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Dear Nigerians, You Cannot Force A Man To Love What He Is Fed Up With

There is something I cannot get my head wrapped around some Yoruba and Hausa folks on the internet- their obsession with the Ndi Igbos. They seem to have this mentality that anything the Igbos community does is a threat to them. They think that they have an obligation to always be against whatever the interest and plight of the Igbos are. Whether such a mentality is conscious or subconscious, I find it very silly.
What really is their business with the Igbo man’s self-agitation? Some of you should just learn to admit it that you don’t just like the Igbos for anything. And will never like them. Yes we know you don’t like them and that is your personal right of dislike, but why are you self-obsessed about the agitation of their community and people?
Let’s be frank. A lot of you would rather die than see an Igbo President of this Banana republic. And a lot of you derive this orgasmic satisfaction from the political marginalization of the group. Fine you don’t want to ever see that the Igbo man smell power in Nigeria, I understand that you don’t trust them and probably dislike them greatly. But why the heck are you against them leaving the same country that is making mockery of their collective entity?
The same country which you are part of that hates the Igbo man, is what you encourage to force the Igbo man to be part of? Why do you people love forced marriages and abusive relationships in Nigeria? This Nigerian mentality of forced marriages and abusive relationship that marriage must stand and continue even if the couple are in tearing each other into shreds has catapulted into our national subconsciousness in politics and sociology. Dear Nigeria, you cannot force a man or a group to love what they are fed up with.
I used to think that if you don’t like a thing or person, you would throw them out or let them just leave. But not in Nigeria. The more the dislike, the more the obsessive compulsion to keep it to one self, thus, the more they dislike the Ndi Igbo community, the more they wish ensure their failure in their self-determination. Okay fine, you don’t want the Biafra movement to succeed, and the same time, you don’t want the Igbos to have a political weight and future. Then, my question is this: WHAT DO YOU WANT THEM TO STAY IN NIGERIA AND DO WITH YOU IN NIGERIA? To scrub your toilets? Continually listen to your ethnic bashing and bickering and all forms of senseless mockery because Buhari and the APC won the elections. Because this is the first time the Igbos have voted in Nigeria, right? You have called them rogues, thieves, wailers, fools, loosers, slaves, etc. Why don’t you let the rogues go their way? Or do you love keeping rogues to yourselves?

A lot of you have mentioned Nnamdi Kanu’s names more than an average Igbo man. What for exactly? I thought you said he is a clown. But you are so obsessed about his joke. Biafra, is now mocked as BIAFRAUD by you, but you can’t sleep a night without talking about the movement. I don’t get you people at all. If something is a joke, why then pay so much participatory attention to it? Is that suppose to be a joke on your part?
First of all they said Nnamdi Kanu should come to Nigeria if he is serious. He came and he got arrested, they celebrated, calling him daft for showing up to the same Nigeria they asked him to come to if he means business.

They used to say that those agitating are noise makers that they should stop ranting on the radio and go to the streets. They did just that and in a peaceful way, someone got shot by the police. You celebrated and said they deserve it. You see nothing wrong about the police shooting a peaceful protest. Okay I get it, when the police shoots at anything Biafra, then they are right.
Now tell me, how times have you heard in the past, let’s just say 2011 that the police shot and killed angry protesters in the North who were burning churches, Christians, Southerners because they were mad that Buhari lost the elections? Tell me just one person that was in jail because of that incident. Tell me where Adamu Ciroma, Lawal Kaita and of course the one who is now President, that were calling for blood and threatening fire and brimstone to dogs and baboons in the public? Whose blood were they calling for? So you really expect an Igbo man to sit quietly in the unfolding of such abusive and mockery of events and be happy?
Do you know how many times the Igbos have been killed in the North, beheaded and bantered beyond repairs? Is that not enough to provoke anyone? We should even be thanking them for being peaceful. Who suffers such a territorial humiliation and ethnic prejudice and still remains a peaceful neighbor? Who else have had millions of its people killed in “another man’s land” like the Igbos and yet remain without vengeance?
You people keep talking about one Nigeria. And how Nigeria is every man’s land. Which every man’s land? It is every man’s land and yet we hear people in Yoruba land angry that there is an Eze Igbo in their land. Which one is now the so called “everybody’s land” you are talking about? Can a man be slaughtered like a ram in his own land?
The agitation of the Igbos are real and substantial. What has happened to them since this union was created have never been to their own good. You say it will bad for the Igbos to leave and that it is the biggest mistake of a decision they can make. Oh! You suddenly now care about the Igbos? You are worried that they can make a mistake that is not in their interest? The same people you slaughter like rams in “Everyman’s Land”?
Please let the Igbo man be. His cross is his to carry. And I will always ask, What do you really want from the Igbos, Nigeria?

