This says it all about African Muslims and Christians

By Imoh “Son of David”

Ridicule Of Heaven

Just a quick question. Excuse my curiosity, for it is God’s doing . I want to ask, the sky specialists and paradise landlords these few questions:

1 – If an 11 year old child dies and he/she did not give their life to Christ, where will they end; heaven or hell? Bear in mind that some 11 year old kids begin masturbating and having infantile relationships.

2 – If an 11 year old child should go to heaven will he or she remain an 11 year old for eternity? This leads to my sub questions on this:

A- if a man should die at 110 years and makes heaven, will he still have the physiology of a 110 year old with a walking stick in heaven?

B- If he will be made young again in heaven, what age and look will Sky-daddy give him?

C- If a pregnant woman dies alongside with her baby and go to heaven, will she still be everlasting pregnant? Or will she give birth to the child in heaven? If the child will be born in heaven, will the baby grow up or will she forever remain an everlasting suckling?

3 – People who are separated from their love ones in hell, those of them in heaven will they cry about such an eternal loss or in heaven there are no feelings of pains, as such they’ll all be in an eternal praise singing forgetting they have siblings, spouses, kids, friends burning in hell?

4 – Will people still have certain body parts in heaven, like the penis, anus, vagina, middle finger, etc. If yes will the penis, anus and vagina still function normally? If yes, will people be farting, urinating, masturbating, having sex? My bad, I forgot the Koran says that in the Islamic heaven, there will be an ever erect penises and appetizing vaginas. But can we say same for the Christian/Jewish heaven?

A- assuming people fart in heaven, will it be a sin to fart before the throne of God?

B- for the Islamic heaven: Will it be hallal to rub your clitoris and stroke your penis in front of Allah?

C- If one should raise his middle-finger in front the throne of sky daddy, will it be blasphemy?

D- If there will be no function for those body parts in heaven, then what is the use of having them and not putting them to use in heaven?

5- will there be separation and boundaries in heaven. Let’s just say, a continent for Negroes, a section for Caucasians and another for Latinos and Asians or they will be coerced into one container?

6- Will the racists and supremacists in heaven be given a change of heart and mind in heaven to coexist peacefully with other races in heaven?

7- I heard there are servants and gate-men in heaven. What colour are these servants in heaven, because all I see are pictures of caucasian winged angels. I have never seen an Asian-looking angel with wings on photos.

8- If I ask God questions in Heaven will it be called blasphemy?

Answers please….

Culled from “Deities and Fantasies” by Imoh “Son of David”

There Is No Such Thing As God’s Wrath

An African lady somewhere in the most religious terrains on earth, Nigeria is vexatiously triggered to the extreme. “What vexes her to emulate the emotions of a volcano?” If you care to ask. Whether a photo-shop creation or real, the picture of Miley Cyrus’ stage show, twerking on a bearded man hanged on cross arouses her belligerence to high heavens. “Jesus, you have insulted” she lashed-out at this Son of David whose only act was to click the “share” button as designed by Mark Zuckerberg’s digital addiction. “You can say anything but don’t say anything against the Son of God. God does not tolerate it!” She continued.

Which other God is angry here than the shrew? Jesus you haven’t seen. His photo, he never awarded the camera at anytime (even if he existed). His portrait painting exists not, for he was not a client of any artist. The road to your village in Nigeria, he has never set his feet on. But you are here in 2014 assigning to him images and feelings thereof.

Isn’t it comic that people who declare that a being whose long list of “OMNI” virtues which includes omnipotence, turn around to babysit an omnipotent? Who is the Jesus or God here that is offended? The religious lady or the white-bearded poster guy?

God is the alter-ego of men, I will always repeat. What irritates a man, irritates his God. Isn’t it awesome that men who endorse themselves titles of “Men of God” always have their desires and wishes on the same dining table with that of God? When the preacher wants to demand for his wages, it is God’s Offering and tithes. When the preacher wants to set-up his business, it turns out to be God’s house or church project.
The desires and wishes of the religious cannot be in conflict with that of his God, and his anger has it’s tail end knotted on the neck of his God. Such that wherever his emotions ambles to, he drags his God along and whenever his God is involved, his emotions will surely be a guest.

