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God Does Not Answer Prayers

In my toddler age, I think it was in my primary 5 which is the equivalent of America’s 5th grade. Prophet Abraham, a preacher whose clientele my parents patronized then, on a certain evening as I remember vividly after doing what priests do when they visit homes that grease their palms and oil their feet with that one paper which God insatiably craves from the pocket of men, a young lad which I was, had something for the prophet to tender to the sky council.

Galloping in the traditional style of a young chap, I confronted him at the door as he was about to dust his feet with the brown envelop that bore the “happy paper” that pleases both Gods and men, gifted to him by my father. I asked with optimism that the man of God lay hands on me and call on God to make me earn the 1st position in my class as we were about to begin our first term exams the next morning.

True to my desire, he wasted no time in pouring his heart out to the heavens. His voice so loud that if God was asleep, he would be awaken with the “sherimamama kantadum” the man of God was thundering into the air. Now I am an adult, I understand the brief drama he displayed is the famous permissible absurdity in oral gibberish, called “speaking-in-tongues”. Besides, I have come to understand that the package gifted by my father must have aroused such a vociferous passion in the man’s prayer to his God, who is most effective when coin is involved. Just ask the pastorpreneur.

After the lengthy prayer, I was glad and of course so sure that God will grant as the prayer submitted. That prayer was too passionate and compelling for God to ignore, I thought. Soon after his leave, it dawn on my toddler mind that perhaps some other kid in my class could have prayed to God the same prayer and that I am not the only kid smart enough to embark on appealing to skydaddy for an unequal academic progress. Like a typical child, turning to my parents to bail my suspicion, I asked: “If everyone prayed to God to take the 1st position in my class, who will God answer?” I am not sure of the reply I was given, my memory tape experiences some distortion here, but I’m sure it can never be anything close to reconciling satisfaction and reason into intercourse.

Did God make me take the 1st position? You may inquire. We honestly know the reputation of God in answering prayers, mine couldn’t afford such immunity from his omni-snobbery. Too bad the wailing of his priest was not convincing to his omnipotence and benevolence. Or perhaps the white-bearded genie was irritated by the gibberish the preacher was spitting into his celestial exile palace.

“Joshua must have prayed to God earlier”. “There is a type of way he prayed to God to answer him”, I struggled with my childish dissonance as I clutched the 10th position while looking enviously at Joshua who had what God refused to grant me. To bail my childish dissonance, Joshua was quizzed by this Son of David:
“How did you pray to God to take the 1st position?” “I did not pray, I read my books”, he defended. “Then your Daddy or pastor prayed for you”, I suspected aloud. “My Dad does not go to church and we do not have a church or a pastor”. It turned out that Joshua had a higher IQ than the rest of us and that was the God that answered his prayers above mine; “wishful thinking”.

God does not answer prayers. There is no old man in the sky that grants anyone’s desires. Even if the entity’s existence should be excused briefly, the probability of him answering prayers are relatively and directly proportional to one’s hardwork, skill, money, resources, opportunity, etc just to list a handful.

If three individuals say A, B, and C prayed to God for a car, say a Range Rover automobile valued at $70,000. If Mr A has an annual income of $150,000, Mr B an annual income of $5,000 and Mr. C $75,000. Amongst these three praying men, which of them is likely to own the Range Rover car? Mr A will acquire it more easily than the other praying men. But Mr C through savings can acquire the Range Rover but we cannot attest same for Mr B. God will answer the prayers of Mr A abruptly and it is not the imaginary sky genie we are talking here, but his income and savings is that God which granted his prayers. Assuming there is a fourth man Mr D who does nothing, earns nothing but prays and fasts day and night, how will God answer his prayers? Perhaps he assumes some Range Rover will be delivered from the celestial courier to his doorsteps. Mr D’s prayer falls on deaf ears; he has no God. For the God who would have answered his prayers, is not in his possession and that God is called Money or Income!

