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God Does Not Answer Prayers

In my toddler age, I think it was in my primary 5 which is the equivalent of America’s 5th grade. Prophet Abraham, a preacher whose clientele my parents patronized then, on a certain evening as I remember vividly after doing what priests do when they visit homes that grease their palms and oil their feet with that one paper which God insatiably craves from the pocket of men, a young lad which I was, had something for the prophet to tender to the sky council.

Galloping in the traditional style of a young chap, I confronted him at the door as he was about to dust his feet with the brown envelop that bore the “happy paper” that pleases both Gods and men, gifted to him by my father. I asked with optimism that the man of God lay hands on me and call on God to make me earn the 1st position in my class as we were about to begin our first term exams the next morning.

True to my desire, he wasted no time in pouring his heart out to the heavens. His voice so loud that if God was asleep, he would be awaken with the “sherimamama kantadum” the man of God was thundering into the air. Now I am an adult, I understand the brief drama he displayed is the famous permissible absurdity in oral gibberish, called “speaking-in-tongues”. Besides, I have come to understand that the package gifted by my father must have aroused such a vociferous passion in the man’s prayer to his God, who is most effective when coin is involved. Just ask the pastorpreneur.

After the lengthy prayer, I was glad and of course so sure that God will grant as the prayer submitted. That prayer was too passionate and compelling for God to ignore, I thought. Soon after his leave, it dawn on my toddler mind that perhaps some other kid in my class could have prayed to God the same prayer and that I am not the only kid smart enough to embark on appealing to skydaddy for an unequal academic progress. Like a typical child, turning to my parents to bail my suspicion, I asked: “If everyone prayed to God to take the 1st position in my class, who will God answer?” I am not sure of the reply I was given, my memory tape experiences some distortion here, but I’m sure it can never be anything close to reconciling satisfaction and reason into intercourse.

Did God make me take the 1st position? You may inquire. We honestly know the reputation of God in answering prayers, mine couldn’t afford such immunity from his omni-snobbery. Too bad the wailing of his priest was not convincing to his omnipotence and benevolence. Or perhaps the white-bearded genie was irritated by the gibberish the preacher was spitting into his celestial exile palace.

“Joshua must have prayed to God earlier”. “There is a type of way he prayed to God to answer him”, I struggled with my childish dissonance as I clutched the 10th position while looking enviously at Joshua who had what God refused to grant me. To bail my childish dissonance, Joshua was quizzed by this Son of David:
“How did you pray to God to take the 1st position?” “I did not pray, I read my books”, he defended. “Then your Daddy or pastor prayed for you”, I suspected aloud. “My Dad does not go to church and we do not have a church or a pastor”. It turned out that Joshua had a higher IQ than the rest of us and that was the God that answered his prayers above mine; “wishful thinking”.

God does not answer prayers. There is no old man in the sky that grants anyone’s desires. Even if the entity’s existence should be excused briefly, the probability of him answering prayers are relatively and directly proportional to one’s hardwork, skill, money, resources, opportunity, etc just to list a handful.

If three individuals say A, B, and C prayed to God for a car, say a Range Rover automobile valued at $70,000. If Mr A has an annual income of $150,000, Mr B an annual income of $5,000 and Mr. C $75,000. Amongst these three praying men, which of them is likely to own the Range Rover car? Mr A will acquire it more easily than the other praying men. But Mr C through savings can acquire the Range Rover but we cannot attest same for Mr B. God will answer the prayers of Mr A abruptly and it is not the imaginary sky genie we are talking here, but his income and savings is that God which granted his prayers. Assuming there is a fourth man Mr D who does nothing, earns nothing but prays and fasts day and night, how will God answer his prayers? Perhaps he assumes some Range Rover will be delivered from the celestial courier to his doorsteps. Mr D’s prayer falls on deaf ears; he has no God. For the God who would have answered his prayers, is not in his possession and that God is called Money or Income!

This is what my religious African brothers are blind to. They pray all day and night, producing nothing and yet suffer greatly because they expect an invisible man in the sky to miraculous create luxury for them. This to me is the most terrible fantasy to befall anyone, be it a group or an individual. If America, the world’s most powerful nation should go to war with my country, Nigeria; the most religious territory on earth. If America should pray to God for victory in war and Nigerians do same, who will God answer? Isn’t it the one with the higher fire power? Perhaps if Japan, a largely irreligious nation should go to war against Nigeria, who will emerge the victor? Japan doesn’t pray but Nigeria prays, who will be the one to suffer colossal damage to defeat? Nigeria’s fire power is inferior to that of the Japanese, we need no lengthy debate to know whose side the coin of victory will be.

If God hears not the prayers of the religious Nigerians and accord the largely irreligious Japanese military triumph over Nigeria, does it not show that God is on the side of the man whose abilities and resources will make his work easier? How can we truly say that God answers prayers when it is the resources of men that speaks depending on how it is employed?

Culled From ~THE ULTIMATE CURSE ON MANKIND~ by Imoh “Son of David”

The four types of Christians and the ONE you must avoid PT 4: THE PASTORPRENEURS

Napoleon Bonaparte, the French military and political leader who lived in the 18th century did not spare to note in his famous quote “I am surrounded by priests who repeat incessantly that their kingdom is not this world and yet they lay hands on everything they can get”. One can simply imagine that the practice of priestly gluttony did not begin in this age, and it is in fact an inherent character of the men in robes who mount religious altars to insatiably crave for the luxury of coins and the pockets of the simpleton.