The religious and his God are one and the same. A proud religious man will have a proud God, just irk his ego and you’ll hear him confess his God in haughty verbiages. A humble and nice man will have a humble and nice God. The hypocrite, an hypocritcal God. The violent, a violent God. The Jihadist and Muslim God is very profound in this. Isn’t it amazing that, when a Mohammed’s cartoon is published, it turns out that the patronizers of this God are enraged because, according to them the ego of this God has been shagged. If you live in a territory where these particular God fans occupy alongside, you know you are in for the heat even if the cartoonist resides in planet Mars. All the enraged Muslim God desires is the destruction of lives and the properties of the non-believer.
Should it be regarded as coincidence that a lot of them who happen to be fatuous-headed all have dumb-ass Gods? Like calling the earth flat, disagreeing with scientific facts and evidence, etc. Dumb people, have a dumb-ass God. That is why the God of the pantheist is more intelligent, practical and humanitarian than that of the religious.

God is the alter-ego of man. Never a time has any man seen the skydaddy drop from the skies thundering in anger, sending a protest letter or announcing an act of provocation. It is always men who are sure of what angers God. God has never told me he has an axe to grind, neither has he sent a letter of warning to me. But men are always in this business. When they are irritated by yours truly, it translates that God is angry. In many instances they rain curses and bitter words calling it “God’s wrath” which happens to be their wishes and magical imaginations of harm on me.

There is no such thing as the wrath of God, dear God’s anger messengers, I hate to break. That phrase “wrath of God is simply your imagination at it’s wildest irritation and in quest for some magical homicide on a person or object that desecrates your fantasies. The wrath of God is a page of an imagination occupying your overall house of fantasy. That is to say; it is an imagination of your imaginations. Wake up!

By Imoh “Son of David”

Jesus Is Not Alive


Continuation of GOD IS DEAD….

“GOD IS DEAD”, Said the famous German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. The assertion threw the religious into tantrums. Why get paranoid when you can easily disprove? Why feel uneasy when you’re on the side of truth? If God was evidential and alive, no one would have opted to declare such. Barrack Obama who is the president of the United States is evidentially alive and there is no argument on his existence. Nobody will come-out to say Obama is dead, when he is right in front your TV screen every day.

Nobody argues about the authenticity of a living thing or a man. The religious struggles so hard to make a case about the reality and authenticity of their God(s). This ought not to be so, for the proof of the existence of a thing is in its glaring existence. The proof of the life of a thing or a being is in its living and breathing. America doesn’t run around to prove that their President is not dead.

When the late Nigerian president Umaru Yar’adua was in a long comatose and near dead status, his relatives and the oligarchy that benefited from his government struggled so hard, running around to prove that he is in fettle. The reason why they did this was because the urge and psychological guilt surrounding his health and consequently the question of his constitutional eligibility to continue in the office of the President had an unbearable weight against them. As such, the natural drive to assuage oneself from cognitive guilt and dissonance was raged.

The fact that the religious runs around shouting “Jesus is alive”, speaks volumes about the eligibility of the life or existence of Jesus. Nobody runs around screaming “GRAVITY IS ALIVE”, neither would anyone see a group of scientists holding a seminar or some crusade tagged “PROTONS, NEUTRONS AND ELECTRONS ARE ALIVE; ACCEPT THEM TODAY”. The fact that Jesus is not here to speak for himself, at least show himself briefly on camera and tape that he is alive, is the reason the religious struggles so hard to prove he is alive or disprove he is not dead. That natural guilt that he is dead has aroused the desire to assert and that he is alive. Nobody runs around to convince people that a person who glaringly exists is alive. I don’t have anyone running around to preach that I am alive. If I am alive, I live and everyone knows that, if I am dead, I need not struggle on that one, for silence, invisibility, and absolute stillness is the property of the dead, and when you make those comparisons to all deities and gods, they fit perfectly into it than a dead man.

Culled from “Deities and Fantasies” by Imoh “Son of David”



The 16th century Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza, one of my favorite icons remarked “I call him free who is led solely by reason.”

