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Happy Women’s Day Celebration

In a private conversation I had with Immanuel James Ibe-Anyanwu sometime ago, he said “IT IS ONLY A FOOLISH MAN THAT DOES NOT LIKE WOMEN”. This I agree very much with my brother, for women are the raison d’ etre of the world. Reason dictates that if there are no women, there will be no continuity of life and the world will seize to be anymore interesting. I love women, you cannot just phantom a word of reputable efficacy to describe these amazing creatures.

Institutionalize superstitions claim that women came forth through the ribs of the man. This to me is one of the greatest coup d’ etat of farcical ideology; it is so much a blasphemy against nature and science which has shown to us the glaring in contradiction of this twaddle made sacrosanct in primitive documents.

Man comes from the abode of a woman. Men ought to worship women for all were born and will continually to be so through them. If any object deserves the quintessential assertion of GOD, it ought to be the WOMAN; for women are creators, hence God ought to be a SHE and not a HE (that is another subject of discussion for another day).

That being said, ideologies, movements and organizations which tend to abhor, demean and demoralize the woman, is a criminal and blasphemous ideology which ought be fed to the gallows of Hades. Any ideology that is scared of women is a satanic and repugnant ideology, as such, the Abrahamic ideologies which puts the guilt on the woman as the mainstay of the fall of mankind, ought not be forgiven for such sedition and libel against nature. Nature in all description is found worthy to be called MOTHER; the woman. The truth be told, if the world was ruled by women and men were the subordinates, we would have had no wars, the only predicament I can assure you with confidence is that we’ll have a bunch of country and territorial gossips. But isn’t it better to gossip than to go to war?

If the writers of the bible and the koran were women, nobody would be been demonized and love and peace would have been the epicenter of the context and practice thereof. If the founders of religion were women, no religion would have gone to war against the other, but rather, they’ll be in a competition to do better and look better than the other, rather than be competing who is more bloody and stupid than the other. But sadly, the God invented by MEN sees no reason to call women as PROPHETS/MESSENGERS neither would he have a DAUGHTER, what a misogynistic deity, well its good that he is imaginary.

Among this Son Of David ‘s many favorite icons, Marie Curie, the Polish Physicist, Nobel prize winner, and a pioneer of the research on radioactivity stands tall in my heart. Every man ought to have a female icon he reveres. The Dahomey amazon warriors of Africa are quintessential of the long age axiom “WHATEVER A MAN CAN DO, A WOMAN CAN DO AND EVEN BETTER”. I need not go into the lecture of great women who have flaunt the earth and made it better for us all.

As we celebrate the women’s day, I use this opportunity to recognize some of the most awesome, powerful and intelligent women I’ve met who have abducted my admiration for their persona: Amaka Rea Adeyemi Uwa Portia Mmama Anthony Temidayo Ahanmisi Nnenna Michelle Onyewuchi Chioma Amaryllis Folashade Marsh Geraldyn Ebere Omoye Ohiku Mary Achor-Ogungbola Sandra Okosun Jacqueline Ifeyinwa Chinjika Eunice Oviawe-Jones Ronke Akintade-Ogunleye Kemi Opebiyi Abodunde Jumoke Bukola Oduwaiye, Lola Efuntade-Tinubu Ify Adenuga Uchenna Ojiabo the list is endless, I can’t continue further. Sorry I have to reserve my data bundle. HAPPY Women’s DAY Celebration ‪

Delusions Of The African Christian

ancestors in hell

Sometimes I don’t know whether to guffaw, weep or frown at the black/African christian. The African believers are one most deluded set of homo sapiens on earth. How the heck do you believe that a Jewish man can die for an African? So you’re really convinced that of all the races that pleased God to manifest himself, it was the Jews that were most deserving of this? Not the Africans, nor the Latinas or even the Japanese, but the Jews?

If the son of God is a Jew, then God is a Jew; Jews give birth to Jews. If the christian god wasn’t a Jew then his baby mama wouldn’t have given birth to what his holy sperm, sorry holy spirit wasn’t made up of. Sorry I forgot many of the so called believers do not know the basics of genetics. Most importantly, let me remind you that, the Jewish god will treat you the same way the jews treat African immigrants in their country. Expecting the dude to answer your prayer is to be expecting the Israeli government to develop roads in Nigeria.

Need I say more? Take a look at the bible; how he inspired and urged them to makes slaves of you. Even when his so called son came he didn’t even have a state visit to your home/village, needless to assume he did miracles in Africa. The only miracle he did was to transform his ass to the first known slave ship that took thousands of African slaves to the West called “The Good Ship, Jesus”.