The pastorpreneur is the man on the payroll of everyone’s pocket in the church. He is the reason why the churchgoer can’t put his mind off on “settling God”. He is the reason why the churchgoer will work twice harder in order to bring his proceeds to God of which the pastorpreneur is impersonating in practice. Men of God they call them, but Gods of men they are, for whatever they lay claim to the sheeple as the dictates of God, such declaration is certainly of God and the sheeple won’t and can’t question. When the churchgoer says he pays his tithe to God, they are the Gods in whose possession the tithe safely lies. Their pocket – the church’s offering, their bank account- the collective proceeds of men, and the minds of men- their football pitch. None other but these men solely control the mentality and minds of men en masse. The mentality of a religitard is determined by the oral blunder of his pastor.

They are like software developers, whose input determines the output and behavioral outcome of the religitard and churchgoers. Insult the religitard and every other thing, but say no word about his pastorpreneur; he’ll skin you alive. To the shepple, he is blameless. Even in his glaring blemish and corruption, they see nothing and hear no evil. True to this, the pastorpreneur lives as God; for who can blame God? The choir spinsters are for his delight, to do freely as he is pleased. Fishers of men like the holy book labels them, and true to the title, all he needs to do is simply point at the desired spinster(fish) and the kill is all to his indulgence in the bedroom. After all he who works in the altar, must eat from the altar. The pastorpreneur not only possesses the power to hack into the wallets and minds of men, he can equally hack in between the thighs of the religitard bandwagons on skirts. As a man, you just can’t help but envy the pastorpreneur; all he’s got to say is “Thus says the Lord sister Grace, ‘commit thy vessels of milk and flowery temple into the hands of the prophet, that he may come his bowels into thy wet abode”, and boom! He is laid. Call it the work of the PIMPINGSTRY, sorry, the work of the ministry.

Not only are the wallets and purse of gullible men not safe around these men, the thighs and breasts of maidens are not spared from their nets. Whether a bachelor or a married man, the pastorpreneur is a lustful man. It is said by the old quote that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The priest is one who wields some power over the minds of people under the sound of his voice and fellowship. He is one who is highly revered, wielding the age old primitive book tagged “holy” and above all unquestionably sacrosanct to dictate to people the affairs of their mind, what ought to be and not ought to be. He is regarded as the servant of God, the voice of God, one who knows the affairs and dictates of God more than the rest of the clan. As such his voice is that of God, his opinion is God’s and his demands are God’s. He is the voice of God and the “GOD of Voice”; the man whose voice supersedes every other voice in the mind of the religious. He is the man whom the people have appointed to deceive them, the man whom men have permitted to lie to them, extort them and determine to them what ought to be and not be.

More gullible and susceptible to their greed are the desperate single women in the church; the single sisters whose desire is to hear the one over-rated statement of two brief words “I DO”. In the Pentecostal churches where some preachers are referred to as “Prophets” or “Seers”; preachers who are believed to possess some special gifts to perform miracles and hear in real-time from God, these desperate singles are their favorite play toys and objects of quick extortion. Since the prophet is regarded as one who speaks with God in real-time and posses extra authority and power to do certain miracles like giving husbands, jobs, healing, wealth, etc.The contest to please this very pastorpreneur is trendy and politicking in the church. The coins and properties of men are his gifts without even calling. The stupidity of the ignoramus is his blessing no which he will ride happily on with a smile to the bank. Those who possess no cash to gain his favor that will draw his miraculous intervention into their predicament, they often opt to pay in kind either by being dedicated workers in the church, domestic helpers at the preacher’s house, not excluding the services of aiding the man in times of erection. When it comes to servicing the bedroom of the priest and attending to matters of his priestly erection, the gullible spinsters and female religitards are ones who happily tend to his libido. Like the religious always defend their gullibility and extortion by the preacher say “If I give the man of God, I am giving to God not a human being. Because the bible says “WHOEVER RECEIVES A PROPHET … SHALL RECEIVE A PROPHET’S REWARD…..” The acclaimed holy book says “FOR WHOEVER SHALL GIVE YOU A CUP OF WATER TO DRINK IN MY NAME ……. HE SHALL NOT LOOSE HIS REWARD”. As such, it should be defended that giving one’s vagina to the priest and tending to his thirst in erection or libido is “giving unto God” and not the preacher.

No other day of the week gives the preacher so much joy like Sundays. He is on his highest ebb on these days. You can never find an unhappy pastor on Sunday unless of course the turn-out in the Sunday service was disappointing or the church offering did not amount to what he had hoped for. Cetris paribus, the preacher is the happiest on Sundays. Standing tall and high on joy on the pulpit, the preacher is often the finest to sing the popular church song “I AM HAPPY WHEN THEY SAY LET US GO TO THE HOUSE OF THE LORD”. Every preacher is at orgasm when the lyric of this song from the psalms of David is played aloud. And the preacher never fails to echo “IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD, THERE IS FULLNESS OF JOY”. If you are the preacher, will you disagree? Standing shoulders-high like an alpha-male on the pulpit and over-looking his congregation, his sees the vibrating smile of his church members, the happiness and willingness by the sheeple to be fleeced by their shepherd. He sniffs the air and smells the gullibility of the people, he inhales deeply and drops a worship song that expresses his innate euphoria, and true to his vibe, the people about to make him richer join to echo his joy as he closes his eyes to picture his bank figures about to add some weight.