The lack of reason is always the bulwark of ignorance and the foundation of inane doctrines Vis-à-vis superstition, in which when given unto institution is shape-shifted or should I say mind-shifted into religious “truth”. If God(s) were to be discussed and dissected under the aroma of rational and sound reason, men of religion would have ended in atheism, agnosticism or pantheism. To be faithful and adherent to religion, it desires the mutilation of one’s mentality, intuition, intelligence into tandem with religious doctrines; it is demanding that one abandons reason and the intellect to be a religious faithful. In fact common sense is not to be possessed if one desires not to be skew-whiff with what the religious call God.

In the days of the Olympian gods and religions, Christians were often referred to as atheists for they believed in a different kind of god that was strange to the existing doctrine and traditions at the time. To deny the existence of Pluto and all other gods was tagged an atheistic trend, and no matter the kind of god one embraces, it was considered an aggravation. The atheist is simply one who doesn’t believe what a particular believer embraces.

This view of atheism maybe assumed to be a reasoning that was popular with the antediluvian timeline, but if that were true, it would have been comforting. In this modern day where science ad reason has taken the centre stage of the affairs of mankind, men still refer to one who doesn’t embrace the Western and Arab picturesque of divinity as atheistic hence abominable as described in their holy books.
The western-Arab picturesque of god which is referred to as the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion or Abrahamism has the envisage of some old bearded man in the sky sitting on the throne while being showered with sopranos and orchestral sound bites of white-costumed and white-skinned beings with wings called angels; some with trumpets, others with brass while he looks down the sky observing with his magnificent qualities which include omnipresence, omniscience, omnibenevolence, omnipotence, etc just to name the few of the omnis.

While the present day abramicist extols the greatness and imaginary truth of his beliefs, he refutes with denial the advent of his religion. The Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion spread immensely not because of the magnificence of it truth nor the weight of his proofs and benevolence, but through violence, fear, false hope, slavery, war, sweat and toil and most importantly, colonialism. By the reason of established organized institutions which was championed and backed by the oligarchy and powers of the state, its legitimacy was established and its menace and evil was permitted as lawful, hence the birth of a rendezvous that was enshrine for the sole purpose of control and subversion rather than the truth it claims to represent, for through it empires were destroyed, cultures were wiped-out, men were reduced to beasts in reason and resources including human were looted in abundance in foreign land where they were administered through sweat, blood and slavery.

The universe we live in is governed by laws; laws of gravity, laws of motion, laws of physics, laws chemistry, laws of thermodynamics, etc just to name a few. Preposterousness is the gift of any individual who denies the lies of nature and science. The universe being a vast space of infinity has certain laws that are peculiar in certain terrains that are not applicable in other atmospheres, for gravity which is peculiar on earth is seemingly not applicable in outer-space. If these universal laws and laws of science and nature were referred to as GOD, who would been an atheist? Who would have disproved or denied the non-existence of gravity or the laws of the thermodynamics?

But when men take the former description of God as the white bearded old man in the sky with a legion of white choir and ascribe forms and laws to him, then desire that other men swallow such twaddle and accede to such inane as sacrosanct, unquestionable and disprovable, and even going ahead to attack those who differ, disprove, and implore rational view of things, then our so much talked about superiority in the animal echelon as homo sapiens based on our supposed intellect is disappointing.



Religious Bully Of Women

The society we live in devotes so much attention concerning itself with what is wrong with a woman and how women ought be, what women ought to wear, how women ought to act, what women ought to say and not say. Many times you’ll find them come up with quotes like “A Beautiful Girl with Bad Character is like a pot of beans contaminated with sand”. I am yet to find a quote that makes a figurative expression and comparison of man with a bad character.

Turn on the radio in a typical religious nation like my country, Nigeria, it is always about the woman; woman this, woman that and everything wrong about the woman; how the woman ought to submit to her husband, how the single lady ought to speak and act to attract a man, what the girl child ought to learn, the dos and don’ts of a female, etc.

The truth is that we ought to be more worried and concerned about men with bad characters than women with bad characters. Men with bad characters are portentous than women with bad characters. We give so much attention to hunting women in the name of religion, morality, conservativism, etc while men with bad characters breed and roam freely, enjoying the multiplier effect at ease.

The truth is: we have more men with bad characters than women with bad characters, and men with bad characters on the loose is the bulwark of all calamities and conflicts on earth; ranging from religion, through politics to all enclaves of a genius loci.