Is The Church Useful?

Once a time in a certain city or should I call it a town, in Nigeria…….


There was high crime rate……………… The night was a feast for the sons of Dracula. Unlike their father who possessed skinny soul-searching fangs, these evil sons had on them dangerous metals with the talent of a catapult. Guns, is that what humans call it?

They preyed on the peace of other men in the city. If you’re a woman, once the sun seem to be reading his handover note for the day, you begin looking up in the sky, praying, “may this not be the day the burglars will break into my wet vessels with their erect sticks of terror.”


Due to the terror, everyone kept a date with their homes before 6PM. Adulterous husband repented. Who says thieves don’t win souls?
Well, not everybody respected the body language of the social Generals………. The church!
Of course the pastor was more concerned about his greedy tray of God. And so churchgoers did their thing. “The earth is the Lord’s”, they proclaimed. And of course the Lord also said that “the young lion shall not be hungry.” Too unfair was the blessing of the lord that he never took to consideration that his “madtards” will be the food for the young lions.


And so, “spiritual sister” Ekaette, Sister “tongue-speaking” Rita the ritard and Sister Blessing “I am Mary-incarnate” got raped so many times than the atheist can handle “Jesus is Coming Soon” poetry. But they kept going to church and the young lions kept eating.
“It is persecution, they said. “God is testing our faith” they posited. “It is the work of the Devil” explained the pulpit parrot. “Give more offerings and seeds for His protection”, he charged.
Nobody asked why armed men keeps attacking them on their way to and fro church. Nobody asked why haven’t God answered our prayers and keeps allowing armed robbers rob and tape us. You know asking pertinent questions is a disability to the religious.

Of course, in Nigeria, better be assured a Donald Trump sensibility than the intervention of the Nigerian police at a crime scene.


Meanwhile, the churches refused to spare their worshipers the terror by calling quits with night activities. “We must worship our God” is the motto.

Those who stayed back home were preached at by the pastor that they are fake believers and of course hell awaits them for being sensible with their feet.


To put an end to the social mess for all, the city’s government imposed a no movement time 7PM till 7AM. Everyone but the Church supported this. “This is end time!”, “The anti-christ is here”, “You are fighting the church”, “The governor must die for this” etc. We all know their usual line of uproar.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is the so called Kingdom of God called the church. They consider themselves an assert to humanity. As we can see in the event above, they are truly an assert. No doubt. And I’m sure they must be so reasonable and useful to you, right?

By Imoh “Son of David”

Dear African Christians Stop The Destruction of African Cultural Heritage Sites and Shrines

I am very pained when I see certain things in this part of the world. Very pained, I am, that I do not know how best to burst into a rage of considerable decency. But damn whatever so called self-imagined decency in expression! The stupidity I see daily in this Banana Republic is unbearably nauseating. I am pained, and it is an understatement.

First of all, today, I came across a University lecture, where a doctorate degree lecturer for that matter was confidently giving provocative lecture notes to students on the origin of the Igbos and Ibibios. The Igbos and Ibibios, he said are one of the lost 10 tribes of Israel. And his source, a passage in bible from the book of Ezekiel.

Quoting from an unknown religitard source he taught:

“The word “Igbo” is a contrast of the word “Hebrew” being pronounced “HEEBO” which is popularly called Igbo.” And that the Ibibios are also one of the lost tribes of black Essene Hebrews who escaped humiliation from Israel to Africa where they settled. The students erupted in standing ovation that they are kinsmen with Solomon, Joseph and Jesus, whom he said were Essene Jews.

