Quran science 1: The earth is flat and the mountain is it’s anchor

One of the dumbest statements one will hear a muslim assert is “The quran is a book of science or scientific truth”. The quran like any primitive book of religion is fraught with medieval science and illiterate assertions. Like the bible, the quran claims the earth is flat and even went ahead to claim that the mountains are anchors or pegs used to clip the earth from loosing its balance. Here are some of the verses:


Quran 15: 19 And We spread out the earth, and placed mountains as anchors in it, and in it grew all things by a proper measure.


Quran 78: 6-7 Have We not made the earth as a wide expanse, And the mountains as pegs (anchor)?


The funny thing is that the muslim asserts that the quran was not written by any human but Allah. Isn’t it amazing to see that Allah had no knowledge of science? Allah was sure that the earth is flat like a carpet and mountains are there to anchor the earth so that earth does not shake with us. Allah really needs to take science classes.


This illiterate medieval mentality is what people in the 21st century call a book of scientific truth. Islam more than any religion has the highest numbers of illiterate followers. Many of them do not read the quran, they only hear what the Imam or whoever that is tutoring them has to say. The Imam uses pseudo-scientific explanation for dummies and out-right lies to decieve the ready-made illiterate.


Even the few educated ones bank on claims from self-acclaim Islamic scholars who still do the same thing, using pseudo science and illiterate twaddle to hoodwink the folks. How can anything truthful describe the earth as flat and spread-out like a carpet? 


As easy As The Nigerian Music

Nowadays no one gives a hoot about the lyrics or the words of the song, as long as we hear the beat it is a done deal. As a matter of fact we don’t even know the words to the song all we know is the chorus which echoes in rhythm to the beat the same four words for us. The Nigerian producers and musicians don’t even give a damn as long as they go to the club and hear the DJs play their stuff, pick some fine chics and their video gets featured on Sound City, then its classified a HIT! Lol. And of course its not a Nigerian song if there are no phrases like “pop champagne” “whine your waist”, “I don hammer”, “Chop ishewu, pepper soup and turkey”, “Baba God do am for me”, “spend money”, “Jolly”, etc. Sometimes our musicians make me think I can become one of them after all if I can come up with a word play like “Now I don get MONEY dem girls call me HONEY, mamma and Papa come make we JOLLY, make we chop Ishewu and TURKEY…”. Then for the chorus I’ll add something nice like “Make we dance AJAKATAKU!” After all nobody will care to ask what AJAKATATU means. As long as a good DJ is on the beat and Clarence Peters shots the video, then it’s a done deal! You just have to love Nigerian music. We are really an amazing breed in the country.

Hypocrisy and The Nigerian Society

Gone are the days they use to say “as poor as a church rat”, nowadays the church rat is as well-to-do as Aliko Dangote’s dog. If the church rat smuggles her way into a Nigerian preacher’s suitcase, say Bishop Oyedepo, he has become a “Private Jet rat”. One of the worst professions anyone can choose to become on earth are: Nigerian Physicist (atomic, molecular, applied physics or whatever),  Nigerian psychologist, Nigerian radiologist, Nigerian nuclear scientist lol, Nigerian Philosopher and economist (unless of course you’re a lecturer in the field and can impose on your students to buy your books compulsorily), Nigerian Botanist, Nigerian evolution scientist, Nigerian astronaut, Nigerian Christian rapper and even singer, etc. And one the best Career decisions you can make in life is to become a Nigerian pastor or prophet, Nigerian militant or insurgent, Nigerian politician and maybe the Nigerian journalist. Aside the Nigerian Pastor and prophet, the rest of them, if you can make it through aggressively without getting killed for at least 5 years, then its a done deal!
Is it not funny how Nigeria which prides itself as the most religious nation happens to be the one of the worst places anyone can choose to become a gospel artiste? Is it not funny how the secular Nigerian musician gets patronize more than the gospel artiste? Wiz Kid, Davido, Iyanya, P-Square, Timaya, D’banj and co are fairing better than the gospel artistes in the most religious nation on earth. You can clearly see a case of hypocrisy and contradiction on the part of the Nigerian consumer who professes God but patronizes the secular.

However, a gospel artiste like the Christ Embassy’s Sinach is doing better than her counterparts partly because she enjoys an overwhelming support from Pastor Chris Onyakhilome. How she got that lucky we don’t know but we should bear in mind that the church more than any organization has one of the nastiest politicking imaginable, as such we should not be surprised if she was introduced to a “New Level Of Grace” like Ese Walter who was a prey of Grace *just saying*. But one cannot deny she is very gifted with her voice.  If Nigerians are truly what they profess themselves to be, there would have been no market for the likes of Wiz Kid, Davido, Timaya and co. Gospel artistes would have been the consumers favorite. But then, I forgot that religion, among other things makes a person self-righteous and hypocritical without the consent of the individual.