The preacher is a like a spoilt child and a baby that refuses to grow-up. He wants to be fed, he wants his needs to be everyone’s, and he wants his desire to be everyone’s burden. All he does is demand, ask, and beg, and above all, he demands like it is his right to be given. He wants a new car, the congregation must find a way to bring it to his garage. He builds a new home, the congregation must be involved. He gives nothing to people but wants everyone to give him everything. The only thing he gives to the people are adrenaline triggering rhetoric and sermons all tailored towards how they should give to his purse, which he’ll tag as “the church”. Give, give and give is what their mouth is dripping with.

Like a spoilt child and an ingrate, those who give the most to his coffers are his favorite, whom he appoints special sits and titles in the congregation. The men whose pockets leak the most into his coffers, their homes his feet shall find an unending tourism. Pitiable are those who have nothing to contribute to his bank account, for they do not exist. They are ones whom the axe of “church discipline” and discrimination hangs around. More pitiable is the man whose home the preacher’s feet knew but fate took away the one object which brought the preacher continually to his yard. Like a used snack, he shall be thrown into the dustbin of history.

Pastorpreneurs are among the worst ingrates ever. They dance around men who contribute copious sums to their “PIMPINGSTRY” and greet the meager members with a snob appeal. When the person who is in the habit of showering their coffers with money is ineffective or goes broke, they dump the individual and move on to another host. They are parasites, ingrates and con men. All they care about is their business and you just have to envy the way they call it: “the Work of God”, “ministry”, etc. They are in the business of competing against each other. Pastor A versus Pastor B; who has more sheeple, who is richer, who drives better cars, whose wife is prettier or more expensive. Their competition is even taken outside the church business to schools and private jets ownership. And the religitards are applauding to the rat race as their incomes are fueling the luxurious greed of the priests.

Priests are men of avarice on fraudulent robes saddling the minds of gullible men to the abattoir, slaughtering every piece of sense and reason in them and with no intention to spare any pint of rationality in their souls. They are the merchants of superstitions, marketers of fairy-tales and the parasites of the men’s coins. You need not wonder why the politicians are found with them. Be wary of them for they will take your money, rob your senses and drain every drop of rationality left in your soul and replace it with fear, bigotry, pious hope for superstitions and buffoonery. Your daughters are not safe with them; they will snoop into their panties. Your young boys will not be spared either. And their fiery lusty eyes will not be taken off from thy green fields. Look upon them like the fox; revere them like you would, the lion.




The 16th century Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza, one of my favorite icons remarked “I call him free who is led solely by reason.”

The lack of reason is always the bulwark of ignorance and the foundation of inane doctrines Vis-à-vis superstition, in which when given unto institution is shape-shifted or should I say mind-shifted into religious “truth”. If God(s) were to be discussed and dissected under the aroma of rational and sound reason, men of religion would have ended in atheism, agnosticism or pantheism. To be faithful and adherent to religion, it desires the mutilation of one’s mentality, intuition, intelligence into tandem with religious doctrines; it is demanding that one abandons reason and the intellect to be a religious faithful. In fact common sense is not to be possessed if one desires not to be skew-whiff with what the religious call God.

In the days of the Olympian gods and religions, Christians were often referred to as atheists for they believed in a different kind of god that was strange to the existing doctrine and traditions at the time. To deny the existence of Pluto and all other gods was tagged an atheistic trend, and no matter the kind of god one embraces, it was considered an aggravation. The atheist is simply one who doesn’t believe what a particular believer embraces.

This view of atheism maybe assumed to be a reasoning that was popular with the antediluvian timeline, but if that were true, it would have been comforting. In this modern day where science ad reason has taken the centre stage of the affairs of mankind, men still refer to one who doesn’t embrace the Western and Arab picturesque of divinity as atheistic hence abominable as described in their holy books.
The western-Arab picturesque of god which is referred to as the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion or Abrahamism has the envisage of some old bearded man in the sky sitting on the throne while being showered with sopranos and orchestral sound bites of white-costumed and white-skinned beings with wings called angels; some with trumpets, others with brass while he looks down the sky observing with his magnificent qualities which include omnipresence, omniscience, omnibenevolence, omnipotence, etc just to name the few of the omnis.

While the present day abramicist extols the greatness and imaginary truth of his beliefs, he refutes with denial the advent of his religion. The Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion spread immensely not because of the magnificence of it truth nor the weight of his proofs and benevolence, but through violence, fear, false hope, slavery, war, sweat and toil and most importantly, colonialism. By the reason of established organized institutions which was championed and backed by the oligarchy and powers of the state, its legitimacy was established and its menace and evil was permitted as lawful, hence the birth of a rendezvous that was enshrine for the sole purpose of control and subversion rather than the truth it claims to represent, for through it empires were destroyed, cultures were wiped-out, men were reduced to beasts in reason and resources including human were looted in abundance in foreign land where they were administered through sweat, blood and slavery.

The universe we live in is governed by laws; laws of gravity, laws of motion, laws of physics, laws chemistry, laws of thermodynamics, etc just to name a few. Preposterousness is the gift of any individual who denies the lies of nature and science. The universe being a vast space of infinity has certain laws that are peculiar in certain terrains that are not applicable in other atmospheres, for gravity which is peculiar on earth is seemingly not applicable in outer-space. If these universal laws and laws of science and nature were referred to as GOD, who would been an atheist? Who would have disproved or denied the non-existence of gravity or the laws of the thermodynamics?

