The Nigerian internet bastardization of feminism

When I wrote about feminism it wasn’t what I see some people do today. 
Everything I’ve written on and supported have been through careful analysis, deep thinking and reflection after careful research and study. I used to have a large library of books and archives of documents on subjects which I espouse. But today, it seems a lot of people just wake up with their personal issues and find one “ism” to pour it into. When they open their minds to express themselves, you pick nothing intellectual, not one thing to praise as truly a deduction of a well bred mind. And this is wrong. The resultant effect of this is the pure bastardization of a noble cause, of which I am hurt to see evolve into a game of swine battling.
This is not feminism! Give it a new name.
Feminism is a cause that seeks the sociopolitical development of the woman. That a woman, like the male counterpart is of her basic right to be treated fairly, just and equitably and that every form of discrimination against persons because of their sex is a primitive wrong that must be done away with.
What some people do these days on the internet isn’t feminism; at least the one I learned of by thorough reading and research.
So many people with personal issues are hiding behind the mask of feminism to make a market-square mockery of a beautiful selfless, humanitarian and intellectual cause. We can understand why:
In psychology, Sigmund Freud the legendary psychologist highlighted what is called “DEFENSE MECHANISM” in psychology. It is simply ways or forms which the unconscious mind expresses itself and it is unknown by the individual. One of such is called “displacement”.
Put briefly in a lay sense, displacement is when a person channels their bad experiences, frustrations, anger, etc on another object. It is what happens when a person hits a knee on a chair and someone that is behind them gently collides into them, and then they explode at the person, when actually it is the chair they hit their knees into that is the cause of such frustration and explosion at another object. It is another form of aggression transfer.
It is not unnatural for  females who have suffered abused, rape, unhappy marriages, disappointments from men to unconsciously channel their frustrations and anger into what they regard as feminism. Even though they’re not aware that their subconscious mind is greatly wounded and needs healing. But many of them may deny this and still put up reasons to debunk this. But the truth is that deep down in their subconscious mind, they’re in chaos and they need help and not to assume they’re pursuing a cause. No they are not championing a cause, they’re displaced individuals. And it is not their fault and I don’t blame them. However, I can help if they desire real help. I am gifted in that and I’ve helped so many people heal their minds and pains and put them back to peace and flourish.
How do you know an individual that is displaced or hiding behind an “ism” to pour out their frustrations? I’ll give a few
– You get uncontrollably angry and explosive when someone does not agree with your point of view (POV)
– You think that everyone who disagrees with you is a misogynist, slave or what have you. 
– you want to throw your standards, which is mostly drawn from bad past experiences as a national standard of the private lives of others
– You’re happiest and feel well achieved when you vilify others, bully them or what have you if they don’t agree with you or critique you. And of course find great comfort in those who masturbate your ego.
If you cannot stand anyone criticising your “ism” you are a problem and not a solution. Getting bitter by dissenting views and voices is a sign you’re not a thinker or intellectual revolutionary. You are yet to mature mentally and otherwise.
A person who is offering knowledge, well reasoned thinking does not have to be bitter. If you’re bitter all the time, it is a sign you’re mentally or emotionally not very well, albeit you look physically fine.   It is nothing to be ashamed of. You’re human and can break down or get out of touch sometimes.
Well, I can help anyone in need of counselling and mental healing. I won’t judge you, I understand you. Be good, be humane and less bitter.

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