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Curiousity Murders God

Why are people usually afraid or shy away from asking questions?

Some people would rather die in silence than throw open or send forth the simple words or phrases of “what”, “why”, “when”, “how” etc.

I have never seen a man die because of asking questions, but I have seen people die because of ignorance. Wait! What did I just say? My bad, people have died so many times because they asked questions, how could I forget so easily why the dark ages was called the dark ages.

In those days when religion ruled, specifically that of the Christian faith was solely responsible for the brutal execution of millions people who asked questions concerning their faith.
Such that one of my favorite icons, Voltaire in a letter to Frederick II of Prussia said:
“Every sensible man, every honorable man, must hold the Christian sect in horror.”
The legendary luminary went ahead to say:
“Christianity is the most ridiculous, the most absurd, and bloody religion that has ever infected the world.”

Even till today, people still get killed from asking questions. The camel brigade cousins of Christianity, Islam is the chief priest of this act in this age.

That is why the religious man is perplexed by those of us who ask questions, because it is a shock to them that one can be this mentally free. To them, the bewildered, they were configured by their organizations to maintain silence of the mind and ask no questions since childhood. And since the Christians of this age may no longer burn those who ask questions on stakes, they excuse themselves that one that ask pertinent questions would be punished by providence and so when they see some us who do not acknowledge such primitive and ridiculous providence it shocks them and they respond with paranoia or separation of contact.

They call it blasphemy and nobody wonders why it is only in theology and religion where the miserly lettered word is of great credence to the psyche such that it can emit punishment from their part?

The answer is simple: when you are on the side of falsehood, lies, irrationality and delusion, the only thing necessary to secure your estate is brute force. This is the true birth of blasphemy. Blasphemy only exists where the established authority is illegitimate, false, misleading and indefensible upon confrontation with interrogation.

If blasphemy were to be replicated in all tires of life, then no one would be allowed to questioned criminals, no one would be allowed to write articles in the newspapers and the internet and nobody would be allowed to practice democracy. Above all, there would be no lawyers, since everyone would be citing blasphemy for every defense.

This is the principle difference between theology and science, rationality and irrationality, faith and fact, lies and truth, falsehood and reality. To shield yourself from being bewitched by ignorance, ask questions. Those who ask questions can only experience a brief moment of ignorance but those who don’t will die in ignorance. And no man has ever gotten knowledge by being silent with curiosity.

Whatever does not tolerate questioning does not have any answer to anything. And that is why religion will always be a backward and primitive vice and shackles to anywhere it is exalted.

Curiosity Murders God

By Imoh “Son of David”


Dear Religious Africans: Rats Avoiding Rat-Traps Is Not Witch-craft

Recently I went to someone’s house and I heard them complain that the household rats are no longer entering our locally made yellow rat gum catcher or traps. And their explanation for this sort of behavior was very simple as all other religious explanation of things- “Witch Rats.”

Sadly, the house which I visited is not alone on this Point of view, in short it is our intrinsic territorial absurdity to always assign our ignorance to the supernatural and I feel ashamed because the people in that household are educated. But this is not new to us at all.

And so I want to use the small medium to educate some of you who think that rats avoiding rat gums are manifestations of witchcraft. You see, when you stay under the congregation of theology, you will always reason primitively because nothing grand and intellectual will never be administered to you. So, instead of your IQ to grow, you will be decreasing in your senses.

Please, this is why some of us beg you people to study and learn science for your own benefits.

Rats avoiding gum traps are but the manifestations of evolution in biology and also in Psychology what is called “OPERANT CONDITIONING”, “The Law of Effect”, “Discrimination” and the effects of negative reinforcers.

Due to time and the avoidance of a lengthy writing I will not delve into large details. This is what I should charge for bailing you people from what Bacon termed “Idol of the market place and Theatre.” But it is of my good to regulate the crass superstitions and ignorance in my environment.