That one passed.

Again, I saw a photo on facebook of a pastor burning down a heritage shrine in a local community and people were busy standing by watching and clapping.

It is no longer news that wherever the Abrahamic religion is found, the people in that vicinity start suffering from identity crisis and their culture slowly becomes extinct alongside with their sense of reasoning.

Now listen…

If you people supervise arson on cultural heritage sites and call this religious freedom, then you people are truly the most foolish people that have existed on earth! Nobody that is progressive and sensible destroys a cultural heritage site or shrine. It is only the madness of Abrahamic evangelism and jihadism that is the sole practisioner of such inanity. They did it to the Library of Alexanderia, destroyed every trace of African and indigenous civilizations and cultural heritage wherever they set foot on. But it was done by foreigners, but today it is those who were enslaved by this same oppresive dogma that are the ones using their hands to destroy themselves.

All over the world in saner climes, heritage sites are protected greatly. Go to China, Japan, Israel, Tibet, Greece, Spain and even England, just to name a few. Greece makes a lot of money from tourists trooping in to catch a glimpse of their pagan heritage sites, but here, what do we do? We allow foolish pulpit parrots in suit and tie to destroy our senses and our cultural heritage all in the name of Jewish superstitions.

Preachers do not bring anything meaningful to any society! Above everything else, they destroy the place with their arrogant foolishness and superstitions, besides looting from the people. Your so called Bishop Oyedepo was chased out of England and banned from ever returning, why?
Because they know how destructive it is to their society to allow such fraudulent characters to maraud all over the place. But this same UK, they are holding captive, hundreds if not thousands of ancient Nigerian artifacts and they do not want to return them. What does this mean? They know what an asset is and assign the proper value of things to them. And so, they send the gibberish back to us to keep destroying the gullible society while on the other hand, they keep the priceless ones in their museums. How comforting.

Burning down cultural sites and shrines does not proof your imaginary sky daddy exists, it only proofs how violent of a terrorism your silly ideology is portentous for the society. Afterall, Boko Haram burn down churches and behead pastors and worshipers in their places of worships, that they have to hire to security forces to help their sky-daddy protect them in his house and of course his offerings.

Worship your imaginary sky-janitor if you want to. But let it end in the walls of your mad houses. Leave African heritage sites and shrines to be. If you do not know the importance of an heritage site, just look on and amble away with your deep foolishness and irredeemable ignorance and allow those who know its importance to appreciate it. If it were in a saner clime that foolish preacher would have been locked away behind bars.

By Imoh “Son of David”

Curiousity Murders God

Why are people usually afraid or shy away from asking questions?

Some people would rather die in silence than throw open or send forth the simple words or phrases of “what”, “why”, “when”, “how” etc.

I have never seen a man die because of asking questions, but I have seen people die because of ignorance. Wait! What did I just say? My bad, people have died so many times because they asked questions, how could I forget so easily why the dark ages was called the dark ages.

In those days when religion ruled, specifically that of the Christian faith was solely responsible for the brutal execution of millions people who asked questions concerning their faith.
Such that one of my favorite icons, Voltaire in a letter to Frederick II of Prussia said:
“Every sensible man, every honorable man, must hold the Christian sect in horror.”
The legendary luminary went ahead to say:
“Christianity is the most ridiculous, the most absurd, and bloody religion that has ever infected the world.”

Even till today, people still get killed from asking questions. The camel brigade cousins of Christianity, Islam is the chief priest of this act in this age.

That is why the religious man is perplexed by those of us who ask questions, because it is a shock to them that one can be this mentally free. To them, the bewildered, they were configured by their organizations to maintain silence of the mind and ask no questions since childhood. And since the Christians of this age may no longer burn those who ask questions on stakes, they excuse themselves that one that ask pertinent questions would be punished by providence and so when they see some us who do not acknowledge such primitive and ridiculous providence it shocks them and they respond with paranoia or separation of contact.

They call it blasphemy and nobody wonders why it is only in theology and religion where the miserly lettered word is of great credence to the psyche such that it can emit punishment from their part?

