Thanking God Is Ridiculous

The day I was totally convinced that there is a close proximity between religious beliefs and mental illness was when a girl I was attempting to play bedroom soccer with said:
the reason she knows that God loves her so much and is so powerful was when she had a fatal accident and everyone (including her twin sister, her aunt and the driver) died. But she was the only one who survived.

When I asked her why an omnipotent God would save her and allow her twin sister and others die in the auto-crash, she defended: “because God loves me and I have a destiny.” When I asked “So you mean your twin sister did not have destiny and was not loved by the same God who saved you?” She kept silent and kept a squeezed face that read anger against me, like saying “this guy is offending me.”

Immediately, I heard this nonsense, everything that was erect on my body dropped and I abandoned every ambition of playing the intended bedroom soccer, and instead was battling on how to control myself from killing a mosquito on her face. I simply told her to leave to avoid any circumstance that will get either of us a doctor or a lawyer.

My friend, Inala Willie narrates how some people on board a bus were robbed on the highway and raped by armed robbers and afterwards the same people began saying they should thank sky-daddy because they were raped and robbed but NOT killed like others. Thus, God is faithful! There is something wrong with people with this sort of mentality.

You see, while you thank some sky-daddy that you were raped and not killed, another will thank sky-daddy after hearing your tale that they travel daily and nothing happens to them at all. Thus indirectly spiting at you and irking their alter-ego. Is that sky genie fair to both of you? If you are a religitard, there is nothing wrong about that.

You see, something is adversely wrong with the reasoning of religious folks. If you say there exist some omnipotent being, who is also merciful and omniscient but a rape and robbery happened under his watch and yet you say “thank you” to him or it, are you not encouraging him to be incompetent?

How many of you praise your government from failing to provide security for you or other citizens? The Nigerian religitard in particular shocks me more. Do you say to the government “thank you for protecting me because there is no boko haram attack in my vicinity” just because you hear of boko haram attacks in places far away from you? Don’t you all lambaste and get infuriated at the government when you hear the news of bomb blasts?

If you can lambaste and get infuriated at a mortal and less powerful, clueless, weak authority from failing to do their job well, why then do you praise an omnipotent, merciful, omniscient and perfect government who can do all things but refuses to do one simple task of protecting the innocent?

You see why there is something wrong about the religious mind? You expect a mortal authority of your state to be up to task in the protection of its citizens but when it comes to the failure of your sky-daddy, you instead say “in all things give thanks”, does it not tell that all is not well with your mind set?

If you get enraged that your mortal government cannot combat insurgency and revolt against it, why then do you think it is okay to praise an alpha, perfect authority, which according to you, can do ALL things and is perfectly GOOD, but ceases to be of help in a situation that demands intervention?

And your answer to this is:

“Do not question”

You think something is not wrong with your head?

Of course you think not; it is me whom you consider as the one whose head is in need of correction. The craziest part is that some of them say that if you do not praise sky-daddy that you’ll infuriate and hurt his feelings. How comical!

An omnipotent character, which is omniscient, merciful and everything good but cannot stop a robbery and a rape crime from taking place but will in turn get enraged because the rape and robbery victim does not give thanks to him, what possible can you label this Character?

The Abrahamic Sky-landlord!

The only good thing is that your sky genie is imaginary.

By Imoh “Son of David”