This is what my religious African brothers are blind to. They pray all day and night, producing nothing and yet suffer greatly because they expect an invisible man in the sky to miraculous create luxury for them. This to me is the most terrible fantasy to befall anyone, be it a group or an individual. If America, the world’s most powerful nation should go to war with my country, Nigeria; the most religious territory on earth. If America should pray to God for victory in war and Nigerians do same, who will God answer? Isn’t it the one with the higher fire power? Perhaps if Japan, a largely irreligious nation should go to war against Nigeria, who will emerge the victor? Japan doesn’t pray but Nigeria prays, who will be the one to suffer colossal damage to defeat? Nigeria’s fire power is inferior to that of the Japanese, we need no lengthy debate to know whose side the coin of victory will be.

If God hears not the prayers of the religious Nigerians and accord the largely irreligious Japanese military triumph over Nigeria, does it not show that God is on the side of the man whose abilities and resources will make his work easier? How can we truly say that God answers prayers when it is the resources of men that speaks depending on how it is employed?

Culled From ~THE ULTIMATE CURSE ON MANKIND~ by Imoh “Son of David”




There are three types of these haters, namely; (i) the passive hater (ii) the avowed hater and (iii) the merger or conglomerate hater.

The Passive Hater is one who will never come out openly to express their dislike against you. But hey, some way somehow hatred has way of bringing their ass out to the open. One may say, the passive hater is of no use to me, he is cowering and hiding in the hole like a rabbit, and so can’t do shit while he swallows his disaffection. This is entirely not true. The passive hater is the most dangerous in the haters echelon. There is nothing as portentous as not knowing you have an enemy within. These types of haters are difficult to spot, but alas! Some of us are gifted in spotted them, and we have tools in drawing them out of their hole.

The passive hater can be friends, relatives or anyone who has a personal relationship or acquaintance with you. Strangers scarcely make passive haters. Many often a time they bury their disaffection against their victim with a smile, hug and complimentary. They maybe the first to compliment you and speak very highly of your awe; whether beauty, intelligence, talent, riches, project, relationship, ambition, career, etc.
If you were twerking in the middle of a highway, these kind of haters, knowing truly the dangers of you getting knocked down by a speeding vehicle will increase the frequency of their appraisals and flattery and even demand you to keep twerking in the middle of the road that instead of a vehicle knocking you down, they’ll somersault over you. If by chance a speeding vehicle almost knocked you while twerking in the middle of the highway, and you happen to escape getting knocked-down to death by the whiskers, they’ll remark “Don’t mind the bastard driver, he was hating on your ass cos he can’t twerk better than you, doesn’t he know this is a public road?

They may not necessarily lambaste you or show any sign of criticism or disaffection towards you, but meanwhile, the demon is deep buried in their belly, awaiting unleash.
These kinds of haters are very dangerous. If you have an avowed outside enemy, they are the ones that’ll sell-out to them for a pittance and then ask them to keep the change.

Their demons and symptoms gets to be revealed sometime when they display a sudden or strange moodiness around you in the form of silence, distance or maybe a sudden enrage over a very trivial matter of a pipsqueak weight, that under no natural circumstance should warrant such aggravation or outburst of paroxysm. During such outbursts, to spot the passive hater, it is of my counsel that rather than avoid the outburst, it is necessary to press further, for the passive hater meets her moment of truth under circumstances when he/she is under intense irritability from her object of irritation. Most people unknown to them do wonder why certain friends at a time suddenly went on an unnecessary outburst at them over nothing (that is if truly you were not at fault). In a innocent and unsuspecting spirit of friendship, many people do rush to soothe the friend or avoid nasty or unwarranted drama or confrontations, by keeping calm or wondering in awe what manner of irritation befell their friend(s) in a short moment. Unknown to them, they allow a moment of revelation pass them by, and that way the passive hater survives yet another chance into longevity.