The answer is simple: when you are on the side of falsehood, lies, irrationality and delusion, the only thing necessary to secure your estate is brute force. This is the true birth of blasphemy. Blasphemy only exists where the established authority is illegitimate, false, misleading and indefensible upon confrontation with interrogation.

If blasphemy were to be replicated in all tires of life, then no one would be allowed to questioned criminals, no one would be allowed to write articles in the newspapers and the internet and nobody would be allowed to practice democracy. Above all, there would be no lawyers, since everyone would be citing blasphemy for every defense.

This is the principle difference between theology and science, rationality and irrationality, faith and fact, lies and truth, falsehood and reality. To shield yourself from being bewitched by ignorance, ask questions. Those who ask questions can only experience a brief moment of ignorance but those who don’t will die in ignorance. And no man has ever gotten knowledge by being silent with curiosity.

Whatever does not tolerate questioning does not have any answer to anything. And that is why religion will always be a backward and primitive vice and shackles to anywhere it is exalted.

Curiosity Murders God

By Imoh “Son of David”

Why Marriage Is Not Compulsory

People in my part of the world always count it as a great accomplishment to marry and that marriage and having kids is a compulsory and necessity of life every human must undertake in other to be adjudged as happy, accomplished and successful.

How they came to the conclusion that every human on earth must undertake or follow their led down dogma’s in other to be described as fulfilled is what I do not know.

Just like many other things, my people are wrong again and carry this cross of crass reasoning to bewitch themselves and others too. Unknown to them every human will not and cannot marry. The ratio of male to women are not equal and so even if every human were to pick a partner and pair with, someone will be left out.

If you ask me, happiness is the ultimate goal in life and happiness does not exist outside of the mind. It cannot be gotten from the acquisition of things others desire as the led down norms and modus operandi.

And so, if a person does not have neither spouse, sibling nor offspring and he/she is at ultimate peace and satisfaction with self, then that person is a more accomplished human than others who think they own the world and follow the principles of led down practices of “accomplishments” like marriage and having kids and in the end they still live empty and unhappy.

If you think that getting married and having kids will make you happy, then do it and be happy. But if you do that and think that another who is yet to follow practice must mean he or she must be unhappy or unaccomplished compared to you, then you are a victim of mental slavery. And you have been bewitched greatly with communicable ignorance.

In case you do not know, birds born in a cage think that flying is disease. You are like that bird who thinks that others flying must mean they are sick. Folks who choose to be unmarried or childless are happier than you because their mind does not recognize the burden and sadness you want them to have. If they were like you they would have just had kids or marry any gorilla that comes their way, end of story. Unless otherwise they have contacted such burden of sadness to themselves and are yet to satisfy the demands of such practice. But in that case, they alone are responsible for their woes.

But those people who choose not to be are free and even happier than you who thinks you can only find solace in things that you will never be aware of once you die. Please tell me how many of your grand parents and fore fathers in the grave that are aware or still unhappy or happy about the continuation of their hereditary by your existence?

What is the percentage of the genes of your great, great grand parents 3 generations behind that you still have inside of you? To those of you who believe the Adam and Eve hogwash, what percentage of Adam and Eve’s genes have you?

Assuming you carry only 0.06% of your great grand fore-fathers genes, what was the usefulness of any great grand fore father acting like if he does not have an offspring, that all is lost? Of what use is your 0.06% of his genes to him in his grave? Hasn’t he been already erased from the planet?

So please whatever you clinged onto in the name of accomplishment is nothing but vanity and it matters not except in the mind where all instincts and supposed importance live and die. Learn to be happy without others defining happiness for you.

By Imoh “Son of David”

Dear Religious Africans: Rats Avoiding Rat-Traps Is Not Witch-craft

Recently I went to someone’s house and I heard them complain that the household rats are no longer entering our locally made yellow rat gum catcher or traps. And their explanation for this sort of behavior was very simple as all other religious explanation of things- “Witch Rats.”

Sadly, the house which I visited is not alone on this Point of view, in short it is our intrinsic territorial absurdity to always assign our ignorance to the supernatural and I feel ashamed because the people in that household are educated. But this is not new to us at all.

