kick in as well.”–but-it-arises-in-the-womb?tag=genetics

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