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Dear Nigerians, You Cannot Force A Man To Love What He Is Fed Up With

There is something I cannot get my head wrapped around some Yoruba and Hausa folks on the internet- their obsession with the Ndi Igbos. They seem to have this mentality that anything the Igbos community does is a threat to them. They think that they have an obligation to always be against whatever the interest and plight of the Igbos are. Whether such a mentality is conscious or subconscious, I find it very silly.
What really is their business with the Igbo man’s self-agitation? Some of you should just learn to admit it that you don’t just like the Igbos for anything. And will never like them. Yes we know you don’t like them and that is your personal right of dislike, but why are you self-obsessed about the agitation of their community and people?
Let’s be frank. A lot of you would rather die than see an Igbo President of this Banana republic. And a lot of you derive this orgasmic satisfaction from the political marginalization of the group. Fine you don’t want to ever see that the Igbo man smell power in Nigeria, I understand that you don’t trust them and probably dislike them greatly. But why the heck are you against them leaving the same country that is making mockery of their collective entity?
The same country which you are part of that hates the Igbo man, is what you encourage to force the Igbo man to be part of? Why do you people love forced marriages and abusive relationships in Nigeria? This Nigerian mentality of forced marriages and abusive relationship that marriage must stand and continue even if the couple are in tearing each other into shreds has catapulted into our national subconsciousness in politics and sociology. Dear Nigeria, you cannot force a man or a group to love what they are fed up with.
I used to think that if you don’t like a thing or person, you would throw them out or let them just leave. But not in Nigeria. The more the dislike, the more the obsessive compulsion to keep it to one self, thus, the more they dislike the Ndi Igbo community, the more they wish ensure their failure in their self-determination. Okay fine, you don’t want the Biafra movement to succeed, and the same time, you don’t want the Igbos to have a political weight and future. Then, my question is this: WHAT DO YOU WANT THEM TO STAY IN NIGERIA AND DO WITH YOU IN NIGERIA? To scrub your toilets? Continually listen to your ethnic bashing and bickering and all forms of senseless mockery because Buhari and the APC won the elections. Because this is the first time the Igbos have voted in Nigeria, right? You have called them rogues, thieves, wailers, fools, loosers, slaves, etc. Why don’t you let the rogues go their way? Or do you love keeping rogues to yourselves?

A lot of you have mentioned Nnamdi Kanu’s names more than an average Igbo man. What for exactly? I thought you said he is a clown. But you are so obsessed about his joke. Biafra, is now mocked as BIAFRAUD by you, but you can’t sleep a night without talking about the movement. I don’t get you people at all. If something is a joke, why then pay so much participatory attention to it? Is that suppose to be a joke on your part?
First of all they said Nnamdi Kanu should come to Nigeria if he is serious. He came and he got arrested, they celebrated, calling him daft for showing up to the same Nigeria they asked him to come to if he means business.

They used to say that those agitating are noise makers that they should stop ranting on the radio and go to the streets. They did just that and in a peaceful way, someone got shot by the police. You celebrated and said they deserve it. You see nothing wrong about the police shooting a peaceful protest. Okay I get it, when the police shoots at anything Biafra, then they are right.
Now tell me, how times have you heard in the past, let’s just say 2011 that the police shot and killed angry protesters in the North who were burning churches, Christians, Southerners because they were mad that Buhari lost the elections? Tell me just one person that was in jail because of that incident. Tell me where Adamu Ciroma, Lawal Kaita and of course the one who is now President, that were calling for blood and threatening fire and brimstone to dogs and baboons in the public? Whose blood were they calling for? So you really expect an Igbo man to sit quietly in the unfolding of such abusive and mockery of events and be happy?
Do you know how many times the Igbos have been killed in the North, beheaded and bantered beyond repairs? Is that not enough to provoke anyone? We should even be thanking them for being peaceful. Who suffers such a territorial humiliation and ethnic prejudice and still remains a peaceful neighbor? Who else have had millions of its people killed in “another man’s land” like the Igbos and yet remain without vengeance?
You people keep talking about one Nigeria. And how Nigeria is every man’s land. Which every man’s land? It is every man’s land and yet we hear people in Yoruba land angry that there is an Eze Igbo in their land. Which one is now the so called “everybody’s land” you are talking about? Can a man be slaughtered like a ram in his own land?
The agitation of the Igbos are real and substantial. What has happened to them since this union was created have never been to their own good. You say it will bad for the Igbos to leave and that it is the biggest mistake of a decision they can make. Oh! You suddenly now care about the Igbos? You are worried that they can make a mistake that is not in their interest? The same people you slaughter like rams in “Everyman’s Land”?
Please let the Igbo man be. His cross is his to carry. And I will always ask, What do you really want from the Igbos, Nigeria?