God(s) ought not be thanked

The theist and religious may in their customary routine find it desirous to appraise the sky-daddy on their birthdays, in fact some of them do that everyday, owing it pledgeful to thank some God as a gratitude for bestowing life on them. Their plight, I understand very well, for in my times of “religitardness”, I thought same, but now, I am free from such idiosyncrasy.

Many will consider themselves very BLESSED or recipient of some kind of GRACE, BENEVOLENCE and MERCY from whatever they consider as God. This indeed, I thought as much when my senses was under the administration of indoctrination and fable tales.

Contrary to what the religious thinks of his being alive, the truth is that being alive is a CURSE; a burden of the flesh. Better is the unborn than the born or the living. Even the dead is better than the living. The be alive is a burden; the burden of paying bills, the burden of working hard, the burden of gossip, the burden of prayers, the burden of hopes/wishes and disappointment, the burden of sickness and escaping death, the burden of enmity, etc. While the living is on the conscious fight of trying to postpone his death sentence, he doesn’t want to come to terms with the reality that being alive is like being a criminal whose death sentence is pending and could be decided anytime and anywhere.

The religious more than anyone is convinced that his being alive is indeed a gift from God. This indeed is a misconception from medieval consciousness and mentality of religious indoctrination. How can you call something that would be taken from you willy-nilly a GIFT? This is a skew-whiff understanding of what a gift is. A thing is considered a “GIFT” if it’s yours forever. If you claim someone gave something to you as a GIFT, then he’ll come back later to take it from you, how is that a gift? The foremost characteristic and attribute of a GIFT is that the recipient of this GIFT has an autonomy over this said GIFT, but if you ask the believer he’ll assert “MY LIFE IS OWNED BY GOD”. If your life is owned by a God how does that make your life a GIFT from God? The notion is irreconcilable.

“There is no greater happiness than freedom from Worry, and there is no greater wealth than contentment”, says Lao Tsu. Who is truly a man of contentment, great happiness and free from worry? If you ask this Son Of David here, I’ll give it you succinctly that the unborn and the dead are truly the happiest of all, for they are free from worry and are absolutely contented in their state, for there is no greater wealth than this.

I have no deity to thank, other than nature. I did not ask to be born, neither did I apply for life on earth, if at all there is a God that is responsible of my being, he owes me an apology for bringing me here without my consent, for sending me to this place under duress and without sheer negotiation with me. So what the heck do you mean by I should be grateful to someone who I haven’t seen and whose name has caused more mishap than cocaine? He should have said to me “Hey Son Of David, do you wanna be born a Nigerian, do you wanna be born in the 1980s, do you wanna be born tall, short, fat, Hindu, etc? He sent me here without my consultation, approval and consent. In real sense, if that God you people refer to exists, he owes me apologies and payment of damages in excesses than I owe him a single thanks.

Well, I am here now on this planet, so I’ll do the best of my living to the uttermost surfeit of my essence. I live life creatively and make an art out of my existence. Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. Succinctly, I make art out of life.

“Hey Son of David how can say that, you have blaspheme God, blah blah blah…”, the religious may say. Bertrand Russell said “.. And if there were a God, I think it very unlikely that He would have such an uneasy vanity as to be offended by those who doubt His existence”. It’s not “god” that will take offence to what I’ve said it always humans. And here is another one to the religious: “If there is a god maybe it rewards those who don’t believe on the basis of insufficient evidence―and punishes those who do.”
― Peter Boghossian.

“Son of David why is that you like saying these things against God and religion?” The irritated may ask. Well, this is why: My friend, I don’t know how to pretend, that is a fault from God! I never wanted to be irreligious or an unbeliever, I just wanted to read the bible and all the so called holy books then applied my common sense, well, here I am.

“Everything God has made has a crack”~Ralph Waldo Emerson. So if you claim God made me and knew me before I was conceived, I think he already knew that this Son Of David right here will be this way, so he loves me the way I am, after-all you claim he knows the end from the beginning. Well, it’s a good thing that he is imaginary!

The religious man is one who holds one book (which he has barely read) to be sacrosanct and infallible and closes his common sense to anything that refutes it. The difference between this Son of David here and the religious is that I have read the bible, quran, book of Mormon, Tripitaka (the sacred book of Buddhism) and many others. I can confidently tell you that “GOD” is an invention of man. All those books are hokum and gobbledygook. Well, I’ll excuse the Tripitaka because it has some sense than the bible, quran, and  book Mormon. I have studied extensively on the personalities of Buddha, Mohammed and the biblical Jesus, I can confidently say that all of them (if they existed) have trends of psychos and schizophrenic patients especially Mohammed. Buddha was more learned, philosophical, reasonable, humbled and well-mannered than the other two.