And so I want to use the small medium to educate some of you who think that rats avoiding rat gums are manifestations of witchcraft. You see, when you stay under the congregation of theology, you will always reason primitively because nothing grand and intellectual will never be administered to you. So, instead of your IQ to grow, you will be decreasing in your senses.

Please, this is why some of us beg you people to study and learn science for your own benefits.

Rats avoiding gum traps are but the manifestations of evolution in biology and also in Psychology what is called “OPERANT CONDITIONING”, “The Law of Effect”, “Discrimination” and the effects of negative reinforcers.

Due to time and the avoidance of a lengthy writing I will not delve into large details. This is what I should charge for bailing you people from what Bacon termed “Idol of the market place and Theatre.” But it is of my good to regulate the crass superstitions and ignorance in my environment.

To break it down simply, when you keep using gum traps to catch rats, their offspring and other rats are learning and therefore what we call an “OPERANT” (in psychology) has occurred. And then the Law of effect which explains that a conditioned response will be stamped in (the rat’s psyche) and the previous response you are used to, which rats always walk into your gum traps foolishly have been stamped out, because they have restructured and learned by experiences you gave them.

And thus due to constant repetition of these trap activities, the rat species have evolved and learned to recognize a rat gum trap, and this is what we call in psychology “Discrimination.”

Please this is not witchcraft. Organisms learn and evolve and pass the same traits to their younger ones. It is not just humans that learn from mistakes and traps and avoid them. I know religion does not teach a lot of you that animals think and learn also. So please, understand this.

What you should do now, is to change the rat gums and redesign it in a very new and different way they have never seen before. By so doing, they’ll fall into it again but with time again, they’ll learn your new tricks and then begin adapt and then you’ll begin to call them witch rats again.

Thank you.

By Imoh “Son of David”

It Is Floyd Mayweather’s Money and Not Yours!

I have read some people show a strong disapproval and an open irritation for Floyd Mayweather. This is mostly due to his arrogant and public wasteful life of display of luxury. They are right to express their opinion as much as Mayweather is of his own right do as he pleases with his hard-earned legitimate money. And the arguments I read on posts on these issues with accusations of hatred on the success of the man and a counter-accusation of the worship of luxury is funny to read.

I do not like the man but my reason for his dislike is solely based on his woman-beating issue and plus recently, I lost money because he won a man who relied more on praying than how to make other people’s money put on his head to count, and sadly that was the kind of man I put my money on. I wish I knew earlier that he was up against a prayer warrior in a boxing ring, I would have doubled my money confidently on Mayweather’s victory.

That’s by the way.

I think a man who rightly earned his money is free to do as he pleases with it so far he does not use it to sponsor crime, environmental degradation, terrorism and any form of evil. If a well earned living man chooses to waste his millions and billions of dollars on cars, jewelry or what have you, that is his business and not mine. Whether he chooses to give other people his money, feed the poor or sponsor anyone’s education, that is his own drift because it is his “legitimate” money.

Giving money to charity is an obligation of personal conscience and conviction.

The only people I have a problem with their wealth are the politicians, preachers and shady half-business half-political men. The ones we mostly call elites. The reason is because, it is not their money but other people’s money.

All things being equal, if the standard of true priesthood and statesmanship were to be abided by, according to the factual doctrine of politics and priesthood, politicians and priests are meant to be paupers of material evaluation.

They are only meant to be rich in their mind, intellect, selflessness, humility, service and honesty. But it is not so. These set of people we have here and in this age are against the original ideology of the greeks and other schools of thoughts on statesmanship and service. They are the richest, the most pompous, most greedy and selfishly deceitful of us all. Above all they the human sources of all problems in the society.

I can accept I am no good human being but when it comes to priests and politicians, I find myself as merciful, omniscient, holy of holies, and without blemish because these men are at the bottom line of morality and at the everest-peak point of immorality.

Please let a hard-working man do as he pleases with his money. He did not steal it. He took punches to earn it. And if refuses to do good to others with his wealth, that is his own side of the story that I do not deem fit to talk about.

