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Asari Dokubo and The War Drummers

Asari Dokubo should be left to roam freely. He is a necessity and a great asset to the Southerners. The truth should be told, the name Nigeria is a territorial fraud and an artificial fiefdom, where prince are made to crawl while the slaves ride on horses. What do I mean by this? I’ll explain shortly but let’s travel back in time: Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Gambari Prince of the North and the leader of the Northern Peoples’ Congress said this: “The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Othman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the north as willing tools and the south as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future.” – Parrot Newspaper October 12, 1960. I wasn’t born in the 1960s, neither did I witness the late Ahmadu Bello making the statement above, but this is a statement no Northern Elite or institution in Nigeria has debunked. The Northerners, more than any tribe in Nigeria has ruled this nation both in despotism and democracy. Never at anytime has the southerners revolt against any Northern leadership in the name of “We Must Rule.” Today where a southerner in the person of President Jonathan through accidental arrangement came to the sit of power, we have come to sadly assume that the Northern elite has this “born-to-rule-mentality” just like their idol Ahmadu Bello was quoted. Nigeria today is serviced through the oil wells in the South. The Northerners more than any tribe in Nigeria has looted the wealth of this nation and yet they are insatiable of this. As if looting was the only act of aggression they have committed, they even took their aggression further with their ethnic jingoism to engage in a spurious ethnic cleansing through religious riots and now, terrorism to cause anarchy for the sitting government of Nigeria. Every bloodbath that took place in Northern Nigeria saw to it that the Southerners and non-muslims were wiped-out while their Northern counterparts walk freely on the streets of the South. What more can be defined as an ultimate turpitude than this? The average Northerner sees the Southerner as a potential enemy that must be subdued, conquered and ruled but at the same time, they insist on the continuity of this ticking time-bomb of a coerced settlement, Nigeria, simply because they are unable to do without the oil wells in the South . And thanks to the predominance of the Islamic indoctrination in the North, to the Northern muslim (as stated in the Qu’ran) a non-muslim is a “najis” (filthiest thing ever). To the staunch Northern muslim, being ruled by a non-muslim is a taboo, hence, the birth of boko haram. To even prove this further, Gen Buhari, a former head of state and a supposed Statesman and patriot called a terrorist organization like Boko Haram “Freedom fighters”. How can any reasonable man call terrosists freedom fighters? A group that has vehemently made their stance known, that they want Nigeria to be Islamized, is this what Buhari calls freedom fighting? During an interview on BBC Hausa , Buhari was quoted to have said “If what happened 2011 should happen again in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.” Why must the North be habitual in threatening the entire nation? Before the election of President Goodluck Jonathan in 2011, the likes of Adamu Ciroma said that the North will make the country ungovernable for any Southerner that emerges as President, today, we are gifted with the Boko Haram menace. What makes Asari Dokubo any worse than him or his fellow war drummers? Asari Dokubo comes from a part of the country that have known negligence all through its years of existence. He comes from the minority ethnic group whose natural resources the Northerners have looted and impoverished over the years and yet when his kinsman is opportune to occupy the sit of power, the same Northerners who have looted the resources of his land are threatening violence and hell like it is the same way the Southerners did to them in all their many years of evil, corruption and plunder? To put it mildly, the North is an ingrate of a neighbour; talking about the proverbial people that bites the finger that fed them. Asari Dokubo has every reason to reciprocate every threat and beat the war drums. The Northern elites have been over-tolerated, such that they have over-estimated their importance. What manner of madness is this? When the Southerners want to disintegrate and become an autonomous region, they’ll say no way, now the South wants to get a shot at power, they are giving everyone sleepless nights. It is hightime someone informs these unuseful Northern cabal that we are satiated with their dramas and buffonery! Gone are the days of “BORN TO RULE”, “I AM SUPERIOR”, etc if they cannot live peacefully with the rest of the nation, they should just disintegrate. We are sick of their nonsense! Nobody is willing to tolerate their excesses any longer. Gone are the days we use to babysit jackasses, now its an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! Please let Asari Dokubo be; for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction! Asari Dokubo is reacting in tandem with natural irritability which all the Southerners do share!!


Dreams and Superstitions pt3

Dreams are just dreams, they aren’t called “DREAMS” because they are real. if it were real, nobody would have called it a DREAM. What happens in the dream stays in the dream.  Dreams are ways of the mind playing games on us, it is simply the subconscious expressing itself. If you dream of yourself holding money, no matter how real and good it feels, you will never wake up with a dime.

When a man sleeps, he is analogous to a car on auto-drive without a conscious driver or chauffeur behind the wheels or the steering.  Like the car without a driver, the mind tours to wherever it pleases and regurgitates images that are already registered in the subconsciousness.  For example, a man who watched a porn video or desirous of a particularly attractive lady is likely to dream about sleeping with a woman, maybe not that same day, but as long as his mind, the subconscious has captured the event and image, the likelihood of the subconscious replaying it to him in different forms is very high. It may not replay to the person the exact way the porn video appeared, but it may make up an image of any beautiful or sexy woman to comprehend his deepest desire and fantasy.

Some people may say they never watched any porn neither do they desire to have sex or lust after anyone, like I heard a religious lady argue, trying to assert that having sex in the dream is DEMONIC or a so called SPIRITUAL ATTACK. She even went ahead to enumerate that she hasn’t had sex in a long time and does not even desire to. The truth is that those who claim they not have sex in reality are more likely to have sex in the dreams than anyone else. The reason is that, their inability to satisfy their innate human want which is sex, has forced their body to get it for them unconsciously or through the subconsciousness. Sex is a human necessity, whether you deny it or not. It is part of the subconscious. When you willfully deny your body this for any reason known to you, your subconscious, which is naturally configured to be sexual and responsive to the innate desire will pick up images to the mind while its asleep (auto-drive), to satisfy its lust and innermost silent crave. There is no “SPIRITUAL ATTACK”, or whatever about it, it is simply nature playing itself.