But when men take the former description of God as the white bearded old man in the sky with a legion of white choir and ascribe forms and laws to him, then desire that other men swallow such twaddle and accede to such inane as sacrosanct, unquestionable and disprovable, and even going ahead to attack those who differ, disprove, and implore rational view of things, then our so much talked about superiority in the animal echelon as homo sapiens based on our supposed intellect is disappointing.



God Does Not Call The Chinese And Why

The most profitable place on earth anyone should be a preacher and pastorpreneur is China. China’s population is over 1.351 billion, the largest of any country in the world. Here in Nigeria where a pastor of a new and “SMALL” church can be seen struggling with 10 to 25 members, but that won’t be the case in China which makes about 20% of the world’s population. A small church in China would at least have between 3,000 to 25,000 members in a single church service. And a very large church like Nigeria’s Winners Chapel of Bishop Oyedepo in Ota which boasts of about 300,000 worshipers in a single service, if it were to be converted to a Chinese version, it would be smiling between 30 million to 100 million worshipers per service.

The analysis is very interesting and could give a Nigerian preacher a hard dick to go start up a Church in China. But sadly, China is one of the worst places any aspiring or an already established pastorpreneur should establish a church; they will all go broke! Have you ever heard of a pastor Xi Chung or Prophet Lee Chang or a Bishop Feng Chi or even an Imam Zhang Wei or an Alfa Wang Xiu? Of course not! Even if they exist, they are as many as a Monk Oyedepo, Monk Adeboye, Monk Mensa, and Monk Imoh.

Of course God doesn’t call the Chinese and Japanese, I’ll tell you why. The reason why the acclaimed God that called Bishop Oyedepo and pastor Adeboye of Nigeria would not call a Bishop Wang Chi or a Prophet Li feng is because that God knows you cannot tell a Ying Jing that works in auto-company that you drove from Benin to Lagos on an empty fuel tank, neither can you convince a Li Na, a female medical doctor that a Jewish skydaddy impregnated a virgin (without a penis and a sperm) to give birth to his son (which is also himself), so that he’ll sacrifice his son (himself) to his sky version so that he can forgive mankind of the sin he alone is responsible for convicting them. You just can’t do that.

Skydaddy knows that you cannot tell a Chinese factory worker that it is better to pray than to produce. Skydaddy knows you cannot tell a Chinese banker and economist that you should pay your tithe and offering for a blessing to drop from the sky! Skydaddy knows these things, that’s why he’ll never call a Bishop Xi Tai to a so called ministry cos the Chinese are bad markets!

But when skydaddy looks around, he’ll ask himself “who can I tell that I live in the sky?” He’ll ask who is more likely to believe that the Chicken came before the egg? Who is the perfect person that can believe that prayers move mountains? He looks around and searches, then sees the Oyedepos and Adeboyes and screams EUREKA!

Unlike the Chinese who cannot be told that their ancestors were SINNERS, skydaddy knows that the African needs very little effort to be convinced that not only his ancestors were sinners, but his future generations as well, and also he is cursed by God because of his ancestors, as such he’ll have to spend his entire life on the knees pleading and begging Skydaddy for a so called mercy and forgiveness to be deserving of a heaven he can only partake after death.

Unlike the Chinese who labour vigorously and applied pragmatism to become the world’s second largest economy, skydaddy knows the African believer wouldn’t want such long labour and rigorous planning that involves thinking and policy making, skydaddy opted for the African like the Nigerians, cos he knows they’ll buy the idea that they can pray to become the world’s largest economy in 2025.

The Chinese have image nausea and skydaddy knows this. The Chinese cannot fathom the image of some curl-hair Jewish man with a European look as a son of God and saviour of man kind. Rather than subject his son (which is also himself) to ridicule and rejection, skydaddy will opt for the African who is ever ready swallow this without resistance.

God does not call the Chinese man!


Delusions Of The African Christian

ancestors in hell

Sometimes I don’t know whether to guffaw, weep or frown at the black/African christian. The African believers are one most deluded set of homo sapiens on earth. How the heck do you believe that a Jewish man can die for an African? So you’re really convinced that of all the races that pleased God to manifest himself, it was the Jews that were most deserving of this? Not the Africans, nor the Latinas or even the Japanese, but the Jews?

If the son of God is a Jew, then God is a Jew; Jews give birth to Jews. If the christian god wasn’t a Jew then his baby mama wouldn’t have given birth to what his holy sperm, sorry holy spirit wasn’t made up of. Sorry I forgot many of the so called believers do not know the basics of genetics. Most importantly, let me remind you that, the Jewish god will treat you the same way the jews treat African immigrants in their country. Expecting the dude to answer your prayer is to be expecting the Israeli government to develop roads in Nigeria.

Need I say more? Take a look at the bible; how he inspired and urged them to makes slaves of you. Even when his so called son came he didn’t even have a state visit to your home/village, needless to assume he did miracles in Africa. The only miracle he did was to transform his ass to the first known slave ship that took thousands of African slaves to the West called “The Good Ship, Jesus”.

Jesus never condemned slavery as a matter of fact he encouraged it, because if Paul claimed that Jesus arrested him and the Holy Spirit gave him the words he wrote like “Slaves be obedient to your masters”, that means Jesus sponsored slavery. Which set or race of people on earth have been victimized in the name of slavery other than black people? If Jesus or the so called Holy Spirit is the one who inspired Paul like you claim, then Jesus is guilty of slave trade!