To break it down simply, when you keep using gum traps to catch rats, their offspring and other rats are learning and therefore what we call an “OPERANT” (in psychology) has occurred. And then the Law of effect which explains that a conditioned response will be stamped in (the rat’s psyche) and the previous response you are used to, which rats always walk into your gum traps foolishly have been stamped out, because they have restructured and learned by experiences you gave them.

And thus due to constant repetition of these trap activities, the rat species have evolved and learned to recognize a rat gum trap, and this is what we call in psychology “Discrimination.”

Please this is not witchcraft. Organisms learn and evolve and pass the same traits to their younger ones. It is not just humans that learn from mistakes and traps and avoid them. I know religion does not teach a lot of you that animals think and learn also. So please, understand this.

What you should do now, is to change the rat gums and redesign it in a very new and different way they have never seen before. By so doing, they’ll fall into it again but with time again, they’ll learn your new tricks and then begin adapt and then you’ll begin to call them witch rats again.

Thank you.

By Imoh “Son of David”

It Is Floyd Mayweather’s Money and Not Yours!

I have read some people show a strong disapproval and an open irritation for Floyd Mayweather. This is mostly due to his arrogant and public wasteful life of display of luxury. They are right to express their opinion as much as Mayweather is of his own right do as he pleases with his hard-earned legitimate money. And the arguments I read on posts on these issues with accusations of hatred on the success of the man and a counter-accusation of the worship of luxury is funny to read.

I do not like the man but my reason for his dislike is solely based on his woman-beating issue and plus recently, I lost money because he won a man who relied more on praying than how to make other people’s money put on his head to count, and sadly that was the kind of man I put my money on. I wish I knew earlier that he was up against a prayer warrior in a boxing ring, I would have doubled my money confidently on Mayweather’s victory.

That’s by the way.

I think a man who rightly earned his money is free to do as he pleases with it so far he does not use it to sponsor crime, environmental degradation, terrorism and any form of evil. If a well earned living man chooses to waste his millions and billions of dollars on cars, jewelry or what have you, that is his business and not mine. Whether he chooses to give other people his money, feed the poor or sponsor anyone’s education, that is his own drift because it is his “legitimate” money.

Giving money to charity is an obligation of personal conscience and conviction.

The only people I have a problem with their wealth are the politicians, preachers and shady half-business half-political men. The ones we mostly call elites. The reason is because, it is not their money but other people’s money.

All things being equal, if the standard of true priesthood and statesmanship were to be abided by, according to the factual doctrine of politics and priesthood, politicians and priests are meant to be paupers of material evaluation.

They are only meant to be rich in their mind, intellect, selflessness, humility, service and honesty. But it is not so. These set of people we have here and in this age are against the original ideology of the greeks and other schools of thoughts on statesmanship and service. They are the richest, the most pompous, most greedy and selfishly deceitful of us all. Above all they the human sources of all problems in the society.

I can accept I am no good human being but when it comes to priests and politicians, I find myself as merciful, omniscient, holy of holies, and without blemish because these men are at the bottom line of morality and at the everest-peak point of immorality.

Please let a hard-working man do as he pleases with his money. He did not steal it. He took punches to earn it. And if refuses to do good to others with his wealth, that is his own side of the story that I do not deem fit to talk about.

The society should have taught him love when he was younger, but if he refuses to act the way you people want him to be simply because he has become successful at his own sweat and misery, then you people should be quiet and be ashamed that you live in a society where people are not taught how to be useful rather than judge him by the standards of affection you showed him when he was a nobody.

And if you do not want to see human beings like him who engage in vanities, then repent and start being good to everyone around you and above all teach your children how not to look down and discriminate against people.

Kill your pastors in the churches!

Are they not the ones that preach to everyone that if you have wealth and the others do not have, it only means you are more blessed than your neighbor and that if you have more cars it means that the Lord has spotted you to sit in the Front row of the church as a Deacon or an Elder whether or not you robbed the world to get the money.

So please excuse Mayweather and let him be.

By Imoh “Son of David”

Is Saudi Arabia Now A Territorial Moralist?

If you are a mistress to America, only then it is moral, legal and permissible to bomb another coutry including innocent civilians (women and children).