Is Saudi Arabia Now A Territorial Moralist?

If you are a mistress to America, only then it is moral, legal and permissible to bomb another coutry including innocent civilians (women and children).

I cannot see the Saudi Arabia’s aerial bombardment in Yemen any different from Russia’s position in Ukraine. They both carry out actions in an attempt to unsit an illegitimate government by their own standards.

If I could recall vividly, Ukraine had a legitimate leader who was unceremoniously chased out of his country by the Western-backed delegates in Ukraine, all in the bid to reduce Russia and her league of allies to rumbles.

Russia, like Saudi responded in their own way. As a matter of lesser evil, Russia did not send their airplanes into Ukraine to bomb people like Saudi. They instead did what America is always doing- back-up their pro-nationalist and ideologist to “akbar” the perceived scumbags. And before you know it, the CNN and the global news channels came screaming that Russia has done the worst thing ever imagined in the history of territorial games. Russia was sanctioned. Thanks to “every-one-loves-uncle-Sam’s” league.

Israel is occupying another man’s land, Saudi Arabia is killing innocent civilians in an attempt to get rid of an illegitimate and coupist government, just like Russia, Uncle Sam and dem Mafia league, see nothing, hear nothing. Inshort, they see it in good light.

What is even amazing is how the Saudi accuses the Houthi rebels of human rights abuse. I don’t know whether to feel insulted or entertained. Uncle Sam keeps accusing Assad, China, Russia and Iran of human rights abuse. However, a night before they were in bed with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. And yet jumped past their bedmates to Libya and Iraq to give them democracy. If their democracy was that good, why didn’t they give it to their Bahrain and Saudi Mistresses?

Just few months ago their sweet opera of a media, The Economist endorsed a former dictator who benefited from a coup that unsitted a democratically elected government, and of course, a well known human rights abuser, with a phobia for Free Speech and Press, a Shariah enthusiast,etc. as the right person to lead my country. Few days weeks later the same band of western moralists were in the news talking about how the support of Shariah is babaric and undemocratic. Maybe their Mistress, Saudi Arabia supports a very democratic kind of Shariah, maybe the in-coming Commander-in-Chief of my country supports that same type Shariah. Maybe I am just a learner, I’m sure my expert teachers of Uncle-Samism, Politicking and international relations, know better than my big-mouthed self.

Anyway, when I grow up, I want to be like Uncle Sam. I am a honest and upright man, right?

By Imoh “Son of David”

The Economist Conspired Against Nigeria

I made a pact to myself that my next car would be the Nigerian made Innoson motors. To watch my pact, I went ahead to make an upfront payment of an innoson product.

Prior to this decision, I had in mind to upgrade to something “sophisticated”, you know that type of stuff Naija people term as “Maaashin.” But on a 2nd thought, I recognized the vanity of this and the economic imprudence of such vain crave, merely on the utility value to deriving a pleasure of prestige which is but short-lived because after a couple of years, the so called sophistication will become the regular.