Asari Dokubo and The War Drummers

Asari Dokubo should be left to roam freely. He is a necessity and a great asset to the Southerners. The truth should be told, the name Nigeria is a territorial fraud and an artificial fiefdom, where prince are made to crawl while the slaves ride on horses. What do I mean by this? I’ll explain shortly but let’s travel back in time: Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Gambari Prince of the North and the leader of the Northern Peoples’ Congress said this: “The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Othman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the north as willing tools and the south as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future.” – Parrot Newspaper October 12, 1960. I wasn’t born in the 1960s, neither did I witness the late Ahmadu Bello making the statement above, but this is a statement no Northern Elite or institution in Nigeria has debunked. The Northerners, more than any tribe in Nigeria has ruled this nation both in despotism and democracy. Never at anytime has the southerners revolt against any Northern leadership in the name of “We Must Rule.” Today where a southerner in the person of President Jonathan through accidental arrangement came to the sit of power, we have come to sadly assume that the Northern elite has this “born-to-rule-mentality” just like their idol Ahmadu Bello was quoted. Nigeria today is serviced through the oil wells in the South. The Northerners more than any tribe in Nigeria has looted the wealth of this nation and yet they are insatiable of this. As if looting was the only act of aggression they have committed, they even took their aggression further with their ethnic jingoism to engage in a spurious ethnic cleansing through religious riots and now, terrorism to cause anarchy for the sitting government of Nigeria. Every bloodbath that took place in Northern Nigeria saw to it that the Southerners and non-muslims were wiped-out while their Northern counterparts walk freely on the streets of the South. What more can be defined as an ultimate turpitude than this? The average Northerner sees the Southerner as a potential enemy that must be subdued, conquered and ruled but at the same time, they insist on the continuity of this ticking time-bomb of a coerced settlement, Nigeria, simply because they are unable to do without the oil wells in the South . And thanks to the predominance of the Islamic indoctrination in the North, to the Northern muslim (as stated in the Qu’ran) a non-muslim is a “najis” (filthiest thing ever). To the staunch Northern muslim, being ruled by a non-muslim is a taboo, hence, the birth of boko haram. To even prove this further, Gen Buhari, a former head of state and a supposed Statesman and patriot called a terrorist organization like Boko Haram “Freedom fighters”. How can any reasonable man call terrosists freedom fighters? A group that has vehemently made their stance known, that they want Nigeria to be Islamized, is this what Buhari calls freedom fighting? During an interview on BBC Hausa , Buhari was quoted to have said “If what happened 2011 should happen again in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.” Why must the North be habitual in threatening the entire nation? Before the election of President Goodluck Jonathan in 2011, the likes of Adamu Ciroma said that the North will make the country ungovernable for any Southerner that emerges as President, today, we are gifted with the Boko Haram menace. What makes Asari Dokubo any worse than him or his fellow war drummers? Asari Dokubo comes from a part of the country that have known negligence all through its years of existence. He comes from the minority ethnic group whose natural resources the Northerners have looted and impoverished over the years and yet when his kinsman is opportune to occupy the sit of power, the same Northerners who have looted the resources of his land are threatening violence and hell like it is the same way the Southerners did to them in all their many years of evil, corruption and plunder? To put it mildly, the North is an ingrate of a neighbour; talking about the proverbial people that bites the finger that fed them. Asari Dokubo has every reason to reciprocate every threat and beat the war drums. The Northern elites have been over-tolerated, such that they have over-estimated their importance. What manner of madness is this? When the Southerners want to disintegrate and become an autonomous region, they’ll say no way, now the South wants to get a shot at power, they are giving everyone sleepless nights. It is hightime someone informs these unuseful Northern cabal that we are satiated with their dramas and buffonery! Gone are the days of “BORN TO RULE”, “I AM SUPERIOR”, etc if they cannot live peacefully with the rest of the nation, they should just disintegrate. We are sick of their nonsense! Nobody is willing to tolerate their excesses any longer. Gone are the days we use to babysit jackasses, now its an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! Please let Asari Dokubo be; for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction! Asari Dokubo is reacting in tandem with natural irritability which all the Southerners do share!!