Jesus never condemned slavery as a matter of fact he encouraged it, because if Paul claimed that Jesus arrested him and the Holy Spirit gave him the words he wrote like “Slaves be obedient to your masters”, that means Jesus sponsored slavery. Which set or race of people on earth have been victimized in the name of slavery other than black people? If Jesus or the so called Holy Spirit is the one who inspired Paul like you claim, then Jesus is guilty of slave trade!

This is what the son of god said in your bible in Matthew 15:22 – 28 when the Gentile woman (a non Jew) came to seek healing for her poor child : “… He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel…. He replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs.” In his words, he was sent to Israel, and non Israelis are called DOGS. Some of you believers will wash yourself saying “I am an Israelite by faith since I’ve become “born again”, I am automatically a Jew and blah blah blah”. Oh please! Don’t allow a man to market you a low self-esteem. If you claim God created all human race, then why didn’t he save you the stress and turn you and the rest of the human race into Jews?

You don’t become a part of a race by declaring self-deceiving rhetoric. To be a black you must be born a black (either from one of your parents), same to goes to being a white or any other race. No Asian wakes up one day to declare “I am a black by faith and by virtue of reading what was written in a primitive book”. Why then would a full-blooded negro deceive himself that he is some melanated Jew or Israeli by making some low self-esteem assertions like “By reason of the blood of Jesus, I am now a partaker of Abraham’s blessings”?

So you mean to tell me that you have to be a Jew before God loves you? I’m sure non-jews were created by satan, right? Anyone who cannot look through this hokum and spot the racial jingoism in it is a disappointment.

If you ask the African christian right now, just like their preachers do every service to close their eyes and imagine God in front of them, tell me whether or not its not a white bearded curly-hair figure their mind will throw-up to them? There is no black christian that will consciously come to the picturesque that God is black!

Whatever you call God is a regurgitation of another man’s fantasy, racial jingoism, gender chauvinism, fraud and delusion. Let me ask, why are all the people the bible called prophets, holy people including son of God all from one race? Beginning from the acclaimed Adam and Eve to John the revelator, they are all Jews, not even one Kenyan or Zulu, Japanese, or Latino.

God never one day saw it necessary to take a walk to my village in Akwa Ibom to pick up a virgin and impregnate, he didn’t even choose his tomb in a neighboring country like Ghana even if he refused to die here. But all of sudden he saw it befitting to send slave masters through his bible to enslave our ancestors as part of his “DIVINE PLAN” to give a so called salvation. Salvation from what? Who said anyone was enslaved or having issues in Africa? Africa was doing buoyantly until they brought us salvation through his emissaries of rift to create imaginary problems aka original sin to sell you imaginary solution aka salvation/heaven.

As described in the bible, all the Jewish Sky Janitor does is to sit on his throne, looking down on earth with a long recording book and most importantly, demanding tithes and offerings through his pastorpreneurs. It only takes a creature with an ass to sit on a throne. Since he has an ass, he must definitely be farting. Let’s not forget he has legs to walk like in the story of the garden of Eden and has a back which Moses saw, and a face too. Even David said he has a right-hand. So since he is a homo sapien, what colour is he? He cannot be both black, white, brown and Asian at the same time.

These people do not realize that if the Yorubas went on a colonization spree like the Europeans, everyone would have been sticking to Oludumare and the Ifa beliefs, and of course God would been pictured with tribal marks on the face and his Angels holding talking drums. The Chinese and the Japanese realized this and refused anyone to indoctrinate them with their fantasies, now look at them, then look at Africa.

But then, delusion is comforting to the ignorant and irritating to the knowledgeable. Malcolm X knew this many years ago and said: “The most pathetic thing is for a slave who doesn’t know that he is a slave”
Dear Africans get your minds awake!

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Culled from: A Lost Race: The Predicament Of The Black/African In The 21st Century by Imoh “Son of David”

The Religious Africans and Their Disrespect For Ancestors

The Religious Africans and Their Disrespect For Ancestors

Today’s African despises his ancestors and insults his heritage, this is very common among the religious. Such an act alone is bequeathing of stupidity and tom foolery. Christopher Columbus who committed so much evil is still reverred by his people and the biblical David who committed so much evil and genocides is called a holy man by the Jews. The religious African spends energy praying meaningless prayers against his ancestors and thanks to Abrahamism he now calls his ancestors evil, who were highly intelligent people that brought the gift of civilization to mankind.