This is what the son of god said in your bible in Matthew 15:22 – 28 when the Gentile woman (a non Jew) came to seek healing for her poor child : “… He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel…. He replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs.” In his words, he was sent to Israel, and non Israelis are called DOGS. Some of you believers will wash yourself saying “I am an Israelite by faith since I’ve become “born again”, I am automatically a Jew and blah blah blah”. Oh please! Don’t allow a man to market you a low self-esteem. If you claim God created all human race, then why didn’t he save you the stress and turn you and the rest of the human race into Jews?

You don’t become a part of a race by declaring self-deceiving rhetoric. To be a black you must be born a black (either from one of your parents), same to goes to being a white or any other race. No Asian wakes up one day to declare “I am a black by faith and by virtue of reading what was written in a primitive book”. Why then would a full-blooded negro deceive himself that he is some melanated Jew or Israeli by making some low self-esteem assertions like “By reason of the blood of Jesus, I am now a partaker of Abraham’s blessings”?

So you mean to tell me that you have to be a Jew before God loves you? I’m sure non-jews were created by satan, right? Anyone who cannot look through this hokum and spot the racial jingoism in it is a disappointment.

If you ask the African christian right now, just like their preachers do every service to close their eyes and imagine God in front of them, tell me whether or not its not a white bearded curly-hair figure their mind will throw-up to them? There is no black christian that will consciously come to the picturesque that God is black!

Whatever you call God is a regurgitation of another man’s fantasy, racial jingoism, gender chauvinism, fraud and delusion. Let me ask, why are all the people the bible called prophets, holy people including son of God all from one race? Beginning from the acclaimed Adam and Eve to John the revelator, they are all Jews, not even one Kenyan or Zulu, Japanese, or Latino.

God never one day saw it necessary to take a walk to my village in Akwa Ibom to pick up a virgin and impregnate, he didn’t even choose his tomb in a neighboring country like Ghana even if he refused to die here. But all of sudden he saw it befitting to send slave masters through his bible to enslave our ancestors as part of his “DIVINE PLAN” to give a so called salvation. Salvation from what? Who said anyone was enslaved or having issues in Africa? Africa was doing buoyantly until they brought us salvation through his emissaries of rift to create imaginary problems aka original sin to sell you imaginary solution aka salvation/heaven.

As described in the bible, all the Jewish Sky Janitor does is to sit on his throne, looking down on earth with a long recording book and most importantly, demanding tithes and offerings through his pastorpreneurs. It only takes a creature with an ass to sit on a throne. Since he has an ass, he must definitely be farting. Let’s not forget he has legs to walk like in the story of the garden of Eden and has a back which Moses saw, and a face too. Even David said he has a right-hand. So since he is a homo sapien, what colour is he? He cannot be both black, white, brown and Asian at the same time.

These people do not realize that if the Yorubas went on a colonization spree like the Europeans, everyone would have been sticking to Oludumare and the Ifa beliefs, and of course God would been pictured with tribal marks on the face and his Angels holding talking drums. The Chinese and the Japanese realized this and refused anyone to indoctrinate them with their fantasies, now look at them, then look at Africa.

But then, delusion is comforting to the ignorant and irritating to the knowledgeable. Malcolm X knew this many years ago and said: “The most pathetic thing is for a slave who doesn’t know that he is a slave”
Dear Africans get your minds awake!

All Rights Reserved
Culled from: A Lost Race: The Predicament Of The Black/African In The 21st Century by Imoh “Son of David”

God Is Dead


Mrs. Patience Akpan, a middle-aged Nigerian woman in the oil rich state of Akwa Ibom State had her husband snatched coldly by the heartless reaper, DEATH. She never worked in her entire life; her husband was her ultimate provider. To add to her misery, her poor education equally contributed to her inability to envisage the need to plan her life and that of her 2 little kids. The death of her spouse would be assumed to be the worse that had happened to this widow, if this was the case, it would have been a mild grieve and burden to bear.

Like the recurrent ordeal of most widows in developing and illiterate societies, her in-laws came calling for their late son’s little estate. “Your husband owed me 500, 000 Naira ($3,000 in estimate)”, claimed the dead man’s immediate brother. “My son said that he wanted to build me shops on the land he bought at Itu road”, claimed the mother of the deceased. Within a twinkle of an eye the wealth and assets of the dead man vanished into the hands of imposters. The aggrieved widow wept profusely, calling on the spirit of the dead man to avenge those that have extorted her and the 2 kids and exposed them to the ignominy of penury. Like the average embittered illiterate widow of a third world nation, she poured her wish for vengeance and justice on her extortionists and oppressors, expressing so much hope and assurance that the “GHOST” of her late spouse will arise in anger to strike them, or perhaps bend the arms of karma against them.
The more she wished and called on the ghost of her late husband, the more her oppressors prospered on the assets and wealth of the dead man. The dead man’s bother who took over the business of the deceased, had the business transformed from a million Naira business to a multimillion Naira worth of an investment. The more she prayed and rain curses on them, the more they prospered.
On an early Tuesday morning, her body was found lying lifeless on the ground beside a bottle of an unknown substance, which definitely can be termed a poison. Lying invitingly beside the lifeless body was a short note poorly written in a miserly English vocabulary, read:


Her kids were taken care of by the mother-law. Till date, the in-laws keep prospering both in material and wealth. I PAY MY REVERENCE TO THE DEAD DESCRIBED IN THIS TRUE LIFE ORDEAL WITH NO INTENTION TO MOCK THEIR DEMISE OR ORDEAL

DEDUCTION: God is the practical synonym of a dead man! God is not different from the dead man who left his wife a widow on earth. The widow is not different from the religious. Like the dead man who never uttered a word or came to defend his name and family, to disprove any false claims made in his absence, the God of religions will never utter one word to defend, disprove, and approve any claim about him. It is always the humans that speak and make claims on his behalf like the relatives of the deceased who laid many claims that the deceased told them this and that and entered into an agreement with them on a certain matter. It could be possible that the relatives weren’t lying or making false claims, and I it could also be possible that the deceased was indebted to his brother as claimed by the later, and it is possible that he (the deceased) might have promised his mother to build her the shops as she claimed. But how can anyone ever know if it is true?

