Dear Nigeria, What Do You Want From The Igbos?

The Igbo speaking people of Nigeria asked for Biafra but Nigeria refused and said the country must be one.

A Dutch man drew a cartoon of Mohammed in faraway Denmark, you people go around killing the Igbos and destroying their properties in the North.

Philips Emegwali invents a super-fast computer, you say a “Nigerian” invents. Igbo student in diaspora makes good grades, you say a “Nigerian” graduates top of the class. But Ikechukwu Abia is caught trafficking drugs, you say an “Igbo” man is caught with drugs abroad.

The Igbo man does his business and prosper, you people say they want to steal your land and rule over you. 90% of oil blocs in the South are owned by Northerners, you people do not say they have stolen someone’s land and resources.

The Igbos ask for the Presidency, you people laugh at them and say “over your dead body.” The North has rule Nigeria for over 38years and they keep threatening everyone else that they are being marginalized, and so they start bombing everywhere, you people say let’s negotiate with them.

Igbos vote for Jonathan, you people say they are myopic and tribalistic. The North and the West voted for Buhari, you people say it is called “change” and democracy.

Igbos rally behind Jimi Abaje, you people say they will drown in the lagoon. Ambode won, you people start cursing them.

Adamu Ciroma and co said “The North would make this country ungovernable if a Northerner does not become President” and “They’ll be no Nigeria if power does not return to the North”. You people call them “Elder Statesmen”,”Party Stalwart”, “Northern leader”, etc.

Nnamdi Kanu says the same thing but you people call him “a retard”, “treasonable criminal”, “war-monger”, “evil” and so on.

During the last elections, Radio and TV stations in the North play jihad songs while making anti-GEJ campaigns, say all sorts of things in Hausa, no newspaper headline asked for them to be banned. Of course you people call it politics.

Radio Biafra does same, all hell is let loose. You people say they spreading bigotry and dangerous propaganda.

Do you people have an IGBOPHOBIA? Of course not! No one will agree. But do you think the Igbos are a problem, everyone will raise their hands. But we ask, why don’t you let the Igbos separate and go their way, you people give me that terrorist look.

Dear landlords, just one question:

What do you want the Ibos to do to please you?

By Imoh “Son of David”

One thought on “Dear Nigeria, What Do You Want From The Igbos?”

  1. It is truly baffling that Nigerians must have suffered a massive amnesia when it comes to Buhari. How anyone can elect a murderer who decades ago reveled in the systematic murder of the IGBO is beyond me. If you like your “leader” to be one who bombs innocent people’s body parts to the 4 corners of earth, BuHARAM is your man. There is nothing like Igbo innocent women, children,men, elderly running away from Nigerian soldiers, slipping and tripping on their own disemboweled guts, to make a man like BuHARAM feel all warm and fuzzy. Overseer of rape, torture, starvation of the worst kind, this disgusting excuse for a human being should have been strung up or shot by firing squad for the war crimes he participated in. How on earth Nigerians could elect this very dangerous man, who continues to incite rioting and murder of innocent Christian, whether Yoruba or Igbo, is truly vexing. Of course the Northern Muslim whines and bitches and moans that they are underprivileged, that is their main tack in life, all the while they are busy siphoning off their own portion of corrupt money, siphoning off the nation’s black gold and doing exactly to others what they claim others are doing to them. The North are the biggest robbers and flim flam artists of all time, and Nigerians just handed back the reins to the Muslim Caliphate who tried their last invasive jihad 200 years ago. BuHARAM will not fight Boko Haram, he is one of their sponsors and will use them as he sees fit to shape and control the nation under shari’a ideology and keep firm control the petroleum sector. Whoever has the money makes the musicians carry the tune everyone dances to. And BuHARAM is already starting his illegal murdering ways in Akwa Ibom area. Once a killer, always a killer, and he loves to kill Igbo, that we know. Let’s see how long his murdering heart continues to beat. Wicked, evil man.

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