I can get something light on the wallet and valuable at the same time and still channel my humble resources to other better things, like helping those who are in need or contributing something efficient in goodness and value to more people than my hedonistic instincts. Innoson motors was the best option which came to mind.

Explaining this to a few acquaintances, it became a subject of mockery on my part. “How can you buy that product, you know we never make anything good” argued one. The other thought I have taken my silliness to a whole new level in the name of being ‘rational’. And sadly this came from people with Masters in Economics and the other pursuing PHD in sociology.

However, this did not surprise me because I have seen a Professor of Philosophy who said that when it comes to the bible, he pockets his philosophy because there is nothing to philosophize in the old book as everything in it is fine. When I asked the man how the sun came to be on the 4th day as there cannot be a 1st nor 2nd day not to mention to the 4th day without the existence of the sun. He simply replied that it is not the business of philosophy to answer that. I told the Prof. that this is called a simple SCIENCE not philosophy. I went ahead asking how the heck an omnipotent being will call the bat a bird and talk about the existence of unicorns and dragons. The next thing he frowned his face but unknown to him, the frown of a goat cannot stop it from ending in a pot of soup. Well, as we all know, we live in a country where the most mediocre are granted the office of excellence. That is a story for another day.

If I buy an Innoson product, I am doing good to myself and overall good to the economy. If I do not patronize their products how the heck do I expect them to grow and become world class contenders in the auto-market? Every single penny I’ll spend on an Innoson product, I am doing it for my own benefit because I am contributing to the growth of my economy and not to grow another person’s economy say the Japanese while I whine all day about mine and how my country’s product don’t well.

I may dislike the man GEJ for a lot of incompetence but I will forgive him on his policy of the high tariff on imported cars. This was nothing but the best of decisions he has taken so far he has entered that Aso ‘demonic’ Rock of madness. Unknown to our uninformed and half-baked thinking citizens, that very decision is contributory to his failure at the polls. You cannot frustrate the businesses of powerful nations and expect them to be happy.

Nigeria is home to hundreds of millions of people. We have homes here where one idiot named a politician owns 25 foreign cars and he is still buying more. Have any you visited the home of the Esama of Benin kingdom? There are millions of people that have houses of such display of cars. If you are a foreign power, you will love Nigeria for this one purpose. But GEJ has to spoiled your business of simple demand and supply by trying to redirect the consumers interest to home-made products like Innoson, will you be happy? I’m sure you will be happy.

And what will they do? Punish the man and sponsor his opposition.

It is not a coincidence that The Economist did not endorse President GEJ’s candidacy. Have you ever asked what the economic policy of Buhari is which earned his admiration with The Economist? Please what is Buhari’s economic module that has seduced the Economist a foreign magazine? Instead the Economists was telling us about Chibok girls and how corruption has destroyed the country (like they, the western powers are not part of that corruption here). Not the issue of the Chibok girls are not of serious concern, but please which countries refused to sell arms to Nigeria to combat this madness? No wonder the man GEJ began to learn his lessons by charging our military to start producing weapons. Yes we have started and they used them in the recent onslaught against those animals.

The issue of the Chibok girls is daisy and for them to rally behind as an excuse to endorse a former dictator with a monstrous history of coup d’etat, human rights abuse, etc is a call for concern, considering that they are the matyrs of freedom of the Press, speech, Human rights and what have you. But suddenly they fell in love with a former coup plotter and benefactor and human rights abuser. While the West is telling us that they one to overthrow a dictator in Syria, they are miraculously endorsing former dictator in Nigeria to head the affairs of the current state.

Does this not surprise you? Of course it doesn’t. Maybe I am the petty one and the myopic alarmist. Thank you.

Please, The Economist is beyond some paper or website to read. It is a mechanism. It is a power and a tool operated and owned by world powers to secure their goals and punish their offenders. They do not give a damn about your country. They only care about theirs. Even if candidate A is doing the right thing for your country and citizenry, if it is not in tandem with their interests, he is useless to them and incompetent.