Let me begin with my country Nigeria. The coercion of this fraudulent fiefdom come nation, Nigeria is absolutely a creation of males with bad characters. No man with a good character would build a house on a mountain that is liable of a volcanic eruption. All the problems we have faced in this country and are still facing are as a result of men with bad characters. The Polithiefcians, pastorpreneurs, policemen, legistlooters, etc are men of bad characters, then why do we spend so much time hunting women and creating an imaginary moral and social constitution for women?

The worst cases of acrimony against women is found in religion; the Abrahamic religions specifically. While Islam and the Quran concocts so many misogynist verses and behavioral curriculum vitae including dress code and marriage code for women, it ignores entirely putting limelight on men with bad characters, the end result we have today in the Muslim breed are:
– morally degraded women with low self-esteem and
– Volcanic egomaniac male misogynists cum champions of moralism, hence the Boko Harams, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Al shabbab, etc just to a name a few.

Religion which is a creation of the male alter-ego thrives in diminishing the female ego while feeding the male with an over-rated importance, hence stupidity. That is why the male religitard is always a female inquisitor, female moralist, female dress-code/character adjudicator, and anything “female exterminator”.
Most of these male religitards are highly vast in ineptitude, mentally impoverish and to a certain extent, insecure about the womanhood. Their insecurity is best expressed under the guise of religious concocted morality and conservatism whose trajectory is best aimed at the female. These male religitards are often sweating in their pants when they contact an independent, successful, intelligent and a mentally emancipated female which usually gives a dissonance in their alter-ego, hence driving them to their area of expertise; swinging their imaginary morality dick at the woman. An example of this was demonstrated by the popular American televangelist, Pat Robertson who said “THE FEMINIST AGENDA IS NOT ABOUT EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN. IT IS ABOUT A SOCIALIST, ANTI-FAMILY POLITICAL MOVEMENT THAT ENCOURAGES WOMEN TO LEAVE THEIR HUSBANDS, KILL THEIR CHILDREN, PRACTICE WITCHCRAFT, DESTROY CAPITALISM AND BECOME LESBIANS”.
The biblical Paul who was a misogynist per excellence, in the book of 1 Corinthians 11:2-10 said “….For man was not created for the woman but the woman for man”. In the book of 1 Timothy 22: 11- 15 of the bible, it was commanded that women should not speak in the church but rather they should be saved with “CHILDBEARING”. This and many other more verses inspired the 16TH CENTURY German Monk and Catholic Priest, Martin Luther assert “THE WORD AND WORKS OF GOD IS QUITE CLEAR THAT WOMEN WERE MADE TO BE WIVES OR PROSTITUTES”

The truth is that the male religitard needs a character balance and check more than any woman on earth, because above everyone else, he is more likely to be a social disaster to both himself and his society. Take a good look at the Taliban, Boko haram and the Islamists. While they subject women to mental and social slavery, as the upright demands of their alter-ego aka Mohammad and his schizophrenic creation, Allah, they in turn become a menace and nuisance to the entire world.

A society is emancipated and civilized when its women are truly independent, educated and free from mental and social bully. The poorest nations which are predominantly religious nations have illiteracy towering very high among its women population and low self-esteem due to religious bullying of indoctrination. Stronger women means stronger children, for unstable women cannot raise and tutor children into stable adulthood. And a strong woman does not patronize buy-bull and degrading doctrines in the name of religion. All Abrahamic religions are anti-women and misogynistic doctrines, and women of substance do not buy into them.


Delusions Of The African Christian

ancestors in hell

Sometimes I don’t know whether to guffaw, weep or frown at the black/African christian. The African believers are one most deluded set of homo sapiens on earth. How the heck do you believe that a Jewish man can die for an African? So you’re really convinced that of all the races that pleased God to manifest himself, it was the Jews that were most deserving of this? Not the Africans, nor the Latinas or even the Japanese, but the Jews?

If the son of God is a Jew, then God is a Jew; Jews give birth to Jews. If the christian god wasn’t a Jew then his baby mama wouldn’t have given birth to what his holy sperm, sorry holy spirit wasn’t made up of. Sorry I forgot many of the so called believers do not know the basics of genetics. Most importantly, let me remind you that, the Jewish god will treat you the same way the jews treat African immigrants in their country. Expecting the dude to answer your prayer is to be expecting the Israeli government to develop roads in Nigeria.