I cannot see the Saudi Arabia’s aerial bombardment in Yemen any different from Russia’s position in Ukraine. They both carry out actions in an attempt to unsit an illegitimate government by their own standards.

If I could recall vividly, Ukraine had a legitimate leader who was unceremoniously chased out of his country by the Western-backed delegates in Ukraine, all in the bid to reduce Russia and her league of allies to rumbles.

Russia, like Saudi responded in their own way. As a matter of lesser evil, Russia did not send their airplanes into Ukraine to bomb people like Saudi. They instead did what America is always doing- back-up their pro-nationalist and ideologist to “akbar” the perceived scumbags. And before you know it, the CNN and the global news channels came screaming that Russia has done the worst thing ever imagined in the history of territorial games. Russia was sanctioned. Thanks to “every-one-loves-uncle-Sam’s” league.

Israel is occupying another man’s land, Saudi Arabia is killing innocent civilians in an attempt to get rid of an illegitimate and coupist government, just like Russia, Uncle Sam and dem Mafia league, see nothing, hear nothing. Inshort, they see it in good light.

What is even amazing is how the Saudi accuses the Houthi rebels of human rights abuse. I don’t know whether to feel insulted or entertained. Uncle Sam keeps accusing Assad, China, Russia and Iran of human rights abuse. However, a night before they were in bed with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. And yet jumped past their bedmates to Libya and Iraq to give them democracy. If their democracy was that good, why didn’t they give it to their Bahrain and Saudi Mistresses?

Just few months ago their sweet opera of a media, The Economist endorsed a former dictator who benefited from a coup that unsitted a democratically elected government, and of course, a well known human rights abuser, with a phobia for Free Speech and Press, a Shariah enthusiast,etc. as the right person to lead my country. Few days weeks later the same band of western moralists were in the news talking about how the support of Shariah is babaric and undemocratic. Maybe their Mistress, Saudi Arabia supports a very democratic kind of Shariah, maybe the in-coming Commander-in-Chief of my country supports that same type Shariah. Maybe I am just a learner, I’m sure my expert teachers of Uncle-Samism, Politicking and international relations, know better than my big-mouthed self.

Anyway, when I grow up, I want to be like Uncle Sam. I am a honest and upright man, right?

By Imoh “Son of David”

The Economist Conspired Against Nigeria

I made a pact to myself that my next car would be the Nigerian made Innoson motors. To watch my pact, I went ahead to make an upfront payment of an innoson product.

Prior to this decision, I had in mind to upgrade to something “sophisticated”, you know that type of stuff Naija people term as “Maaashin.” But on a 2nd thought, I recognized the vanity of this and the economic imprudence of such vain crave, merely on the utility value to deriving a pleasure of prestige which is but short-lived because after a couple of years, the so called sophistication will become the regular.

I can get something light on the wallet and valuable at the same time and still channel my humble resources to other better things, like helping those who are in need or contributing something efficient in goodness and value to more people than my hedonistic instincts. Innoson motors was the best option which came to mind.

Explaining this to a few acquaintances, it became a subject of mockery on my part. “How can you buy that product, you know we never make anything good” argued one. The other thought I have taken my silliness to a whole new level in the name of being ‘rational’. And sadly this came from people with Masters in Economics and the other pursuing PHD in sociology.

However, this did not surprise me because I have seen a Professor of Philosophy who said that when it comes to the bible, he pockets his philosophy because there is nothing to philosophize in the old book as everything in it is fine. When I asked the man how the sun came to be on the 4th day as there cannot be a 1st nor 2nd day not to mention to the 4th day without the existence of the sun. He simply replied that it is not the business of philosophy to answer that. I told the Prof. that this is called a simple SCIENCE not philosophy. I went ahead asking how the heck an omnipotent being will call the bat a bird and talk about the existence of unicorns and dragons. The next thing he frowned his face but unknown to him, the frown of a goat cannot stop it from ending in a pot of soup. Well, as we all know, we live in a country where the most mediocre are granted the office of excellence. That is a story for another day.