Here is an example of a little scenery of what I mean:
Your friend, or whoever has been acting somewhat strange (particularly towards you). You ignore such behavior thinking it’s just one of those days a person do not get to wake-up on the right-side of the bed. Then somehow, you ask her for biro, she responds, saying she is using it when actually she is not using it. Then you ask her whether anything is wrong, she barely waits for you to finish the inquiry to echo “I’m fine. I’m using the biro”. You look away and ignore. Then probably out of chance of mistake you stepped on her beautiful pair of shoes, and to your puzzle, she immediately erupts like an over-ripe volcano. As a good friend you’ll be shocked to see her mad at you at something that simple (which is normally not characteristic of her to act that way), you may quickly try to pacify her, while at the same time wondering what the heck is going on with her. If this opportunity passes you without getting her to reveal her stuff, maybe the next day, she’ll come apologizing over the way she acted previously or she may default to her usual state.
What you should do is this: if your friend is acting one of a kind and then suddenly erupts over the shoe, rather than pacify her, press her. Make remarks like “you’re talking to me this way cos of this stupid shoes of yours?” Or, rather than apologize you can do something more annoying like laugh, giggle or play down on her anger just to irritate her the more. When the build-up of irritation is beyond her pretense or zip-up, she’ll unleash the dragon and say what’s on her mind about you. She might say something like this: “You call my shoes stupid because you think you dress better than everyone else?” “All the time you think the world revolves around you, or you’re like you’re on top of the world” or just anything that may reveal their true irritation towards you. Rather than get angry or respond impulsively to the situation, which may lead to a physical brawl, I owe it to great prudence to withhold such and allow the masquerade dance. Once you’ve destabilized the individual, continue to pester with the vice used; be it giggle, sarcasm, laughter or some antagonizing phrase, and then pause to listen and watch him/her continue to throw-up what has been long buried inside her.

In many cases, the passive hater will regurgitate past invents and long forgotten activities. They may even refer to matters that are not even connected to the subject matter. For an example, if he or she was mad at you for stepping on their shoes, while in the process of revealing their hatred, they may talk about your family members, your car, grade, business, or anything just about unconnected with the issue at hand. Many times they’ll attack your weakest link or bring-out an err you’re guilty of and a misdemeanor you’ve committed in the past. For example if you’re a female and have done an abortion which the passive hater is aware of, in the course of her irritation and moment of truth she is likely to use it against you as a reminder that her shoes do not abortion like you or something really hurtful she knows of you like your past and present relationships, sex escapades, family discrepancy, physical challenge, business woes, your personal fear and just about anything that might be damaging to your psyche or reputation. That is how passive haters get unveiled.

REVERSAL OF PERSPECTIVE: it should be noted that not every friend that acts suddenly angry or moody is a passive hater. Some people do have mood swings and if in the moment of their moodiness you step on them they may act in a very surprising ways that is alien to their characteristic repertoire. This does not mean they are haters or hating on you nor have things button-up their sleeves against you. Also many people may tend to keep distances from a friend based on many reasons which may not include hatred or jealousy on the said friend. People change, friendships gets expired, humans naturally get bored over-time. There are certain people that are in a habit of changing friends from time to time and whenever a certain friendship ceases to be interesting or profitable to them, they may get off the boat to another, this does not mean they were concealed of hatred on the former friendship or any reason whatsoever, it is simply their nature.
This is not say that friends do not have brawls neither do friends not criticize the each other. As a matter of fact true friends would tell you the RAW truth and their honest opinion in
any matter. But the passive hater is one who in a moment of anguish or petty demur goes on the fishing of things to destroy the psyche and reputation of his/her friend. No true friend does that; no true friend advertently or inadvertently seeks to derail and demean the psyche, security, confidence and reputation of a friend and this is what is revealed of the passive hater in moments of anguish and irritation.



Many people are of the view that haters or a hater is one who is doing dismally and unsuccessfully, and because of his failure jinx, he indirectly transfers his aggression of retrogression on individuals who are living contrary to their voodoo predicament.