Please watch very careful, when the government of Nigeria changes and then suddenly the tariffs on imported cars are dropped and other economic decisions with respect to international communities are reconfigured, do not forget that someone once upon a time wanted to make Nigerian cars an envy of international reputation. As for me, I cannot allow an indigenous maufacturing or assembling firm die by my own hands.

By Imoh “Son of David”

Dear Africa, Your Over-Population Is A Curse And Not A Blessing

This African continent is so funny.

A couple that barely earns a reasonable income will mass produce children like chicken laying eggs. And the end result:

– Too many mouths to feeds in his house. And thus, Satan is to be blamed. Because it is Satan that asked him to multiply and fill the earth.

His solution:

Fasting and prayer. Giving more money from his tiny income to the pulpit parrot so that his income can miraculously increase. And when it doesn’t increase, it is the government or his witch mother in the village.

His Solution: More prayers, offerings and anointing water

– The children grow-up; no education, not enough food on their table.

Their Children’s solution:

They become armed robbers. Become thugs for politicians. Join streets gangs and cult groups. Join Boko Haram members to pour their frustration on others like we are responsible for their father’s generousity with his spitting penis.

The Children grow-up, repeat the same foolishness of their parents and keep the multiplication of the hazard going on.

These folks do not understand that the more populated a place is the more there will be more mouths to feed and thus the high prices of food. In a place like Africa where they import everything, almost, they would even import garri. They don’t produce anything. No technology to match their over-population.

To sum it up, they frown against abortion. They would rather give birth to a batallion of lifelings to come to earth and starve and suffer like everyone rather than prevent the multiplication of miseries.

And when all these sum up, they look for who to blame. And of course, we know their favourite blame icon.

By 2050 Africa’s population is calculated to be the highest on earth. What this means is that, it the place where most crime will be committed, illiteracy and hunger would be found. And don’t forget, ethnic and religious violence, because someone must always blame the other for their misery in Africa.

Had it been that they were like China who have technology, develop their economy and take viable measures to check their population growth, there would been some hope. But in this case, we are talking about people who’ll rather insemenate themselves, produce nothing, invent nothing, refuse to learn and think that by looking up in the sky and uttering some words called prayers, that it will cause some magic to happen.

And by 2050, the rest of the world will be done with their plans of shuting their borders from irresponsible intruders. Keep insemenating and multiplying yourselves, shebi Sky-Daddy commands so. I hope he has provided the jobs and land for your multitudes to occupy.

By Imoh “Son of David”

Ebola Only Kills The Black Man

Twitter- @ImohDavid

Thousands of people in Africa died and are still dying from the ebola infection but when a White health-worker was infected, he was quickly flown to the US where a serum was administered to him, alas! He got well. The same was repeated to other foreign Western aid workers who got infected by the virus. But the story changed when the serum was demanded by African states after several cries and conspiracies that the virus is a Western weapon to depopulate and kill Africans (as if a population of mass illiterates is anything to be envied by anyone).

Cutting the story short, the serum was brought to Africa but it did not work! The black man’s blood was a stranger to the foreign serum. Before we could come to terms with the dissonance, a news broke-out that the serum only works on the white man. The African conspiracists who are excellent in delivering stories without evidence, screamed eureka! Meanwhile the religious African was busy suffocating on the “die by fire”, “spirit of ebola casting” prayer points, besides the national embarrassment of the salt-bath hogwash. At least we are internationally known for praying to our sky-daddy to make the White man invent solutions for us. Experts of “Baba God”, we are, but slaves of “Baba science”. If ask them “where is Baba-God?” “Up there”, they will chorus. But when you ask them “where is the thyrod gland located”, you are speaking shakespearan French to them. Ask the average religious African: “Do you know what quantum theory is?” It will appear that you are asking a goat how to thread a needle. Why won’t they be an embarrassment to Baba-science?