The African christian especially the Pentecostals spends a large part of their prayers casting and binding all “ancestral curses, sins and spirits”, whatever that means, I do not know. The only curse here is to call your ancestry demonic and idolatrous. I like using the Chinese as an epitome of emancipation, because they were colonized by the British, Japanese, French, etc but here they are today, standing tall in the affairs of the world and no one can say shit to them.

What did the Chinese do? The Chinese amongst other things revere their ancestors and heritage. You can never hear a Chinese speak evil about his ancestry, rather he worships, protects and adores her with gusto and that is their source of inspiration and drive. If you tell the Chinese shit about Mao Zedong or any of the ancient dynasties, you’re in it for the repercussion. Wu Zetian the only Chinese Empress who is known for her ruthlessness and barbarism would never be spoken ill of by the Chinese, but rather heritage sites associated to her dynasty are well preserved, protected and highly revered.

The same goes to the Japanese. Despite the despicable evil and all manners of atrocities that was committed by the Japanese autocracy in Word War 2, they still built shrines and museums for them and they have refused to condemn their war crimes. If you even want to condemn them against such action, they’ll even take it further and build more places in their honour.

What evil did the African ancestors do? How can you do better than your ancestors when you keep disrespecting and insulting them? Are they more evil than the British who burned their people on stakes in the name of witchcraft? Did they (African ancestors) go to another man’s land to destroy their craft, heritage and then take them back home as slaves? Did they go about forcing people to convert to their beliefs and accept their God as true and supreme? They were hospitable people and their hospitality betrayed them.

Their innocence of accommodation and open-arms was their Achilles heel, and they were taken advantage of. The Ashanti do not have a mass grave site for killing the Zulus neither did my Ibibios ancestry take the Ibos or any group of people on a ship and dump them in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, so what do you mean by calling your ancestors evil and sinners?

To disrespect your ancestors is to disrespect oneself and to curse your ancestry is to curse nature and yourself. The deluded African believer who spends time cursing his ancestors in so called prayers doesn’t even know his/her bible. Even the bible had this to say on this matter:

Proverbs 30:17 – “The eye [that] mocketh at [his] father, and despiseth to obey [his] mother, the ravens of the valley shall pick it out, and the young eagles shall eat it.”

Leviticus 20:9 – For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood [shall be] upon him.

The universal law of nature hangs on recycling; garbage in, garbage out. Just like the rain pours on the ground for the heat of the sun to evaporate the moisture to the clouds and the clouds later on gives back the same rain, that is the same thing you get when you disrespect your ancestors; nature recycles your action and serves it to you willy-nilly. Those who were meant to learn need not wonder the symbolism of the illustration. A word is enough for the wise, they say.

Dahomey Amazons: African Female Warriors

Dahomey Amazons: African Female Warriors

The Dahomey Amazons or “MINO” were an all-female military in the ancient kingdom of Dahomey, now in the present day Benin Republic. Not only were they fierce fighters who could take on their male counterparts, they were great mothers and home-makers. They were equally referred to as “Mino” meaning “Our Mothers” in Fon dialet or “AHOSI”- King’s wives. They were also Priestesses who wore moon crowns.

King Agadja whose dynasty was from 1708 to 1732 had the Mino for bodyguards. Their expertise in military campaigns was second to non in those days such that through the orders of King Agadja, the Minos invaded and conquered the neighboring kingdom of Savi in 1727.

King Ghezo who ruled from 1818 to 1858 placed great importance on the minos, where he increased their military budget, arming them further with muskets.

The minos went through intensive military trainings, many were recruited voluntarily or through vodoun divination and many of them were virgins and were considered legally married to the King. Later on, males were recruited into the army but the females were in command of each military unit. The female soldeirs were stronger and braver than their male counter-parts and in most cases were more ruthless, for the enemies who fell to their feet were beheaded.

During the colonial and European encroachment into the African soil, the French led invasion against the Dhomean kingdom under King Benhazin in 1890. The Minos fought bravely against the French invaders and won in the 1st campaign. After a retreat, the French forces returned with their FOREIGN LEGION which had more superior fire power, numbers alongside marine and calvary infantry, inflicted so much casualty on the ancient Kingdom and mino warriors.

The Europeans who saw these great African warriors called them “Dhomey Amazons” and wrote their incredible courage and audacity.

A woman by name Nawi was the last surviving Dahomey Amazon, who died in 1979.

Contrary to what we have today, the African woman has always been bold, brave, courageous and symbolic of the African lioness. The black spirit isn’t that of a sheep. Today, the children of the lioness has been made to eat grass, smh!
Salute to the spirits of these great African mothers and warriors.