If I buy an Innoson product, I am doing good to myself and overall good to the economy. If I do not patronize their products how the heck do I expect them to grow and become world class contenders in the auto-market? Every single penny I’ll spend on an Innoson product, I am doing it for my own benefit because I am contributing to the growth of my economy and not to grow another person’s economy say the Japanese while I whine all day about mine and how my country’s product don’t well.

I may dislike the man GEJ for a lot of incompetence but I will forgive him on his policy of the high tariff on imported cars. This was nothing but the best of decisions he has taken so far he has entered that Aso ‘demonic’ Rock of madness. Unknown to our uninformed and half-baked thinking citizens, that very decision is contributory to his failure at the polls. You cannot frustrate the businesses of powerful nations and expect them to be happy.

Nigeria is home to hundreds of millions of people. We have homes here where one idiot named a politician owns 25 foreign cars and he is still buying more. Have any you visited the home of the Esama of Benin kingdom? There are millions of people that have houses of such display of cars. If you are a foreign power, you will love Nigeria for this one purpose. But GEJ has to spoiled your business of simple demand and supply by trying to redirect the consumers interest to home-made products like Innoson, will you be happy? I’m sure you will be happy.

And what will they do? Punish the man and sponsor his opposition.

It is not a coincidence that The Economist did not endorse President GEJ’s candidacy. Have you ever asked what the economic policy of Buhari is which earned his admiration with The Economist? Please what is Buhari’s economic module that has seduced the Economist a foreign magazine? Instead the Economists was telling us about Chibok girls and how corruption has destroyed the country (like they, the western powers are not part of that corruption here). Not the issue of the Chibok girls are not of serious concern, but please which countries refused to sell arms to Nigeria to combat this madness? No wonder the man GEJ began to learn his lessons by charging our military to start producing weapons. Yes we have started and they used them in the recent onslaught against those animals.

The issue of the Chibok girls is daisy and for them to rally behind as an excuse to endorse a former dictator with a monstrous history of coup d’etat, human rights abuse, etc is a call for concern, considering that they are the matyrs of freedom of the Press, speech, Human rights and what have you. But suddenly they fell in love with a former coup plotter and benefactor and human rights abuser. While the West is telling us that they one to overthrow a dictator in Syria, they are miraculously endorsing former dictator in Nigeria to head the affairs of the current state.

Does this not surprise you? Of course it doesn’t. Maybe I am the petty one and the myopic alarmist. Thank you.

Please, The Economist is beyond some paper or website to read. It is a mechanism. It is a power and a tool operated and owned by world powers to secure their goals and punish their offenders. They do not give a damn about your country. They only care about theirs. Even if candidate A is doing the right thing for your country and citizenry, if it is not in tandem with their interests, he is useless to them and incompetent.

Please watch very careful, when the government of Nigeria changes and then suddenly the tariffs on imported cars are dropped and other economic decisions with respect to international communities are reconfigured, do not forget that someone once upon a time wanted to make Nigerian cars an envy of international reputation. As for me, I cannot allow an indigenous maufacturing or assembling firm die by my own hands.

By Imoh “Son of David”

Trinity 101

Sometimes it is hard to ignore the hilarious beliefs of the believer. Even when you do not want to, but it just turns out that funny stuffs pop-up.

Trinity- the belief that 3 is 1 and 1 is 3 but however not 3 but 1. That God which is 1 is in 3 forms but the 3 forms are not actually 3 different things but 1. That is awesome, I must say.

The story goes that number 2 of the 3 in 1 which is Jesus, is God in the flesh, however not a flesh but yet, God.

Even the Christians are dividedly confused in how to place this ridicule. Some days, Jesus is referred to as God and the other Son of God. And so, God has a Son but not a wife, however a baby mama who birth his Son who is also called God. So a woman gave birth to God, thus God has a Mother, although it is God that created his Mother in other to give birth to him.

Awesome, I must say!

So, God who is also Jesus was nailed like a furniture by his tiny powerless creations. And this is the part of the story I love the most- while on the cross, Jesus cried out:

Mathew 27:46

“At about three o’clock, Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” which means “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?”