If the serum was invented by the White-man, why won’t it work only for the White-man? Countless hours, our people spend in religious centres, chorusing to their sky-character all manners of lame rhetoric and proposals, however, they are realistically clueless to the nature of things. Isn’t it ridiculous that of the three people who traveled to the US with the ebola virus, it was only the African- American that was killed? Isn’t it shameful that the African is the one to be consistently haunted and killed by things like ebola, HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, chicken-pox, measles, hunger, etc in this 21st century. And to sum it, the drugs he uses to combat his customary affliction is imported from abroad. He cannot make them. He does not know how to make them. He does not care how to make to them. He does not ask how it is made. But what does he know best? Praying to an invisible man in the sky(whom he mentally pictures as white-bearded) to cause the white-man to invent drugs for him. What a people! If he is not blaming an invisible ground troll he calls Devil for his woes, he blames the white-man or blames his neigbours and the man in his village. Masters of the blame game, slaves of irresponsibilities!

The West which appears to be greatly plagued by cancer, has tiredlessly invested in the laboratory and research towards the exorcism of their demon. Recently, it was discovered that a substance in the poop of a cat has the tendency to battle cancer. Again, the discovery of the on/off switch of a cell which is key to stopping old age and cancer was found. People who know their problem went ahead to find a pragmatic way of solving them. Now, let’s examine our case:

Millions of Africans spend 18 hours a day praying but 24 hours, they remain impoverish and at the mercy of other nations. Nigeria in particular sponsors its citizens to foreign lands for no other purpose but religious pilgrimage, and the benefits of this, I wish I can lay claim to just one, besides enriching the bursary of a few oligarchy in fancy robes. Please tell me how pilgrimage develops your economy and the individuals, I’m waiting to learn. If the type of money spent on pilgrimage in over ten years in Nigeria was pumped into the training of doctors and scientists or into the education sector, will it be more realist than the former? Doing the same thing over and over again to expect a different result is the height of crass doltishness, and we are championing stupidity to an enviable status. A knowledgeable man is unfit to be a slave; the words of Frederick Douglass echoes. What you do not know will disgrace, enslave and embarrass you. Dear Africans, get to know science and embrace common sense and your problems will be gone.

By Imoh “Son of David”

Uncle Sam And His Love For The Cemetry

I usually wail about the doltishness in my country and crass ineptitude of the politicians. But when I look at the American society and politicians, my burden is made light as I’m certainly convinced that stupidity is a mother of diverse children; but her American offspring to me is a hybrid of another level of stupefaction.

America has turned asininity into a carnival, and led by their thick-headed politicians mostly from the bandwagon tea-party and the republicans. Like seriously, I don’t just get it! People get killed everyday by trigger-happy psychos including kids and yet all they can recommend is “Give people more guns” and problem will be solved.

Some people disagree saying; isn’t this madness? This is happening due to the fact that we have too many guns in the streets? Take the guns out of the streets and there will nothing for some psychos to lay their hands on. Why should a civilian be in possession of military style assault rifles and guerrilla weaponry? Who do they want to use it on? Then the respondents will say “they are protecting themselves”. But from who? They say they are protecting themselves from other Americans carrying guns. Others say they are protecting themselves against the government.

To a stranger like me all I wonder is “Is this an American mentality?” Do Americans go around killing themselves that they have to excuse wielding military grade weapons for protection? But then, I hear the whisper of Iraq and the daily onslaughts on the American streets. After all the glorious Republic was founded on the blood and the mass execution of the defenseless and innocent who were the owners of the land. “Americans, know Americans better”, I tell myself.

America is home to the largest cases of homicide. While love ones weep as they take their offspring to the cemetery, the gun merchants smile to the bank and the next day, they make a toast with their Republican accomplice. The miracle here is that, the victim of this madness, will again vote his oppressor into power. All hail Capitalism! We hail the Uncle Sam morality.

And then they’ll have the effrontery to label my country corrupt?

By Imoh “Son of David”