Need I say more? Take a look at the bible; how he inspired and urged them to makes slaves of you. Even when his so called son came he didn’t even have a state visit to your home/village, needless to assume he did miracles in Africa. The only miracle he did was to transform his ass to the first known slave ship that took thousands of African slaves to the West called “The Good Ship, Jesus”.

Jesus never condemned slavery as a matter of fact he encouraged it, because if Paul claimed that Jesus arrested him and the Holy Spirit gave him the words he wrote like “Slaves be obedient to your masters”, that means Jesus sponsored slavery. Which set or race of people on earth have been victimized in the name of slavery other than black people? If Jesus or the so called Holy Spirit is the one who inspired Paul like you claim, then Jesus is guilty of slave trade!

This is what the son of god said in your bible in Matthew 15:22 – 28 when the Gentile woman (a non Jew) came to seek healing for her poor child : “… He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel…. He replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs.” In his words, he was sent to Israel, and non Israelis are called DOGS. Some of you believers will wash yourself saying “I am an Israelite by faith since I’ve become “born again”, I am automatically a Jew and blah blah blah”. Oh please! Don’t allow a man to market you a low self-esteem. If you claim God created all human race, then why didn’t he save you the stress and turn you and the rest of the human race into Jews?

You don’t become a part of a race by declaring self-deceiving rhetoric. To be a black you must be born a black (either from one of your parents), same to goes to being a white or any other race. No Asian wakes up one day to declare “I am a black by faith and by virtue of reading what was written in a primitive book”. Why then would a full-blooded negro deceive himself that he is some melanated Jew or Israeli by making some low self-esteem assertions like “By reason of the blood of Jesus, I am now a partaker of Abraham’s blessings”?

So you mean to tell me that you have to be a Jew before God loves you? I’m sure non-jews were created by satan, right? Anyone who cannot look through this hokum and spot the racial jingoism in it is a disappointment.

If you ask the African christian right now, just like their preachers do every service to close their eyes and imagine God in front of them, tell me whether or not its not a white bearded curly-hair figure their mind will throw-up to them? There is no black christian that will consciously come to the picturesque that God is black!

Whatever you call God is a regurgitation of another man’s fantasy, racial jingoism, gender chauvinism, fraud and delusion. Let me ask, why are all the people the bible called prophets, holy people including son of God all from one race? Beginning from the acclaimed Adam and Eve to John the revelator, they are all Jews, not even one Kenyan or Zulu, Japanese, or Latino.

God never one day saw it necessary to take a walk to my village in Akwa Ibom to pick up a virgin and impregnate, he didn’t even choose his tomb in a neighboring country like Ghana even if he refused to die here. But all of sudden he saw it befitting to send slave masters through his bible to enslave our ancestors as part of his “DIVINE PLAN” to give a so called salvation. Salvation from what? Who said anyone was enslaved or having issues in Africa? Africa was doing buoyantly until they brought us salvation through his emissaries of rift to create imaginary problems aka original sin to sell you imaginary solution aka salvation/heaven.

As described in the bible, all the Jewish Sky Janitor does is to sit on his throne, looking down on earth with a long recording book and most importantly, demanding tithes and offerings through his pastorpreneurs. It only takes a creature with an ass to sit on a throne. Since he has an ass, he must definitely be farting. Let’s not forget he has legs to walk like in the story of the garden of Eden and has a back which Moses saw, and a face too. Even David said he has a right-hand. So since he is a homo sapien, what colour is he? He cannot be both black, white, brown and Asian at the same time.

These people do not realize that if the Yorubas went on a colonization spree like the Europeans, everyone would have been sticking to Oludumare and the Ifa beliefs, and of course God would been pictured with tribal marks on the face and his Angels holding talking drums. The Chinese and the Japanese realized this and refused anyone to indoctrinate them with their fantasies, now look at them, then look at Africa.

But then, delusion is comforting to the ignorant and irritating to the knowledgeable. Malcolm X knew this many years ago and said: “The most pathetic thing is for a slave who doesn’t know that he is a slave”
Dear Africans get your minds awake!

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Culled from: A Lost Race: The Predicament Of The Black/African In The 21st Century by Imoh “Son of David”