God is like a cadaver which men will always work on as they please. The deceased could not come out to speak for himself and settle the matters in dispute, in the same way; God has never come out to settle religious disputes, arguments and wars. God has never at any recorded time come to clear all doubts, infamy, scandals and claims (whether true or false) about his name. Anyone can wake-up one morning and say God told me this and that, God appeared to me, God sent me with this word and message, etc. it is not a herculean task to perform. When someone is dead, anyone can assign false statements and quotes to him. Anyone can claim to have known him at one time; anyone can assign any experience and adventure they shared with the deceased.

When a person is dead, those he left behind when asked to speak about him, will ascribe adjectives and characteristics to him and those who never knew him will but listen and put imaginations to his persona. But one thing is certain; the deceased will never one day wake up and disclaim or approve anything about him. The dead is defenseless, speechless and emotionless, and the God of religions is no different from this.

No matter what anyone says about God, he will never pop-out from the sky or anywhere to disclaim or defend himself. If anyone says anything against the dead which might be demeaning to his memory or legacy, the relatives, followers, friends, love ones and neighbors of the deceased are the ones to defend him or disprove and approve of any statement or event that is ascribed to him. The dead can never argue or disprove anything about himself. The religious people know this in their sub-consciousness that God doesn’t speak or act, would suddenly throw tantrums at those who question or disagree with their God ideology. Some even proof the demise of their God further, by taking up weapons to fight for God via terrorism and jihadism. If God were alive and could fight for himself, men wouldn’t have no business and desire in fighting or arguing for him.

When a man is dead, his love ones would speak highly of his virtues in paroxysm. As a matter of fact when one is dead, he is perfect, for he is made blameless and saintly on the lips of those who revere him. The same with the God, he is perfect in the lips of the men who revere him. But in the lips of the enemies and men who dislike the dead man, he is evil, treacherous, malicious, guilty and a persona non grata. Such is the predicament of God in the lips of men who do not revere him or acknowledge his existence. It is men who always decide which side of the coin befits God. The dead and God are one and the same essence. Even religions claim that it is in death that men will see God and give their accounts therein. The fact is that if you’re dead, you are one and the same like God; like God, you won’t exist anymore.

The religious man like the widow, calls and whines to the non-existing and impotent. It is not new to see the religious threaten the irreligious or those of unlike faith with his God or retribution from his fantasy. The grievance and uneasiness in the mind of the highly religious when countered with prove and logic against his fantasies is so much so great that they often resort to calling the impotent to deal with the speculated object or person.

Like the woman who retorted that her late husband’s spirit or ghost will haunt them down and revenge on her behalf, the religious, when lost in an argument, tries so hard to clinch to a straw like a drowning man, often resorts to weightless threats and rhetoric: “My God will deal you”, “Repent now before you incur the wrath of my imaginary friend”, “you are playing with fire”, “one day my imaginary friend will pay you a visit”, “you are no different from Herod, be warned”, etc these and many more they resort to when they are held breathless with sound arguments. The religious deep down in his sub-consciousness know too well that his threats and lambaste is vain, but he’ll try so hard to convince his sub-consciousness that it’s true, that there exist some kind of external spirit somewhere to bring his fantasy to the glaring. Some of them, out of the frustration that their God is unresponsive, the deep-seated desire to convince themselves that he indeed exists, they bring upon themselves the task of fighting and promoting a cause on his behalf, hence the birth of jihadism, evangelism and crusades.


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Jihadism: The Islamic Nightmare

“Islam is the religion of peace”, the muslim tries so hard to explain. No other religion on earth struggles so hard to proof itself as peaceful like Islam, but its a mere excercise of rhetoric in futility. To say Islam is religion of peace is to say a lion is a domestic animal. If Islam was a religion of peace, the Muslim apologists won’t struggle so hard to make its case and there would have been no need for such rhetoric. Buddhists don’t run around saying “Budhhism is a religion of peace”, the same goes to Hinduism, Taoism and the rest of them. Its only Islam that suffers with the guilt and burden to assuage itself of the war and terrorism that is carried-out in its name. But the more they say Islam is a religion of peace, the more the insurgents in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Mali, Central African Republic, Kenya, Northern Nigeria, etc, keep make a mess of their jokes.

Jihadism is a long practised Islamic ideology which Mohammed used as a tool to kill his opponents and spread Islam. Mohammed was not a diplomatic man. His many war games, slave trades and robbery speaks for itself. As such, he exhorted his followers to exterminate non-muslims in their mist and spread the poisonous ideology through sweat and blood. The numerous verses in the Quran and the Hadith speaks for itself, which I’ll share later on. Even Islamic Scholars/philosophers spoke greatly of the importance of Jihadism to the muslim,

We can find hundreds of books written by well-known Islamic authorities (Islamic Chintabid or thinker) on Jihad. A few examples of historical events and comments should be enough to lay the foundation that Jihad in Islamic history was primarily a Holy War against the infidels. Here are some examples:

In his book, “ Jurisprudence in Muhammad’s Biography” the Azhar scholar, Dr. Muhammad Sa’id Ramadan al-Buti wrote the following: “The Holy War (Islamic Jihad), as it is known in Islamic Jurisprudence, is basically an offensive war. This is the duty of Muslims in every age when the needed military power becomes available to them. This is the phase in which the meaning of Holy war has taken its final form. Thus the apostle of God said: ‘ I was commanded to fight the people until they believe in Allah and his messages…..(page 134, 7th edition) ”.

