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Dreams And Superstitions Pt1

Dreams and Superstitions Pt 1:

Sleep paralysis is a condition where a person is temporarily unable to move or speak while asleep or awake. Tell this to a toxic Nigerian believer, he’ll say you’re saying shit, but rather it’s a “SPIRITUAL ATTACK”, that a witch is PRESSING you. Trust the Nigerian preachers they are always ready to feed them with whatever they deem fit, hence, the birth of “DIE BY FIRE AND THUNDER” prayer topics in the pentecostal churches.

The mind of the highly religious is very toxic and recipient of fear and meaningless superstitions, which is the bulwark of profiteering for the PASTORPRENEURS and PROPHTEFTS. I don’t know if this is replicated in the practice and beliefs of other christians in other countries or its just inherently Nigerian. But to the Nigerian christian (especially the pentecostal), eating in the dream means “spiritual poisoning”, “witchcraft initiation”, etc. Being chased in the dream translates to being under a spiritual attack. And having sexual intercourse means having “spiritual husband and wife” (as the sex maybe), which is hindering one’s progress.

As ridiculous these things may sound, a vast multitude of believers buy this hokum even though there are no biblical back-ups for such absurdities. The preacher who is in the business of selling imaginary problems and enemies to people in order to sell them a solution is the arbiter of the meaning of dreams. And like a typical capitalistic, he must create a demand for his supply.

A female friend, sometime ago recounted her ordeal in the hands of pastorpreneurs after she had a dream where she drank a glass of wine. According to her, the 3 different pastors she consulted, gave her 3 different interpretations:

Pastor A: It is a sign of demonic contract and oath! Wines are symbolic of oaths and that is what the enemy has used to tie you down.
Solution: 7 days fasting (in church), 7 bottles of olive oils (compulsory to buy the church’s oil cos its BLESSED at an over-inflated price).

Pastor B: That is your wedding wine. It is a sign that someone is drinking your wedding wine in the realm of the spirit, and that is the reason you cannot marry.
Solution: 3 days DRY fasting with a bottle of wine, ring, handkerchief, Bride price -50,000 naira (more than 300 dollars for my non-Nigerian friends)

Pastor C: Have you been paying your tithes? “No pastor” she replied. That is the problem. Wine is a thing of merriment but it cannot come to pass in your life because you haven’t obeyed the word of the lord!
Solution:(After reading from the book of Malachi on tithes), you have to reconcile and amend with God, ask for forgiveness for cheating him. Then you sow a reconciliation offering and a seed of redemption (reads from the book of Deutronomy and Levitcus to back up this).

Part 2……..