The society should have taught him love when he was younger, but if he refuses to act the way you people want him to be simply because he has become successful at his own sweat and misery, then you people should be quiet and be ashamed that you live in a society where people are not taught how to be useful rather than judge him by the standards of affection you showed him when he was a nobody.

And if you do not want to see human beings like him who engage in vanities, then repent and start being good to everyone around you and above all teach your children how not to look down and discriminate against people.

Kill your pastors in the churches!

Are they not the ones that preach to everyone that if you have wealth and the others do not have, it only means you are more blessed than your neighbor and that if you have more cars it means that the Lord has spotted you to sit in the Front row of the church as a Deacon or an Elder whether or not you robbed the world to get the money.

So please excuse Mayweather and let him be.

By Imoh “Son of David”

Dear Africa, Your Over-Population Is A Curse And Not A Blessing

This African continent is so funny.

A couple that barely earns a reasonable income will mass produce children like chicken laying eggs. And the end result:

– Too many mouths to feeds in his house. And thus, Satan is to be blamed. Because it is Satan that asked him to multiply and fill the earth.

His solution:

Fasting and prayer. Giving more money from his tiny income to the pulpit parrot so that his income can miraculously increase. And when it doesn’t increase, it is the government or his witch mother in the village.

His Solution: More prayers, offerings and anointing water

– The children grow-up; no education, not enough food on their table.

Their Children’s solution:

They become armed robbers. Become thugs for politicians. Join streets gangs and cult groups. Join Boko Haram members to pour their frustration on others like we are responsible for their father’s generousity with his spitting penis.

The Children grow-up, repeat the same foolishness of their parents and keep the multiplication of the hazard going on.

These folks do not understand that the more populated a place is the more there will be more mouths to feed and thus the high prices of food. In a place like Africa where they import everything, almost, they would even import garri. They don’t produce anything. No technology to match their over-population.

To sum it up, they frown against abortion. They would rather give birth to a batallion of lifelings to come to earth and starve and suffer like everyone rather than prevent the multiplication of miseries.

And when all these sum up, they look for who to blame. And of course, we know their favourite blame icon.

By 2050 Africa’s population is calculated to be the highest on earth. What this means is that, it the place where most crime will be committed, illiteracy and hunger would be found. And don’t forget, ethnic and religious violence, because someone must always blame the other for their misery in Africa.

Had it been that they were like China who have technology, develop their economy and take viable measures to check their population growth, there would been some hope. But in this case, we are talking about people who’ll rather insemenate themselves, produce nothing, invent nothing, refuse to learn and think that by looking up in the sky and uttering some words called prayers, that it will cause some magic to happen.

And by 2050, the rest of the world will be done with their plans of shuting their borders from irresponsible intruders. Keep insemenating and multiplying yourselves, shebi Sky-Daddy commands so. I hope he has provided the jobs and land for your multitudes to occupy.

By Imoh “Son of David”

The Dog Is a More Noble Animal Than Man

Whenever I see a man chain a dog, I do not know whether to laugh or frown. Men ought not to put chain around dogs. It is dogs that should put chain around men and take them on a long walk…. Dogs are more humane than humans.

It is funny how humans use the word “dog” as an insult on other humans. Unknown to them the dog is a more noble animal than man. Perhaps men are only trying to say that, to be good natured like a dog is an insult to their senses. Of course no man agrees to that. To be called a dog is an offensive offering of oration.

Never has it been seen that a Dog strapped on himself a suicide vest screaming “bark-bark akbhar” to blow other dogs in other to achieve 72 virgin bitches in “Dogvhean” and yet they say its among the najis (the filthiest thing possible in Islam)

Never has it been heard that a super-dog, prophet-dog or messiah-dog went to give salvation to other dogs and to reconcile them to their omni-dog.

Never has it been seen that a breed of dogs say German Sherperd became racial and exhibited bigotry against other breeds say the bull-dogs. And that the German Sherperds professes they are the superior breeds and other dogs are the inferior breeds.