Azhar scholar Dr. Buti adds in the same book (page-263): The apostle of Allah started to send military detachments from among his followers to the various Arab tribes which were scattered in the Arab Peninsula to carry out the task of calling (these tribes) to accept Islam. If they did not respond, they (Muslims) would kill them. That was during the 7th Hgira year. The number of the detachments amounted to ten.”

The Baydawi quoted in his book (The lights of Revelation, page-252): “Fight Jews and Christians because they violated the origin of their faith and they do not believe in the religion of the truth (Islam), which abrogated all other religions. Fight them until they pay the poll-tax (Ziziya tax) with submission and humiliation.”

In another place of his book (The Jurisprudence in Muhammad’s Biography) Al-Buti (published in Egypt) quoted: “The concept of Holy War (Jihad) in Islam does not take into consideration whether defensive or an offensive war. Its goal is the exaltation of the Word of Allah and the construction of Islamic society and the establishment of Allah’s Kingdom on Earth regardless of the means. The means would be offensive warfare. In this case, it is the apex, the noblest Holy War. It is legal to carry on a Holy War.”

Ibn Hisham-Al Sohaily quoted in his famous book (Al- Rawd al- Anaf, page-50,51 ): ” No two religions are to exist in the Arab Peninsula .” Therefore, Saudi Government does not allow any other religion to manifest their religious task. What a tolerant and peaceful religion Islam is!

The well-known Egyptian scholar, Sayyid Qutb, (Sayyid Qutb, Milestones, Revised Edition, chapter. 4, “Jihaad in the Cause of God”) notes four stages in the development of jihad:
1.While the earliest Muslims remained in Mecca before fleeing to Medina, God did not allow them to fight;

2. Permission is given to Muslims to fight against their oppressors;
3.God commands Muslims to fight those fighting them;
4.God commands the Muslims to fight against all polytheists.

Sayyid Qutb views each stage to be replaced by the next stage in this order, the fourth stage to remain permanent). To justify the universal and permanent dimensions of jihad he cites the following Qur’anic passages:

Quran: 4:74-32: They ought to fight in the way of God who have sold the life of this world for the life of the Hereafter; and whoever fights in the way of God and is killed or becomes victorious, to him shall We (God) give a great reward…

Quran: 8:38-40: and fight them until there is no oppression and the religion is wholly for God….

Quran: 9:29-32: Fight against those among the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) who do not believe in God and the Last Day, who do not forbid what God and His messenger have forbidden, until they are subdued and pay jizyah (tax on non-Muslims) …

Sayyid Qutb, however, pours scorn upon those who view jihad as solely defensive:

… They are ignorant of the nature of Islam and of its function, and that it has a right to take the initiative for human freedom. Thus wherever an Islamic community exists which is a concrete example of the Divinely-ordained system of life, it has a God-given right to step forward and take control of the political authority so that it may establish the Divine system on earth, while it leaves the matter of belief to individual conscience.

Maulana Mawdudi’s Fatwa:

Likewise, the popular Pakistani Muslim revivalist Abu’l Ala Mawdudi rejects any distinction between offensive and defensive jihad. So also, the distinguished contemporary Pakistani scholar, Fazlur Rahman, while recognizing the extensive presence of jihad in the Qur’an, rejects the stand of those modern Muslim apologists who have tried to explain the jihad of the early (Muslim) Community in purely defensive terms (Fazlur Rahman, Islam (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1979) 37).

According to the Encyclopaedia of Islam, “the fight is obligatory even when the unbelievers have not started it (E. Tyan, “Djihad”, Encyclopaedia of Islam, 2nd ed. (Leiden: Brill, 1965). In the words of Rudolph Peters the “ultimate aim of jihad is ‘the subjection of the unbelievers’ and ‘the extirpation of unbelief’” (Rudolph Peters, “Jihad”, The Encyclopedia of Religion (NewYork: Macmillan, 1987) Vol. 8:88-91).

All of these authorities simply echo Islam’s fundamental assumption that world sovereignty must be in the hands of Muslims.

Quran: 16:101: And when We put a revelation in place of (another) revelation, – and Allah knoweth best what He revealeth – they say: Lo! thou art but inventing. Most of them know not.

On the basis of these verses there arose within the Muslim community the principle of Qur’anic interpretation, called naskh (“abrogation”) which stipulated that earlier peaceful verses could be abrogated by later militant verses, i.e., in the case of jihad the Meccan verses were abrogated by the Medinan verses. It is well known that many Muslim scholars in the early history of Islam contended that Qur’an 9:5, sometimes called “the verse of the sword”, abrogated a host of peaceful passages in earlier portions of the Qur’an.

What it has signified in the past and signifies at present for masses of Muslims is well summarized in a statement by the world renowned Ibn Khaldun (A.D. 1332-1406), Islam’s great historian, sociologist and philosopher:

In the Muslim community, the holy war is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the (Muslim) mission and (the obligation to) convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force. Therefore, caliphate and royal authority are united in (Islam), so that the person in charge can devote the available strength to both of them at the same (Ibn Khaldun, The Muqaddimah, trans. by Franz Rosenthal (New York: Pantheon Books Inc., 1958) Vol. 1:473).