Dreams and Superstitions pt3

Dreams are just dreams, they aren’t called “DREAMS” because they are real. if it were real, nobody would have called it a DREAM. What happens in the dream stays in the dream.  Dreams are ways of the mind playing games on us, it is simply the subconscious expressing itself. If you dream of yourself holding money, no matter how real and good it feels, you will never wake up with a dime.

When a man sleeps, he is analogous to a car on auto-drive without a conscious driver or chauffeur behind the wheels or the steering.  Like the car without a driver, the mind tours to wherever it pleases and regurgitates images that are already registered in the subconsciousness.  For example, a man who watched a porn video or desirous of a particularly attractive lady is likely to dream about sleeping with a woman, maybe not that same day, but as long as his mind, the subconscious has captured the event and image, the likelihood of the subconscious replaying it to him in different forms is very high. It may not replay to the person the exact way the porn video appeared, but it may make up an image of any beautiful or sexy woman to comprehend his deepest desire and fantasy.

Some people may say they never watched any porn neither do they desire to have sex or lust after anyone, like I heard a religious lady argue, trying to assert that having sex in the dream is DEMONIC or a so called SPIRITUAL ATTACK. She even went ahead to enumerate that she hasn’t had sex in a long time and does not even desire to. The truth is that those who claim they not have sex in reality are more likely to have sex in the dreams than anyone else. The reason is that, their inability to satisfy their innate human want which is sex, has forced their body to get it for them unconsciously or through the subconsciousness. Sex is a human necessity, whether you deny it or not. It is part of the subconscious. When you willfully deny your body this for any reason known to you, your subconscious, which is naturally configured to be sexual and responsive to the innate desire will pick up images to the mind while its asleep (auto-drive), to satisfy its lust and innermost silent crave. There is no “SPIRITUAL ATTACK”, or whatever about it, it is simply nature playing itself.

Others claim that getting married in the dream is demonic. This is highly superstitious and illiterate. Religion which thrives on fantasy, fear and superstition has buried this medieval buffoonery into people through the pastorpreneurs who are out to capitalize on everything. If one should observe very well, those who have these kind of dreams, are desperate singles who are hungry for marriage and the warmth of a spouse. Once your mind gets disturbed about a thing and desires it so much, the subconscious naturally receives it, and in  its desire to create a balance in the mind, it releases the fantasies and desires of the individual via dreams to saturate the mind and ease the burden of desperation and discomfort on the consciousness of the person in question.

The same goes to a man that is broke or in dire need of money. Poor people, among many other things will dream of having money, driving cars, or whatever they desire so much. This is simply their mind in its subconsciousness level of operation doing justice to the individual’s wishes. Some people in many cases who are inundated with sobriety, hopelessness and low self-esteem including pessimism, will naturally have have dreams depicting of poverty, disappointment and hopelessness, because their pessimism has over-shadowed everything about them. These things are practical common sense and psychology of the subconscious at work, and not some superstitious witchcraft or whatever as the pastorpreneurs portray them and put fear in the minds of people just to reap from their ignorance.

Only the illiterate, fearful, ignorant and superstitious fall prey to these absurdities.

pt 4…………..

Dreams and Superstitions Pt2:

…. From the previous note on the subject….
So this female friend went ahead to enumerate that she innocently patronized Pastor B. According to her, Pastor B began calling her on the phone and giving her so called VISIONS from the lord. The vision included that she should spend 7 days in the house of the bachelor preacher to chase away the “evil dreams and spirits”. Day1, Day2 passed, on the night of Day3 pastor had another vision that she should spend the 3rd night in his room, so that he can travel into the “realm of the spirit” and confront the spirit. She said she did as the “man of God” commanded because the bible says “believe in his servant, and you shall prosper”.

To put the story succinctly, Pastor B, in his desire to travel to the “REALM OF THE SPIRIT”, needed to have an erection then a penetration subsequently, to ENTER into this so called REALM. Pastor B’s dick began trespassing boundaries as his fingers were trying to locate her panties. It was there her senses came to her that Pastor B has a dick and dicks have realms they love function in.

After much dragging and wrestling, she grabbed his two eggs and he automatically became a child and humbled himself before her. 5 am in the morning she took her bags and left in disappointment. 1 week later she became a church sermon in the lips of Pastor B as an agent of Satan sent to tempt him which he overcame. He warned the church members to stay away from her or the curse of the lord will be upon them. The church in unison prayed against her to die by fire, by thunder.

The incident took place in 2011. Since her ordeal, she never went to church and like every free-thinker, after carefully studying the jewish book of bedtime stories, she realized her intelligence is too big for this shit. Last saturday was her marriage. No prayers, no prophecy, no fasting, it is simply que sera sera- what was meant to be, will be.

Pt 3…..

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