Others claim that getting married in the dream is demonic. This is highly superstitious and illiterate. Religion which thrives on fantasy, fear and superstition has buried this medieval buffoonery into people through the pastorpreneurs who are out to capitalize on everything. If one should observe very well, those who have these kind of dreams, are desperate singles who are hungry for marriage and the warmth of a spouse. Once your mind gets disturbed about a thing and desires it so much, the subconscious naturally receives it, and in  its desire to create a balance in the mind, it releases the fantasies and desires of the individual via dreams to saturate the mind and ease the burden of desperation and discomfort on the consciousness of the person in question.

The same goes to a man that is broke or in dire need of money. Poor people, among many other things will dream of having money, driving cars, or whatever they desire so much. This is simply their mind in its subconsciousness level of operation doing justice to the individual’s wishes. Some people in many cases who are inundated with sobriety, hopelessness and low self-esteem including pessimism, will naturally have have dreams depicting of poverty, disappointment and hopelessness, because their pessimism has over-shadowed everything about them. These things are practical common sense and psychology of the subconscious at work, and not some superstitious witchcraft or whatever as the pastorpreneurs portray them and put fear in the minds of people just to reap from their ignorance.

Only the illiterate, fearful, ignorant and superstitious fall prey to these absurdities.

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Dreams and Superstitions Pt2:

…. From the previous note on the subject….
So this female friend went ahead to enumerate that she innocently patronized Pastor B. According to her, Pastor B began calling her on the phone and giving her so called VISIONS from the lord. The vision included that she should spend 7 days in the house of the bachelor preacher to chase away the “evil dreams and spirits”. Day1, Day2 passed, on the night of Day3 pastor had another vision that she should spend the 3rd night in his room, so that he can travel into the “realm of the spirit” and confront the spirit. She said she did as the “man of God” commanded because the bible says “believe in his servant, and you shall prosper”.

To put the story succinctly, Pastor B, in his desire to travel to the “REALM OF THE SPIRIT”, needed to have an erection then a penetration subsequently, to ENTER into this so called REALM. Pastor B’s dick began trespassing boundaries as his fingers were trying to locate her panties. It was there her senses came to her that Pastor B has a dick and dicks have realms they love function in.

After much dragging and wrestling, she grabbed his two eggs and he automatically became a child and humbled himself before her. 5 am in the morning she took her bags and left in disappointment. 1 week later she became a church sermon in the lips of Pastor B as an agent of Satan sent to tempt him which he overcame. He warned the church members to stay away from her or the curse of the lord will be upon them. The church in unison prayed against her to die by fire, by thunder.

The incident took place in 2011. Since her ordeal, she never went to church and like every free-thinker, after carefully studying the jewish book of bedtime stories, she realized her intelligence is too big for this shit. Last saturday was her marriage. No prayers, no prophecy, no fasting, it is simply que sera sera- what was meant to be, will be.

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Dreams And Superstitions Pt1

Dreams and Superstitions Pt 1:

Sleep paralysis is a condition where a person is temporarily unable to move or speak while asleep or awake. Tell this to a toxic Nigerian believer, he’ll say you’re saying shit, but rather it’s a “SPIRITUAL ATTACK”, that a witch is PRESSING you. Trust the Nigerian preachers they are always ready to feed them with whatever they deem fit, hence, the birth of “DIE BY FIRE AND THUNDER” prayer topics in the pentecostal churches.

The mind of the highly religious is very toxic and recipient of fear and meaningless superstitions, which is the bulwark of profiteering for the PASTORPRENEURS and PROPHTEFTS. I don’t know if this is replicated in the practice and beliefs of other christians in other countries or its just inherently Nigerian. But to the Nigerian christian (especially the pentecostal), eating in the dream means “spiritual poisoning”, “witchcraft initiation”, etc. Being chased in the dream translates to being under a spiritual attack. And having sexual intercourse means having “spiritual husband and wife” (as the sex maybe), which is hindering one’s progress.

As ridiculous these things may sound, a vast multitude of believers buy this hokum even though there are no biblical back-ups for such absurdities. The preacher who is in the business of selling imaginary problems and enemies to people in order to sell them a solution is the arbiter of the meaning of dreams. And like a typical capitalistic, he must create a demand for his supply.

A female friend, sometime ago recounted her ordeal in the hands of pastorpreneurs after she had a dream where she drank a glass of wine. According to her, the 3 different pastors she consulted, gave her 3 different interpretations:

Pastor A: It is a sign of demonic contract and oath! Wines are symbolic of oaths and that is what the enemy has used to tie you down.
Solution: 7 days fasting (in church), 7 bottles of olive oils (compulsory to buy the church’s oil cos its BLESSED at an over-inflated price).

Pastor B: That is your wedding wine. It is a sign that someone is drinking your wedding wine in the realm of the spirit, and that is the reason you cannot marry.
Solution: 3 days DRY fasting with a bottle of wine, ring, handkerchief, Bride price -50,000 naira (more than 300 dollars for my non-Nigerian friends)

Pastor C: Have you been paying your tithes? “No pastor” she replied. That is the problem. Wine is a thing of merriment but it cannot come to pass in your life because you haven’t obeyed the word of the lord!
Solution:(After reading from the book of Malachi on tithes), you have to reconcile and amend with God, ask for forgiveness for cheating him. Then you sow a reconciliation offering and a seed of redemption (reads from the book of Deutronomy and Levitcus to back up this).

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