(The Translation of the Meanings of Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol. 1:xxiv-xliii ).

So, it is incumbent upon us (Muslims) to follow the path which Allah’s Messenger (Muhammad) adopted to avoid polytheism and heresy in all its shapes and to take the Holy Qur’an and the Prophet’s Traditions as torches in front of us to guide us. We have to teach our brethren and convey the Message to non-Muslims all over the world as much as possible in order to save them from the Hell-fire. We have to prepare ourselves to stand in the face of our enemy and to possess the means of power and to participate in the progress of useful industries in order to protect our religion and be powerful enough to face our enemy, as Allah, the Elevated says in Surat al-Anfal (8:60):

Qur’an: 8:60: Against them (kaffirs) make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war (tanks, places, missiles and other weapons, etc.) to strike terror into the (hearts of) the Enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others beside, whom you may not know, but whom Allah does know. Whatever you shall spend in the Cause of Allah, shall be repaid to you, and you shall not be treated unjustly

How many terrorists would appeal to this verse “to strike terror into the hearts of the enemy”?

The majority of the Qur’an’s texts themselves clearly identify jihad as physical warfare in Islam and, Islamically, God’s way of establishing the Kingdom of God on earth. Likewise, from the Hadith and the earliest biographies of Muhammad it is just as evident that the early Muslim community understood these Qur’anic texts to be taken literally. Historically, therefore, from the time of Muhammad onwards, jihad as physical warfare in support of the message of Islam has been a reality for the Muslim community. Hence, it comes as no surprise when even terrorists (Osama and his al-Qaeda) easily appeal to these source materials to justify their actions, not to speak of their teachers who teach the theory and the art of terrorism. September 11, 2001, terrorist act in the soil of America is the glittering example of Jihadi mindset of Islamist like Osama bin Laden.

Qur’anic Ayats (I just mentioned above) and numerous Sahi Hadiths of same kind were instrumental for Muslims to dedicate their strength & minds for the cause of Islam. Therefore, in the name of spreading the religion, devout Muslim fighters killed millions of people while occupying neighboring Arab lands such as Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq and non-Arab countries like India, Turkey, Libya, Iran etc. Even Spain had fallen into their hands for hundreds of years. I simply wonder were these wars defensive. Were those swords used by Islamic soldiers to occupy country after country be considered a symbol of forgiveness or mercy? Following Muhammad’s death, his companions fought each other in relentless savage wars competing for authority.

In summary, Islamic Jihad with the help of Islamic sword–hundreds of tribes were wiped out from the Arabian Peninsula. Thousands were orphaned and widowed. Hazzaz bin Yousuf killed more than a hundred thousand Sahabis, Ibne Khattal was killed in Kaba’a. Later Abdulla Bin Zubair was killed in the same Kaba’a. By the end of the first civil war of Muslims, all the Badari Sahabis were killed. By the end of three civil wars all the Sahabis were killed “it sucked up all the strength of Muslims” ( Bokhari). Ten thousand Muslims were killed in the Jamal war between Hazrat Ali (RA) and Bibi Ayesha (RA). Islamic scholar Dr. Abu Zayd Shalabi claimed in his book (page-75), in the ‘battle of Alees’ which took place on the border of Iraq, (Siffin war between Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Mwabia ), the great Islamic General Khalid killed 70,000 people.

Thousands of non-Muslims were killed. After the death of Prophet Muhammad, there were four most favorite disciples of Prophet who ruled the Islamic kingdom established by the prophet Muhammad, who were known as the most pious caliphs. Out of these four Caliphs—three of them were brutally assassinated, and only one had natural death because of his old age and very short rule of the Islamic state. Karbala was flooded with blood with a roar of “Allahu Akbar!” Was it because of the fact that Islamic sword was the sign of Mercy? The fact of the matter is—sword can never be the sign of mercy! Period.

Global Agenda: As I cited various valuable quotes, which clearly depicted a special and unique feature, which is totally absent in any other monolithic religions of the world. Unlike any other world religion—Islam has an ulterior motive in its agenda. Islam considers it has a sacred and mandatory God given duty to spread Islamic message (Din-e-Islam) to all the inhabitants of the world. Their ultimate wishful goal is to convert and bring entire mankind under the fold of Islam, the only true religion of Allah. To this end—two main groups are working very hard. These two groups are: (a) Militant/radical Mullahs, (b) Educated/elite western residing true believing Muslims (Muslims of the ummatic groups in the west such as: AMC, CAIR, ICNA, ISNA, NABIC etc). Here we can exclude group-C Muslims (general God fearing innocent gullible Muslims who constitute about 70-80% of the total Muslims.

Both the groups (A & B) have one thing common in their minds. That is to convert sufficient peoples to Islam in order to establish Islamic Sharia’h or Huhud Laws (Allah’s laws just like Afghan Taliban state) as the state governing administration. Here the main difference is—group A (Militant/fanatics) is engaged in armed struggles (Holy war, Terrorism); and group-B (mainly western resident) is engaged in secret and peaceful propagation with sweet talks and peaceful persuasion of the gullible western peoples by deceitful sermons in the mosques and in various annual and semi-annual Islamic conferences and meetings (Ummatic conference). Both have one last thing in mind—to establish Islamic Sharia’h law in the state.