Dogs do not accuse other dogs of being demon possessed or in witchcraft. In fact man, like the Nigerian breed of humans, accuse dogs of witchcraft and then still eat dogs for meat. Despite such ill-treatment the dog has never sought for a revolution against man. They still bow their head and keep to their role as man’s best friend. Your best friend and yet you put her in chains?

A dog is not an ingrate. Mark Twain put it better:

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.

Marilyn Monroe didn’t spare her thought either:

“Dogs never bite me. Just humans.”

Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in. – Mark Twain

“All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed.
For after all, he was only human. He wasn’t a dog.” – Charles M. Schulz

And yet they put these humane creatures of righteous character in chains and label them unclean najis…

By Imoh “Son of David”

The Abusive Mentality Of Nigerians

In Nigeria, a husband material is a man that has some money.

Once your wallet is capable of sponsoring the average Nigerian lady to the saloon, own a nice car that commutes her with pride to public functions and can sustain meal on the dining table, then you are husband material.

If you like, look like a halloween conspiracy in the flesh, nobody gives a heck whether your looks can make a lion pee in the pants, if you are a package of all the drunkards on earth, liar of all liars, whether your first, second and last talent is womanizing, nobody gives a damn. So far you secure the first credentials above, then you are the national glory of a good husband material.

Then, the wife material of a Nigerian yardstick is simply a woman with good looks, even if it is of average assessment; one who mentions God in every sentence, belongs to a “bible believing church”. Even as a Nigerian, I still have no idea what religious Nigerians mean by a “Bible believing church”, is there is any church that disbelieves the bible?

Also, if she is a church worker, especially in the chior or ushering department, then she has graduated to a “God-fearing woman.” But that is not all. If she possesses the attitude of servitude wrapped with silence and tolerance for any bullshit a man inflicts on her, then it means that “she is God-sent”. If she takes it further to the level of not demanding any co-operation from her husband for whatsoever he does, accepts any punches he throws at her and will never in her sad life know what divorce means. Then she is a “virtuous woman.”

98 percent of Nigerian families will never ask a groom about his medical history and condition. Nobody even entertains the thought of questioning the mentality and psychology of the man who seeks to marry their daughter. “Are you a wife beater?” “Do you have health concerns that we should know about?” “Are you a drunkard?” “How bad is your temperament?” Nigerian bride families do not ask that. What you will hear them ask is first of all “What do you do for a living?” That is the foremost concern of a Nigerian family; the income status of the intended groom. Materialism over mentality is the priority trend of Nigerians. It is not their fault, they are mostly poor. Poverty exists in the mind. Anyone that seeks to value and respect a person base on his financial status is a poor man irrespective of his financial status. That is a poverty mentality and most Nigerian families suffer from it.

If the groom is financially buoyant and eventually weds the groom, and afterwards by reason of domestic conflict, the wife then runs to her immediate family to report abuse or the manifestation of devilry by her husband at home, the wife’s family will be the first to chide her and impose on her to tolerate whatever impishness her husbands exhibits and that in fact other women are waiting for an opportunity to replace her. That she should definitely see such misbehavior by her spouse as a blessing in disguise. That the exhibition of rascality is a transition of love. They in turn support abuse on their child simply because of a pittance their in-law shower them. That is poverty! Very few families in Nigeria rise up to caution their son-in-law against their ward or press for a divorce. The few who do are the educated and knowledgeable ones against the large number of poor-minded wealth worshippers.

Nigerians entertain abuse. They do not understand what freedom is and they do not desire it as well for themselves and others who want it. Abuse is first of all entertained domestically before it transcends to the national life. That is why Nigerians will entertain a rude and abusive boss and work than to resign. They will see nothing wrong about a pastor who slapped a woman on camera. That is the reason they will entertain keeping polithiefcians who rape and loot their treasury than to clamour for change. Nigerians have a serious abusive disorder (SAD) and it has now become a national repertoire in their subconsciouness.

Aren’t they wonderful? Can you see how awesome the brilliance of these people are? We must be people of great vision.

Dear Nigerians, Abuse is not normal as rape, theft and thuggery are immoral, abnormal and criminal. Do not entertain it! You deserve a better and humane treatment and others deserve it from you also.

By Imoh “Son of David”