In order words a hater is one who looks whimsically and vexatiously upon any object be it an individual, group, idea, project that is living and exercising a reality he can only wish for. This definition and view albeit of the popular new school urban thrift of lingua is often informally used to described one who is simply jealous of another.

Contrary to what most people think of a hater as one who is unsuccessful, poor, failing, low class, down-trodden, etc and hating on the progressive, rich, successful, happy, etc, this is in fact not entirely true. A hater can be a rich person, successful person, the perceived happy person, etc who equally envies the success and happiness of another, whether or not the person is doing any lesser successful than them. In order words a status of a hater is not determined or attained by one’s economic status, but rather by one’s mental state, social security and confidence. One may not be rich and will never hate on anyone who is richer, and one may be very rich and still hate on the other man who is not as rich as him. One may ask why would anyone who is rich hate on a poor -ass man? The answer to this question is not singular and the causes of such behavioral discomfort by one who has attain such status against one who is lesser in status to himself is ambiguous and sundry.

There are certain people who, due to psychological uneasiness develop insecurity when they see others doing happily even though they are doing even better than the people in question. Whether sadistic tendency or insecurity in psychological status of such persons are the root cause, but there exist many a great number of such individuals who do not want others to grow and be happy.

They want to be the only iroko tree in the forest, the only goat that is chewing the chord and the only lion that roars. They want to be the idol while others are mere dolls. Such individuals can have up to 30 cars, but when their neighbor, brother, or relative get just one car or a mere motorbike, they start developing malaise and nightmares over the pauper’s pot. These people are equally haters. These kinds of haters, when they see the little poor dude they hate on, they are usually in the business of displaying their affluence whether pretentiously or avowedly in anticipation that the individual will be aroused to bickering, sadness, low self-esteem and most importantly to acknowledge their affluence, hence worship. When the individual happens not to be concerned or moved about their gorilla chest-beating they resort the next move “MIMICRY”. They next thing they do is to point accusing fingers at the individual for hating on them and their success.

The hater is a dissatisfied and insatiable bigot. The only time a real hater is satisfied is when the individual or group or object they abhor is completely decimated to a point of no recovery. Only when their victim is completely eliminated and living their envisage of total pipsqueak, will they be at peace. There is no outside cure for haters; only haters can cure themselves. And the second best and judicious way of dealing with your haters is to totally avoid them and part ways with them and keeping great distance from them. But if he or she is a true hater don’t be surprised if they still snoop around on you trying to run an intel on your well-being. The first and effective way of dealing with a hater is ELIMINATION; however the understanding of the later method might be interpreted, that is entirely to your comprehension not mine.

Hating or haters are not merely created because of economical factor but rather is more or less of a psychological factors. It might be seen that a rich man who has many mistresses and girlfriends under his command will hate on another man who is not half his worth, solely on the grounds that the man is married to a woman he wishes to have his bed.

Haters are everywhere; they are not found wanting in any social organization and activities, be at work, family, government, interest groups, social functions, and just about anywhere and everywhere. In the office he could be a senior colleague who is insecure and hating on his junior worker merely on the grounds that the individual is competent, skilful, out-spoken and thus a threat to his office and positions. Also, a superior at work or in any organization might be hated by his team and co workers due to many reasons; it could be of pride, success, age (many times people are not at ease when someone younger them occupies a position of authority and command over them), background, feats, etc. People who tend to be very skilful and talented when so much admiration and panegyrics assigned to their work, talent, office et are more likely to attract haters in the same line, place and social enclave they function. In personal relationships and smaller social circles like friends and acquaintances it is very much abound, because different people with different mentality, psychology, understanding, temperaments are fused together. These individuals are often different internally even though they may share the same views, opinions, dreams and ambitions. Their internal differences is due to their sundry backgrounds, upbringing and orientations which turns out to determine their fears, insecurity, fantasies, hopes, envisage of things.
On the other hand, there are certain people that will never like you no matter what you may do; whether you’ve hurt them or not, whether you’re anymore skilful and successful than them. These kinds of haters I call them HATERS PENUMBRA.