Translation: “Myself Myself, why have you abandoned me (you, us, we, me and you)?”

And all these, we are told was a plan divinely scripted by the Jewish sky genie so as to enable him forgive man of the sins he alone is solely responsible of condemning man to. And so, he had to kill himself as a sacrifice to himself in other to enable him forgive his tiny little creatures.


This is so gospel truth. I buy it, very legit.

By Imoh “Son of David”

The Will Of God Is Wicked

It is difficult to be in the mist of unthinking people as I had found myself at the obsequies of a friend’s mother.

Friends are of different classifications. It is fair on my grounds of hasty presumption to say everyone has one or few friends they are willing to boycott personal comforts in order to please them. Such was the ordeal which led to my encounter with the poignant church sermon of the Will Of God. What else would have taken me there, if not for the love of a friend in mourning?

I envy folks who are able to entertain bombastic nonsense being chorused into their hearings by the pulpit parrot.

The pulpit parrot in his typical mouth activities could not spare some of us at the funeral some respect to our sense of rationality, echoed “nothing contrary to the will of God can occur.” Reading a verse from the bible which was no stranger to the ears of this Son of David (as I’ve read every single page in the book), he backed-up his sermon by further declaring “everything happens according to the will of God.”

In other words, he was saying that the rueful demise of the mother of my beloved friend is nothing but an execution of the will of God. And this is not just applicable to her case but to all cases of misfortune and grave loss.

An active member of the church, she was. Mma Atim, as she was fondly called was one whom the Christian apologist would describe as a worker of the vineyard, who robbed herself of comfort in other to “please God” or “do God’s work”, like the Christian community would put it. As such, her death definitely sparked silent questioning in the minds of the church members and believers at her funeral, “Why Mma Rita”, “Why did God allow this happen to her despite her services in his house?” “Why? Why? Why?” One could feel it in the air as the silence of grieve spoke more words than the lips. The preacher was only trying do that which he knows best- reconciling the gullibility and fear of the sheeple back to the status quo. His business was silently being threaten.

My friend’s Mum was entirely not an old woman, so to speak. Her demise cannot be tagged “a call to glory”. She was just 55 and suffered a painful battle with cancer, which in turn humbled her to the dust; luring her to the other side of non-existence. And so, the parrot of the ‘Good News’ was implying that it was some God’s plan to terminate her existence in a rather torturing and sadistic way. He must be so benevolent.

The sermon, though insensitive and pesky to the hearing of a rational mind, however, the preacher of this bombastic nonsense was not making this up. He is definitely correct in the philosophy of theology.


Unknown to the theologian and believer, the above has cornered and implicated sky-daddy into the participation of malevolence and wickedness, mischief, sadism, insensitivity, irrationality and psychopathic filth. If everything happens according to his will, then all evil are his will and none should be blame of fault of whatsoever but him.

To elongate the injury to the senses, the preacher bombarded the congregation to live a sin-free life as they shall surely give an account of their earthly stewardship to the sky-man. Again, they shoot themselves on the foot.

If everything that happens is allowed by God and is as according to his will, then there can be no such thing as sin and free will. As all happenstance is nothing but an execution of the directives and imaginations of God, thus no man does anything of his will but only what God has already preordained.

Thus Hitler, Isis, Bin Laden and world wars, are the will of God, all genocides, murders, illnesses are the will of God, human barbarism is not actually human barbarism but the sportsmanship of the will of God. The hungry starved third-world child and women is the will of God. The terrorists, criminals, bloody dictators and disasters are plays of God’s will. Since everything is God’s plan and nothing can happen if he permits it not, then no man is a sinner and no man can be held accountable by him since all things are merely acting-up as he scripted. And since he is All good and righteous then every tragedy which man thinks it is, is not actually a tragedy but a manifestation of his righteous and loving will.

I must have written this because it is the will of God and you are reading it because it is his will also. How awesome does this sound to you? The good thing is that he is imaginary.

By Imoh “Son of David”